Sean penn and el chapo relationship questions

Did Sean Penn inadvertently have a hand in El Chapo's recapture? | World news | The Guardian

sean penn and el chapo relationship questions

Charlie Rose's interview with actor Sean Penn is gaining global attention. Penn broke his silence about his meeting with Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Penn tells Eight questions to assess your relationship. Sean Penn on El Chapo interview: 'I have a terrible regret' else in the world”, and on the ethical and legal questions of Penn's interview. Sean Penn's lawyers have warned the streaming service Netflix it will Sean Penn when he met Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman that time Related Topics . Jeremy Hunt wants to 'get to the bottom' of reports forced marriage.

But it's more the story behind the story that's fascinating, the fact that you have a Hollywood actor and a Mexican soap opera star who plays a queenpin, a drug queenpin, in a soap opera in Mexico finding their way into this jungle hideaway, at the invitation of Mexico's most wanted man. That story, how they were able to get there — and there are photos on — from Mexican paparazzi that actually show the two arriving in Mexico.

So, it doesn't seem, as much as they wanted to make this a secret trip, it seemed that Mexican authorities probably had a way to track them. Almost every single person in every tiny town in Mexico knows who Kate del Castillo is. But take on this issue. You have covered this story many, many years. You teach young journalists. Is there a circumstance that you would ever have agreed to these types of conditions, to let an actor go and interview a kingpin under these circumstances, with these kind of conditions put on it?

I don't think it's a — we would call it journalism. You would call it a conversation between an actor and a drug lord. And that, in and of itself, the story behind the story, is fascinating, how they came together. But we also have to remember, although Chapo says, yes, I know drugs kill, but I do it for — because I was raised as a poor person in Mexico and there were no other recourses, I mean, those are real stories in Mexico,that there is real meat to that part of it.

But he also runs the most brutal drug — one of the most brutal drug cartels in Mexico. I covered the very violent years in Ciudad Juarez, the border city across from El Paso, Texas, and 10, people were killed in the span of about five years, as the Sinaloa cartel, run by Chapo, took on the local hometown cartel, the Juarez cartel, and there was an absolute bloodbath.

So, we can't forget the many, many lives that have been lost and the many journalists who have risked their lives trying to tell these stories and many others who have been silenced. There are entire regions of Mexico that are part of drug trafficking strongholds, where journalists cannot report anything about the drug cartel without prior approval.

Del Castillo also differs with Penn on a crucial detail: The filmmakers say Penn did not respond to their requests for comment. Although Penn has previously denied that his visit with the crime boss had anything to do with his arrest, del Castillo says in the Netflix series that Penn told her he believed that the raid was linked to their visit. Interviewer Charlie Rose pressed him: We had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation.

The Southern District declined to comment on the existence or status of the reported probe of Penn.

Sean Penn on El Chapo interview: 'I have a terrible regret'

No formal charges have been brought against Penn or del Castillo in either country. I assume that they were trying to protect Mr. Penn as well as themselves. If Chapo had never met with Penn, he would still be at large.

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Penn or anyone on his behalf alerted DOJ to the trip is a complete fabrication and bald-faced lie. The statement also implies that del Castillo and those close to her are engaged in an effort of self-promotion. Text messages exchanged between El Chapo and del Castillo were scooped up by Mexican authorities and eventually leaked to the newspaper Milenio. In the Netflix series, del Castillo and some close to her allege that the government manipulated the content of the messages in an attempt to smear her reputation.

Yes, selfish probably, but a great story that will help us understand the organized crime.

sean penn and el chapo relationship questions

At the time, Guzman was still in a federal prison in Mexico. He wants to give you the rights of his life,' and I was, 'Why me? He loved your character. He loved your character in 'La Reina del Sur. He knows your family are honorable family, and you tell the truth. Are we charging for the—' and I'm like, 'No! The floor of his cell's shower opened to a masterfully built mile-long tunnel, complete with a motorcycle on rails. Del Castillo insists that she had no idea Guzman was planning an escape and worried about what it meant for her film project.

She said one of the producers told her Guzman's escape would actually make their story even better. The two producers were also friends with actor Sean Penn.

Del Castillo said Penn wanted to meet with her and she says she thought it was to join the movie project. Del Castillo agreed to bring Penn on because she told Sawyer she thought "this big Hollywood actor will give me more credibility" for the movie.

What del Castillo said she didn't know at the time was that the Mexican government had them under surveillance. Not only my life, but everybody's life. I couldn't believe that we were there. That's the way we say hello.

They talked for the next several hours.

sean penn and el chapo relationship questions

Del Castillo said Guzman did not discuss the details of his business but talked about his family, protecting his sons, and his mother and how he wanted del Castillo to meet her. When asked if Guzman said, "I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world," as Sean Penn noted in his Rolling Stone magazine article about the meeting, del Castillo said, "Yes, but he still loves his kids, and he still loves his mom so there's something-- love inside there somewhere.

sean penn and el chapo relationship questions

Del Castillo said Penn had never mentioned a Rolling Stone article to her before bringing it up in front of the drug lord, though Penn and the producers told ABC News in a statement that del Castillo knew about the article ahead of time.

But when Penn asked del Castillo to tell Guzman about his article, del Castillo told Sawyer she was afraid to look alarmed because she didn't want Guzman to think she was uncomfortable, fearing what could happen to Penn.