Renesmee and edward relationship advice

Twilight: First pic of Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee -

renesmee and edward relationship advice

Bella and Jacob had a strained relationship throughout The Twilight Renesmee, Taylor Lautner as Jacob, Robert Pattinson as Edward, and. However, Renesmee's features shine some light on his magnetic love for Bella. Bella and 23 Jacob Led To Bella and Edward's Relationship. Bella and Edward's first offspring Renesmee has been revealed as she makes her big screen debut -- in a talking role -- in "Twilight Breaking.

While every couple thinks the other is cute while they sleep, sitting and watching the girl you have a crush on sleep for hours without her knowing is extremely creepy. When Bella is critically injured by James in the ballet studio, Carlisle says the only way to save her, other than turning her, is to suck the venom out of the bite. However, a lot of his behaviors are controlling one of the worst moments pointed out by fans is in the third movie, Eclipse.

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She should be able to visit whoever she wants. Over the course of the movies, however, her friends matter less and less. Her whole life becomes consumed by Edward, and then vampire and werewolf drama.

While relationships are certainly important, most teenagers have a group of friends they hang out with as well. In the first movie, Mike and Eric both stumble over themselves to try to ask her out, while Edward is fascinated by her immediately. Jacob also seems to be in love with Bella the second he sees her. Not only is Edward dangerous to Bellabut he actively explains it to her in great detail, essentially threatening her. There's nothing like having your life threatened on the first date.

As backwards as it seems, apparently it did the trick and Bella decided to stick around. Do you really know Twilight, and especially Edward and Bella, the stars of the show? If you think you do, why don't you take this quiz and prove it! Question 1 Which member of the Cullen family disliked Bella the most?

Rosalie Hale Esme Cullen Jasper Hale It seems totally fair to be a little apprehensive when your vampire sibling comes home with a human girl, even though certain people among you are still struggling with controlling themselves on this new vegetarian diet plan your family's gotten into.

However, one of the members of the Cullen-Hale household was particularly hateful toward Bella for reasons that aren't entirely clear at first. One thing is for sure, though: Question 2 Who were these two in a love triangle with?

Rosalie Hale Mike Newton Alice Cullen To be fair, they were kind of in a lot of different love triangles throughout the series, but one was particularly prevalent. It caused them problems at basically every turn, whether it was from this person actively trying to prevent their relationship, or just from Bella growing so attached to them that the concept of losing them was absolutely gut wrenching for her, which was kind of hard to deal with when they're in love with you and you're just not that into it.

Friendships don't always survive that kind of stress. Which of these people was the most entangled in a love triangle with Edward and Bella? Question 3 Which of these things did Bella intentionally do to hear Edward's voice in her head after he left her?

She let a bear attack her She stood in front of a moving vehicle She dove off of a cliff She starved herself to near-death Talk about a clingy couple! In one of the more disturbing but also strangely sweet twists of the book, Bella discovers that she can hear her beloved Edward Cullen's voice in her head whenever she's in danger.

‘Breaking Dawn’ child revealed in photo with Bella and Edward

Like any desperate teenage girl, she becomes determined to draw him to her at all costs, even if it means that she has to do something ridiculous that literally almost ends with her death. Which of these life-threatening stunts did she purposely pull in order to feel connected to him again? Question 4 When did they hold their wedding ceremony? May November February In true Edward fashion, he waited until Bella graduated high school to sweep her off of her feet into the paradise of marriage.

Also in true Edward fashion, their nuptials were held at his family's estate with lavish decor, gourmet refreshments, and expensive, high end attire - and what seemed like every vampire in the world in attendance. The wedding was breathtaking and everything about it was absolutely flawless, like something right out of a fairy tale. When did this romantic evening take place?

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Question 5 What is the name of their daughter? It is a portmanteau of people who are very important to them, those who have supported their relationship from the beginning and helped them to get to where they are now.

Their daughter's name is intended to pay homage to those that it is inspired by, because Edward and Bella feel that they owe their lives and the life of their daughter to these people. Her name is a bit unusual though, earning her a nickname that causes Bella to nearly murder her best friend. What is this beautiful little hybrid's name? Question 6 Why did Edward avoid Bella at first? He wasn't interested in connecting with anyone outside of his family He wanted to protect her and didn't think he could control himself She unsettled him with her intensity He didn't want to get to know her When they see one another, Bella is immediately drawn to Edward, but for reasons she can't quite figure out, he feels the polar opposite way.

In fact, in one particularly harrowing moment for our young heroine, she steps in front of a fan blowing into their classroom and he covers his face with his hand in disgust.

  • Twilight: First pic of Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee

She is left wondering if maybe the problem is that she smells bad But since he won't talk to her, she can't exactly ask him. We know, though, that wasn't the case at all! Why was he avoiding her?

renesmee and edward relationship advice

Question 7 What was the name of Bella's friend who had a crush on Edward first? Becca Cheney Jessica Stanley Samantha Wells While it's usually totally against the girl code to date a boy that your friend had a crush on at some point, this girl's crush on Edward was never really that deep.

renesmee and edward relationship advice

She liked him for a short period of time before she gave up on him because she decided that he thought he was too good for everyone at their high school. This didn't stop her from being a little bitter when he took interest in Bella, though - because, honestly, who wouldn't be?

She did find happiness in the long run with Mike Newton, a sweetheart who got his heart broken by none other than Bella herself. What was this girl's name?

Question 8 What kind of car did Edward drive? A silver Volvo A yellow Porsche A black Tesla Sales for this car skyrocketed in actual life once the Twilight movies took off, which I'm sure was a great thing for this company! I guess dudes thought that it would help them to find girls if they were able to emulate the dreamboat Edward Cullen in some way? But anyway, whether or not it worked for real life boys doesn't matter, because it definitely worked for Edward! Bella was so impressed with his car that she took repeated note of exactly what it was.

Question 9 When did Edward meet Bella's mom for the first time? Her mother caught Edward sneaking into Bella's window during a visit Her mother showed up unexpectedly after a fight with her stepdad Her mother was nearly killed by another vampire and Edward saved her life Her mother came to visit her in the hospital after James tried to kill her I'm not sure when the best time to introduce your human mother to your vampire boyfriend is, but I AM sure that it's definitely better if you're able to plan it.

It's not something you want to have sprung on you out of nowhere. However, as luck would have it, Edward and Bella had absolutely no say in when he met her mother. Things went okay - good, even, but it was still less than ideal. When did Edward and Bella's mom meet?

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Question 10 What was the name of the group that tried to kill Edward and Bella's daughter, Renesmee? For the vampires of Edward and Bella's world, that group is an ancient coven who's known as nighttime patron of the arts, because they study the arts at night since they aren't able to sleep.

They send out agents all over the world to eradicate any coven that makes itself too obvious, slaughtering entire groups of people and vampires alike with no remorse. The largest coven of vampires, they've existed for over years. What is their name?

renesmee and edward relationship advice

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts when I realised my father had just swept into the room inches behind me. I looked down blushing scarlet. Had he heard me? This was too embarrassing and dad and his rules about boys I knew I was being silly I always told him about Jake.

It was ridiculously annoying. My dad stayed quiet for a moment, deep in thought I gathered before he pushed me gently away so he could face me. You are sixteen and you know exactly how you feel. You only think you're too young, it's an excuse you're just nervous. But angel you don't have to be ready to love him like that just yet, you take all the time you need.

renesmee and edward relationship advice

I always went to Edward with problems about Jacob because he understood the most. I didn't go to my mom. Bella had been In love with Jake and vice versa before I was born.