Relationship status of yang and burke

Dr. Burke returns to 'Grey's Anatomy': What will happen? |

relationship status of yang and burke

Jane first came to Seattle Grace Hospital when Burke was shot and she helped care for Status. Alive Marital. Donald Burke (husband) Cristina Yang · Edit. There is no denying that the relationship between Cristina Yang and . It's a sticky situation because while Burke is a magnanimous host who. But the truth is, anything is better than Christina and Burke. One day I was me, Cristina Yang, and then suddenly I was lying for him, and.

An atheistic competitive intern of Korean-American ancestry, she first desired to become a doctor after a childhood car accident which killed her biological father.

Cristina Yang

Yang also suffers from dyslexiaand was raised in Beverly HillsCalifornia by her mother and supportive Jewish stepfather. While her emotional pragmatism, competitive perfectionism, and logical nature lead many to view her as a cutthroat "robot", Cristina hits it off with Meredith on their first day and the pair soon become best friends and each other's "person", sharing the same "dark and twisty" sense of humor. During her internship, Cristina has an on-off relationship with the chief of cardiothoracic surgery Preston Burke Isaiah Washington that leads to an accidental pregnancy.

Yang schedules an abortion without telling him about the pregnancy due to Burke's behavior towards their lack of relationship status.

relationship status of yang and burke

However, Yang experiences an ectopic pregnancy and Burke discovers the pregnancy after Yang collapses from a burst fallopian tube. Burke and Yang begin a relationship in the aftermath of her miscarriage. After Burke is shot in the arm and develops a hand tremor, Yang helps him cover it up by developing a covert partnership wherein she performs most of his surgeries.

Yang initially denies involvement during a confrontation, but then confesses everything to Richard Webber James Pickens, Jr. Yang's actions jeopardize Burke's chances of becoming chief, which he sees as a huge betrayal.

After a short breakup, Yang breaks the silence and Burke proposes marriage, which Yang accepts after eight days of hesitation.

Burke calls off the wedding, leaving Yang at the altar. She goes on her honeymoon to Hawaii with Meredith to recover, returning to discover that Burke has disappeared from her life and transferred to a different hospital. Burke is replaced by Erica Hahn Brooke Smithwho immediately dislikes Yang for her trend of having affairs with famous surgeons, such as Burke, going so far as refusing to let her scrub in on cardiac surgeries. Hahn reveals that she dislikes Yang because she reminds her of an early version of herself and continues to cut Yang out of cardio surgeries and neglects to teach her, before eventually quitting the hospital and leaving Seattle Grace without a head of cardio.

Without a teacher, Yang begins to seriously doubt the purpose of remaining in her place at Seattle Grace when the program falls to twelfth on a list of the best teaching hospitals, and Burke wins the Harper-Avery award without mentioning her at all, despite her saving his career. Yang tells the Chief that her current existence in the hospital is "unbearable" and that she has turned into a ghost. Yang meets Owen Hunt Kevin McKiddan army trauma surgeonwhen he patches her up from being stabbed in the stomach by a falling icicle.

The pair are immediately attracted to each other and share a brief kiss. After Owen Hunt is honorably discharged, he is hired as Seattle Grace's chief of trauma surgery and he and Yang begin a flirtation.

Yang grows emotionally when she decides to support Meredith in her relationship with Derek Shepherd Patrick Dempseydespite her logical misgivings about their staying power, and begins to be more emotionally open towards Hunt. However, Hunt has repressed memories of his time in Iraq and PTSD which causes Hunt to behave erratically, and attack and strangle her while asleep.

Yang attempts to be emotionally supportive, but ends their relationship as she is afraid of sleeping next to him. Cristina loses her shot at being the first resident to perform a solo surgery despite being unanimously chosen by the attending surgeons, having been disciplined from failing to report the irresponsible behavior of the new interns.

Meredith and Cristina have a fight during the intern scandal, and Cristina chooses Alex to be her replacement. When Izzie Stevens discovers her life-threatening cancerYang is the one she confides in over her other friends due to Yang's ability to remain emotionally distant.

Yang saves Izzie's life by coming up with a treatment plan and forcing Izzie to tell their friends of her diagnosis. Hunt begins seeing a therapist, and Yang confesses her love for him. The pair begin a tentative relationship, hampered by Hunt's therapeutic progress and his hot and cold professional behavior, wherein he frequently ignores or penalizes Yang to avoid the appearance of favoritism.

Hunt hires ex-colleague from the Army, Teddy Altman Kim Raverto become the chief of cardio-thoracic surgery as a "gift" for Yang, after she breaks down over having no new head of cardio. Yang is unimpressed with Altman, neither published nor famous, but her calm proficiency and belief in Yang's skills win her over. A conflict arises in the trio due to Altman and Hunt's repressed feelings for each other. Altman chooses to resign her place as temporary head of cardio because of her feelings for Hunt.

Devastated by the blow to her education and the depressing potential of returning to her previous directionless state, Yang begs Altman to stay and teach her, offering Hunt to Altman in exchange. Altman intellectually understands Yang choosing her gift over a man and their relationship is repaired, but Hunt is very hurt that Yang would trade him away. Hunt subconsciously tries to sabotage Yang's education and the two break up again after Hunt is unable to decide between the two women.

Cristina saves Derek's life with a gun to her head after he is shot by Gary Clarke, a grieving widow who commits mass murder at the hospital. Hunt is injured by the same shooter after he chooses to return for Yang over Altman, and Grey treats him as Yang saves Grey's husband. Following the attack on the hospital, Hunt and Yang impulsively decide to get married. Yang is suffering from severe PTSD and is unable to bear being alone, making marriage to Hunt, who understands what she's going through, attractive.

Yang spends the early days of her marriage in shock and hiding at Meredith's. The boys share a heated moment under the intense pressure of being stuck in an elevator with dyeing patient.

They manage to get the doors slightly open and one of them freezes. Burke doesn't miss a beat though and continues coaching them, eventually saving the officer's life. But who is he coaching down in that elevator? Question 11 Finish this sentence: If you want to appease me Compliment my hair Let's dance it out Compliment my brain There is one other thing Grey's Anatomy is absolutely famous for.

That's the amazing and witty comments made in every show. Always something original and unexpected. Yang is famous for remarks like, 'Nobody cares', or ' I'm laughing, just not externally'. I real favourite and inspiring moment was when she told Meredith this, "Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need.

He's very dreamy, but he is not the sun. What a revelation to all woman out there! Question 12 Who ends up moving in with Cristina and Burke? George Izzie Danny The other interns sure do have their share of problems and somehow, at first, they all find their way into Meredith's house. When a specific relationship goes awry though, one of them finally has to move out. It's a sticky situation because while Burke is a magnanimous host who feels starved for friendship, Cristina loves her personal space and feels like she's drowning in company.

Still, she is kind if you dig deep enough and lets her buddy crash for awhile.

relationship status of yang and burke

Question 13 Who called and interupted Burke and Yang's dance session? Cristina's landlord Cristina's mother Cristina's lover Meredith decided that there was no such thing as a grown up. This is evident in the episode in season two where Cristina and Burke end up dancing together, although Yang is the only one who can hear the music. They have a massive laugh together before the cell phone rings.

Burke takes a call on Yang's cell phone. Do you know who called?

  • Preston Burke

After the call she explains that she gave up her apartment and they stop arguing about it. Question 14 True or False: She says to him that she is in it for the long hall. And she tells Preston that he 'wins'. Cristina explains to Preston that it is a beautiful ring. She also tells him that she doesn't do rings, and that she is a surgeon. She places the ring on the table. Nonetheless, Burke asks her if she accepts his marriage proposal, and she says yes!

They embrace one another with more love than before! Question 15 Who calls off the Burke and Yang wedding? Cristina Preston Owen Cristina and Preston plan a gorgeous wedding day that any couple would kill for! Most ladies loses weight for the wedding day, Cristina lost her eyebrows instead She takes a while to get to the front door so that she can walk down the isle. Burke eventually heads out of the church and finds her. He basically explains to her that he loves her, so he will let her go.

Because after all of that, and 'them' she lost pieces of who she was. Question 16 True or False: While in Zurich, Burke brings Yang coffee? True False Burke brings Cristina over to show her the new surgery he has come up with. He also wants her to take over his hospital for him. It's been about seven years since they last saw each other, and he walked out on their wedding.

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Yang explains to Burke that she doesn't want to work for him. She wants to be him. She doesn't want his job. He explains he doesn't want to work for him either. He wants her to take over the hospital. Question 17 True or False: Burke gets shot False True Burke gets injured and has to be rushed in to surgery. Before the surgery though he asks Cristina to please check on Denny. After surgery Cristina pops in to Burke's ward to check in on him. He tells her that he wont bare a grudge if she choses to leave him.

Due to his injury he seems to head down his own dark and twisty road Cristina sticks with him through it all and even helps him through surgeries while he figures things out. Question 18 Who was Yang's first pregnancy with?

relationship status of yang and burke

She just doesn't know how to relax and take a break. Then Burke left Yang at the altar, and that was the last we saw of him. Now that Oh is leaving the show, creator Shonda Rhimes said she felt his return was an integral part of providing closure to Cristina Yang. But what will happen between the two? Cristina and Burke get back together and run off to their happily ever after We all know how this turned out the first time, with Meredith cutting Cristina out of her wedding dress in a heartbreaking like every other scene of this show scene.

Dr. Burke returns to 'Grey's Anatomy': What will happen?

And then he left. Not only do they have a history, but he is oh-so romantic.

relationship status of yang and burke

He may have never had a chance to recite his dreamy vows to Cristinabut Addison was right when she told Burke after hearing the vows: Dump Yang, and marry me.