Pros and cons of relationship selling as a career

Advantages & Disadvantages of Customer Relationship Marketing |

pros and cons of relationship selling as a career

Here are some additional pros and cons of relationship marketing that are worth considering before including its principles into a future. Pros & Cons of the Pre-Approach Sales Techniques The customer in relationship selling sees the salesperson as a valued member of the from a career in marketing management spanning 35 years, including several years as CMO for. The goal of customer relationship marketing is to develop loyalty between a particular brand or company and a targeted customer base.

For example, a customer may be satisfied with his current industrial adhesive tape supplier. They may sell their products for less. However, your company may sell adhesives that last longer and, therefore, cost less in the long run. Subsequently, you can address those key objections and make the sale.

Limited Reach One disadvantage of personal selling is that you cannot reach as many customers as quickly.

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Therefore, it will take longer to build awareness of your brand and products, especially if you use personal selling exclusively. Sales reps have to cover one territory or market at a time. As a sales person, for example, you may only be able to speak to 25 prospects a day and make three to five presentations. Reach can be particularly limited in rural areas where fewer prospects are located. One way around the limited reach of personal selling is to use inside sales reps for the smaller markets.

Inside sales reps can make a greater number of calls. It's Expensive Personal selling is also expensive, especially when considering the salesperson's salary, commission, bonus and travel time. Some sales reps even travel to other cities by plane. Companies incur a high cost per action with personal selling. These costs are incurred regardless of whether the sales person makes the sale.

pros and cons of relationship selling as a career

Additionally, it costs a lot of money to train your sales reps, teaching them about various products and sales procedures. The primary disadvantage of relationship marketing involves cost.

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Providing value to an existing consumer base does not guarantee an increase in repetitive sales. This is especially true for a brand and business that provides products or services that offer a long-term user experience.

pros and cons of relationship selling as a career

Here are some additional pros and cons of relationship marketing that are worth considering before including its principles into a future campaign. What Are the Pros of Relationship Marketing? Returning customers often purchase more than first-time customers. This will help a brand and business create more revenues out of their current customer base. Sales are able to multiply with a minimal investment.

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Many customers who have a relationship with a brand will purchase upcoming products because of the past values experienced in previous purchases. This means the only marketing effort required is to make the current customer base become aware of a new product or service that is being offered. Positive experiences help to create viral positive one-on-one marketing. People leave reviews for brands and businesses when an experience goes beyond their expectations. This is why there are so many negative reviews: When your marketing is focused on the value propositions you can provide, then it becomes possible to exceed expectations in a positive way to generate a positive review, word-of-mouth marketing, and social network sharing.

It creates personal connections. Although the marketing efforts may connect a customer with a brand, the end result is that customers make personal connections with employees as well. For local brick and mortar businesses, the managers or owners become a representation of that brand in the community as well. If a customer interacts with that person, they are also interacting with that brand, which increases the chances of a future purchase. Brands and businesses receive honest insights from invested people.

pros and cons of relationship selling as a career

This is because customers become personally invested with the business. They want to see it succeed because that becomes a personal success for them. It creates opportunities to solve problems immediately. When relationship marketing efforts are in place, it gives an organization an out to be able to keep that customer.

This is because customer contacts are at the forefront of this marketing effort. From customer service lines to Twitter accounts to in-person visits, the ability to effectively handle a problem and then resolve it in a positive way contributes to the marketing efforts. There are multiple avenues of relationship building available today.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Customer Relationship Marketing

Brands and businesses today have advantages that have never before been seen in our world. With social media, a brand can make an immediate 1-on-1 impact on customers. They can use their social media accounts and pages to keep reinforcing the value propositions that are offered.

Even a brief email, which takes seconds to write, can have a long-lasting influence on a customer. This is combined with the in-person contacts, direct mail contacts, and other forms of communication that are offered to everyone today.

There are even under-utilized communication methods that can be used to advance a marketing campaign like this. Skype, FaceTime, and SnapChat are just three examples where a business can reach out with a representative to reinforce the value of their brand. What Are the Cons of Relationship Marketing? New customers are treated as a secondary commodity. You want to retain your best customers, but you also sometimes need new customers to meet your budget goals.

With relationship marketing, the focus of a brand and business is placed first on retaining and supporting the current customer base.