Scriptures on anger and rage in relationship

17 Bible verses about Controlling Anger

scriptures on anger and rage in relationship

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving. These bible verses about anger put things into perspective. Relationships can be scarred by the actions of an angry person. The first step to. You should also note that the Bible teaches that, "God is angry with the You are foolishly destroying the intimacy and the relationship you have with your loved.

If husbands or wives become angry, they are supposed to say whatever they think, because it "gets it out of the system" or "releases tension. Do you see a man hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

The problem with anger is that it may lead us to lose control of our conduct and lash out at others with foolish words or deeds that are intended to hurt others and may be regretted later. By contrast, a wise man will control himself, even when he is angry. The Bible teaches that our words and deeds are controlled by our thoughts. We must learn to control our thoughts and emotions, because harboring sinful thoughts will lead to sinful conduct.

It is the opposite of kindness, tenderheartedness, and forgiveness v Anger is sinful when it leads us to lose control so that, instead of being helpful to others, we become abusive, saying evil or hateful things intended to hurt them. Or we may simply not care about how we affect them. Cain's anger was wrong, first because Abel had done nothing wrong.

Anger at sin may be justified, but Cain was angry at someone who was righteous. Cain was the one who did wrong and was upset because God did not accept his conduct. Second, his anger was wrong because it led him to harm his brother. But instead of putting away their anger, some people just put it inside: They may not say anything, but their hearts are full of malice and a desire to hurt others.

Instead of letting anger build up, we should get rid of it. One who "clams up" violates this part of the passage. He may not lash out to hurt others, but neither does he work constructively to eliminate the cause of his anger. He just lets it build up. Note that it says be slow to wrath and slow to speak, not "refuse" to speak.

To avoid this, rebuke him: Some view clamming up as the only solution to blowing up. You don't say or do anything harmful at the timebut you hold bitterness in your heart, plotting harmful things to say and do! Both responses violate the pattern. In fact clamming up is often what leads to blowing up! The pressure builds till finally we lash out with cruelty and malice.

When we learn to deal with anger properly, we can avoid both clamming up and blowing up. Note that both kinds of anger tend to become habit.

Controlling Anger

We practice them so often that they become ingrained in our character and very difficult to overcome. This leads to our next point. Ability to Control Anger Anger can be controlled. Jesus was angry at times and was tempted in all points like we are, but He did not sin Heb. He controlled His anger, and we can control ours. The examples of Moses and others who were angry without sinning show that anger can be controlled.

Many passages command this. We should not clam up, refusing to say what needs to be said, but we should control our anger: You can restrain your spirit, and God commands you to do so. Many other passages refer to this as "self control," an essential characteristic of Christians. Every passage that commands self control is a passage that tells us we can and should control our tempers 1 Corinthians 9: God does not command the impossible.

God will make a way of escape. There is never an excuse for disobeying God. To say we cannot control our temper is to say God is not faithful. What we need to do is to look for the way of escape. There is no excuse for failing to control our temper. God requires it and will judge us for it.

All of us do control our tempers, when it is important enough to do so. Consider a mother who has a terrible day.

The washer leaks on the floor, kids fight, supper burns, she breaks her favorite bowl, kids track mud on her clean floor. So she explodes, screams at the kids and threatens them. Then the phone rings and it's her husband's boss.

33 Bible verses about Anger Management

Suddenly she is quite capable of carrying on a polite conversation. Dad works on the car. The dealer gives him a wrong part, it won't go together right, then it won't run, and a wrench slips and splits his knuckle. He's screaming and using profanity.

Then a car pulls in the driveway; it's the preacher's wife come for a visit. Suddenly he is calm and polite.

scriptures on anger and rage in relationship

We can control our anger, when we really want to. If we can control our temper for the sake of other people, why not do it for God? God sees everything we do. Is God important enough to control our anger for?

Study the Scriptures and Develop a Plan. Surely God's word will instruct us how to overcome anger. Surely this approach can help us overcome the temptation of anger. Make a list of passages about anger, then study and memorize them. When tempted to lose our temper, quote or read them. Then, based on those Scriptures, develop a plan of action. This would include some or all of the points below. A person who is not a Christian must repent and be baptized for remission of sins Acts 2: But a child of God who sins, whether loss of temper or any other sin, must confess the sin and ask God's forgiveness.

Some want to remove their problem without admitting it exists. God says confess it and make up your mind to change. We should pray, not just for forgiveness, but for strength to overcome temptation. We should ask God's help especially when facing temptation. That includes those who anger us. Praying for others helps us overcome our bitterness and develop an attitude of good will.

However, some will admit they have a problem and may even apologize, but then take no steps to change. Still more is needed.

Discuss the Problem with Other Christians. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. We may also ask advice from others in overcoming the problem. Often others have had the same problem. They can help bear our burden Gal. If you associate with people who regularly lose their temper, you become that kind of person. This is especially dangerous, if you already have the problem. Associating with people who practice sin tempts you to participate.

Associating with those who have overcome the problem helps you overcome it. Think before You Speak or Act. Don't clam up, but don't just pop off whatever comes to mind. Give an answer, but study on it first.

Bible Verses On Anger And Wrath

Force yourself to analyze the situation and consider the consequences of what you might say or do. Maybe take a walk or ask for time to calm down and think. But instead of clamming up, set an appointment: Note it does not say clam up and give no answer.

Give an answer, but make it calm. Being calm does not mean we must never speak in a way that expresses anger by tone or volume. The examples we already learned show that such anger is not necessarily wrong. But don't speak to hurt, get even, or antagonize. Be sure you are calm enough to say what is helpful. And if the other person loses control, then you speak in a way that shows you are under control.

Telling me to stop being angry is like Bob Newhart telling that claustrophobic woman to stop it.

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I offer two proofs: The Book of Proverbs has well over a dozen verses about controlling anger e. God told Cain that he must master his sin Gen. He goes on Gal. The key to moving from the deeds of the flesh to the fruit of the Spirit is Gal. These qualities require nurture and attention. But if, the second you feel anger welling up inside of you, you stop long enough to recognize it as sin, yield to the Holy Spirit, and rely on His strength, you will see increasing victories over your anger.

Second, your own experience proves that you can control your anger if you want to do so. Every one of us has controlled our anger—instantly turned it off—when we wanted to. You pick it up and hear my voice on the other end.

scriptures on anger and rage in relationship

How nice of you to call! Or, your boss does something that makes your blood boil, but you know that if you explode at him, it will cost you your job. So you keep a lid on it. Even non-Christians can control their anger. Psychologists offer anger-management classes that must be somewhat effective or they would not continue to get students. What is it we are to control?

Here it means to speak against someone by tearing down their reputation. You make them look bad and yourself look good. Our anger usually works its way out in angry words that tear into the other person. Is it righteous, sinful, or mixed. Then, realize that you can control your sinful anger. He can take it! Tell Him how angry you are with Him! It means going to the one I was angry with and asking forgiveness.

I must believe that God sovereignly out of His goodness allowed whatever happened to me for my good.

25 Top Bible Verses About Anger - What Bible Says on Being Angry

So I must submit joyfully to His mighty hand Gen. Deal radically and decisively with all of your sinful anger. The command of verse 8 parallels that of verse 5, where Paul said to put these sins to death. The Holy Spirit produces His fruit of self-control in us, but we are responsible to walk in the Spirit so that we do not fulfill the deeds of the flesh, such as anger. The minute you believe in Jesus, you receive the Holy Spirit who takes up permanent residence in your heart.

Then you need to learn to walk in moment by moment dependence on the Spirit, yielding control of your life to Him. Also, memorize key Scriptures that relate to anger. Another helpful verse is James 1: If you have sinned by being angry, go to the person and humbly ask forgiveness for your wrong.

I want to learn how to please God by not getting angry in the future. Otherwise, they will smell hypocrisy: Paul goes on to say Col. Paul already told us Col. Meditate on these wonderful truths daily! Anger can be controlled if you analyze it as to its source, recognize and confess it as sin, and deal decisively with it as you walk in the Spirit.

Conclusion In the Sermon on the Mount, after speaking about how anger makes us guilty of murder in God's sight, deserving of hell, Jesus applied it by saying Matt.

He wants us to put aside the old, dirty clothes of sinful anger and abusive speech and to put on the new, clean clothes of love, kindness, and forgiveness in Christ.

Even so, we are to forgive and love one another. How much do we need to probe the past to resolve our anger issues? What has been the most difficult aspect for you in controlling your anger? How can you deal with it? Since anger is largely a feeling, how can God command us not to be angry? Can we control our feelings?