Relationship of juliet and the nurse

relationship of juliet and the nurse

Get an answer for 'Use textual evidence to comment on the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet.' and find homework help for other. The relationship between Juliet and the nurse is a better example of the mother- daughter relationship than that of Juliet and Lady Capulet. The Nurse and Juliet may have a loving, teasing sort of relationship at the beginning of the play, but when Juliet needs her most—after her parents order her to.

Explain the Relationship between Juliet and her Nurse.

The way that L. Capulet speaks to Juliet shows that she is cold hearted and unsympathetic. All through the scene L. Capulet expresses her hatred of Romeo and because she does not understand Juliet she believes that Juliet agrees with her hatred, we can see that this is untrue because of the aside from Juliet line23 act3 scene 5. Capulet does not understand Juliet is that Juliet explains that if she could get to Romeo first and poison him she would temper the poison so that he would not die.

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Capulet does not understand Juliet she thinks that if Juliet could get to Romeo first she would temper the poison to make it stronger so that he would die more quickly. The theme of parental conflict is also present near to the end of the scene as L. Capulet tells Juliet that she will marry the county Paris a week on Thursday, as Juliet is more strong willed than her mother she is angry that she has been told about the wedding and not asked.

The scene then goes on to see that her mother really does not understand her and that she has a problem understanding Juliet decision, we can tell this because L. Capulet tells Juliet that her father can deal with it. There is a lot of dramatic irony in this scene and the use of asides gives a very good feel of drama and tension between L.

Overall from the 2 scenes that I have studied I can see that the relationship between Juliet and the nurse is far better than the relationship between Juliet and her mother as L. Capulet portrays an image of being not a very nice person. The Nurse understands Juliet far better and is more like a motherly figure to her. Part 2 If I was going to direct Juliet in act 3 scene 5 I would have to consider certain things to set the scene I would also consider lighting effects and stage directions.

The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet: Character Description and Analysis

The way I would do this is to use red velvet for drapes curtains and also for around the bed, I four-poster bed made from dark wood to express romance within the room and also glittering candles. I would also try to indicate that she is well educated with a lot of money by using bookshelves and wardrobes to show clothes etc. In the room I would also include a doll in the corner to show signs that she is still a child.

The people in this scene are L. Capulet, Capulet, Juliet and the Nurse, as Capulet is in a bad mood with Juliet I would have him standing tall above everybody else to show that he is a figure of authority.

As Juliet is telling her father her decision she wills stand her ground and move slowly around the stage.

relationship of juliet and the nurse

During the scene I would use the lights to express feelings. Whilst Capulet was standing over Juliet I would have a red light on him, this would show anger and make sure that people were focussing on him.

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Choose Type of service. She acts as a messenger, encourages the secret marriage, and even helps Romeo secretly enter Juliet's bedchamber. Later, however, the Nurse turns her position and encourages Juliet to abandon Romeo. At that point, Juliet stops confiding in her nurse. The Nurse is Devoted to Juliet When Juliet takes a sleeping potion, the Nurse believes, right along with everyone else, that Juliet is actually dead.

She is devastated by the loss of her young charge. At that point, the Nurse is no longer comic. She is entirely serious and wracked with grief.

She is talkative, funny, annoying, and mischievous. She is also a bit unscrupulous, but completely devoted to Juliet.

relationship of juliet and the nurse

It is this devotion that leaves her saddened and grieving when she believes that Juliet is dead. O woful, woful, woful day! Most lamentable day, most woful day, That ever, ever, I did yet behold!

relationship of juliet and the nurse

Never was seen so black a day as this: O woful day, O woful day! Good Peter, to hide her face; for her fan's the fairer face. In Romeo and Juliet, the Nurse is considered a comic relief character. She makes a number of jokes that relieve tension in scenes. Up to this point in the play, many scenes have been serious in nature. The audience has witnessed fighting in the town square and some serious words between Romeo and Benvolio. The audience has also viewed the proposal from Count Paris for Juliet's hand in marriage.

Now the scene is shifting to the Capulet household. The scene Act I sc. Lady Capulet asks the Nurse to call Juliet to her.

The Nurse responds with: Now, by my maidenhead, at twelve year old, I bade her come. This is a somewhat bawdy reference, in that the nurse is saying: The use of the word "maidenhead" was a common reference to the hymen, and thus to virginity. The audience in Shakespeare's time was sure to respond to this with some laughter.

I'll lay fourteen of my teeth,— And yet, to my teeth be it spoken, I have but four— She is not fourteen. I would bet 14 of my teeth-- but wait, speaking of my teeth, I only have four teeth left-- that Juliet is not yet 14 years old. In case it's not obvious, the Nurse is making a joke against herself in this case.

However, sometimes other characters make fun of her. Mercutio is clearly saying that the Nurse's face is actually uglier than her "fanny," which is another word for her buttocks.

Put another way, Mercutio is cleverly calling the Nurse a buttface. This provides comic relief because the tension between the Montague and Capulets in mounting, and the Nurse has entered forbidden Montague territory. The audience will sense the tension as the Montague boys surround the Nurse. This joke helps to break up that tension, Juliet begs the Nurse for answers Source Romeo is banish'd; and all the world to nothing,That he dares ne'er come back to challenge you; Or, if he do, it needs must be by stealth.

Then, since the case so stands as now it doth, I think it best you married with the county.