Revolution charlie and monroe relationship test

revolution charlie and monroe relationship test

May 21, Revolution Series Finale Recap: The Journey Is Over -- But Did You Find Enough Closure? By Vlada Meanwhile, Monroe is having his resolved tested by Connor. Killing the Sadly, we also don't get much closure on the relationship front, aside from a touching heart-to-heart between Charlie and Miles. Feb 12, Today's rant post features Charlie and Monroe from Revolution, or Charloe, as the fans are want to call it. Now, this is one of those relationships. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Bass was a complete gentleman. First season, Monroe kept calling Charlie "Charlotte" with his usual smooth charm that he uses on women. I saw that Monroe sort of admired Charlie reminding him of her uncle Miles.

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Monroe saved Charlie's life twice: Some would certainly point out that there's a part of Bass that may have some small affection for his best friend's niece. Is it weird I find Monroe very attractive?

revolution charlie and monroe relationship test

Season 2, Charlie and Monroe have more interaction and these two just couldn't help but get snarky with each other, but not like when it's Rachel and Monroe where as she said it's like gasoline and a match. Charlie seems to have more common sense than Rachel. Sure Charlie hates Bass and tried to kill him but after she found out that her mother was wanted by the Patriots and after Bass saved her, Charlie realized his value to their team.

Bass is a psycho killer and someone has to be the bad guy or else Miles would have to be and he already expressed disdain for the job. These two also make a good team in the heat of battle.

revolution charlie and monroe relationship test

The writers love to tease us about a possible sexual chemistry as when Bass came to Willoughby with Charlie, Miles was very upset: I wouldn't let him touch me. Then there was that lady warlord in New Vegas who took one look at Charlie and said, "Picking them kinda young. Most of all, I liked the sudden development of something between Sebastian Monroe and Charlie Matheson.

Except then things got a little crazy, and now I'm just confused. Do I like what's happening now? I really can't decide. This show is on hiatus for the Olympics at the moment, and after the last episode, I can't say I'm all that upset about it.

You see, things used to be simple.

Charlie hated Monroe for indirectly being responsible for her brother and father getting killed plus a couple of other characters along the way, but, you know, this is war and all that stuff. And Monroe is at first portrayed as this psycho dictator type guy who randomly kills puppies and small children.

Okay, not really puppies, but unfortunately some children may have died. Anyway, so in the first part of season two, Charlie's only purpose in life is to track down and kill Monroe. Well, she succeeds in the tracking him down part, but the killing Somehow it all ended with them tied up in the bottom of an empty pool, and between snarky comments, the spark was more than obvious.

Enter the Charloe fans.

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So the Charloe fans had been given hope that something, anything, would happen between these two, other than all the time they spend kicking butt and taking down their enemies.

And it was all well and good, until a few episodes ago when Monroe's son, Connor, came into the picture. However, for the first few episodes featuring Connor, he and Charlie didn't share any screen time, until this past week.