Professor layton and the azran legacies ending a relationship

(spoilers) Azran Legacy ending : ProfessorLayton

professor layton and the azran legacies ending a relationship

Raymond, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Known Relationships At the end of the game, after Layton and co recover the five eggs (the last one. For Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ending discussion topic. so I think they're not related (she described their relationship a little more in-depth, but I can't recall. Professor Layton is a Nintendo DS Widget Series created by Level Only during the end credits of The Azran Legacy do we get to see a still shot of Layton .. Layton is about to explain his official relationship to Luke when Luke insists he's.

BeanBeanKingdom Topic Creator 5 years ago 7 foobar posted In the german version Emmy says if I backtranslate it to englishsomething like: Thanks for the clarification, the both of you.

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Looks like we're going to have to do some cleanup online. I liked it, it was engrossing and not overly complex because the five locations of chapter 4 were self-contained.

I don't really see the problem with Layton and Luke's characterization in the first trilogy. Layton is a gentleman and always keeps calm and collected, as he did all throughout this game as well.

The only time he ever falters was at the end of The Lost Future, but the reason for that was completely unrelated to what he discovers in this game. Plus, a person dear to him died there, while here everyone makes it out fine, he even writes he's convinced Descole didn't actually die if you read his journal after completing the game.

The mysteries in the first trilogy were completely unrelated to the Azrans they weren't even related to archaeologyso it wouldn't have been possible to attribute those to their advanced technology.

What garomasta said, plus it's similar to possible ancient civilisations in the real world, like Atlantis. Descole didn't foresee Layton's interference. He gave him his name as kids and sent him away in his place so that he Layton could live happily.

He was hell-bent on taking revenge on Targent for destroying their family and thus finding the Azran Legacy before them. When Layton appeared in Misthallery, he was just another obstacle in his path. Until they were forced to work together at the end of this game, he had no intention of letting their family ties get the better of him: The profile says "Descole" embodies Hershel Bronev's emptiness, so keeping in contact with his brother was out of the question.

Finally, Theodore was six years-old when he was adopted Roland and Lucille were filmed by Targent when they were celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of his adoption, and Layton is currently 36so Hershel Descole wasn't three, more like ten. Do you remember those people dressed in black who showed up at the Laytons' household in Stansbury asking to see Hershel while he was at school, and whom Roland accompanied to Norwell? Yeah, those were Targent and Bronev. He'd been keeping tabs on his son for a loooooong time.

P Why could the Azran girl speak English? Why could even the "mushroom people" speak english Chalk it up to "advanced technology" for Aurora but mostly to storytelling and gameplay convenience. Dealing with everyone speaking different languages would've been a headache and pointless.

professor layton and the azran legacies ending a relationship

Why did Layton never had a clue about anything? He figured out what the Legacy was before anyone else and he solved all the local mysteries himself. If it's about his family connections, it's explained he couldn't remember until Descole told him because he was too young. Although it seems he knew he was adopted at least, but had no way to know who his real relatives were. Already went over this, you could also ask "Why is Layton always so calm talking about his hat in the first two games if it's a memento from his dead girlfriend?

The answer is always: The same holds for Luke, he's a lot more mature than a normal 13 year-old thanks to Layton's influence.

professor layton and the azran legacies ending a relationship

In the end, all main protagonists are familiy-related?! Antogonist 1 is the brother, Antagonist 2 is the father of Protagonist and Antagonist 1 and also uncle-in-law for Protagonist's assistent.

Grosky claims that it's required to file a permit in order to break the fourth wall. Britain Is Only London: Professor Layton purportedly takes place in England, but other than London and a few well-known landmarks like the cliffs of Dover no actual, non-fictional places in England are named. Though with all of the fictional British towns and villages that Layton explores, the series could also be considered an aversion.

Each game has a series of special post-game puzzles unlocked for beating the main game, fully completing each of the three special mini-games in each, and completing all of the previous puzzles. These puzzles are far more difficult than any of the ones you'll encounter in the main game, with many of the toughest ones being harder variations of already sadistically hard puzzles. If you can beat them all with most of your hair intact, you can truly call yourself a puzzling badass. Call a Hit Point a "Smeerp": In place of points, you get "picarats.

The more times you try a puzzle and get it wrong, the fewer picarats you can earn by getting it right, although after a few tries it stops lowering the score. They don't affect the outcome of the game as far as winning or losing, but you must earn certain numbers of picarats to unlock bonus material like character profiles; though, even if the lowest complete score all puzzles completed after being failed enough to provide the smallest possible amount of picarats is achieved, all bonus content is unlocked.

The only motivation for getting things right the first try for maximum picarats is to have a high score. WatsonInspector Lestradeand Moriarty respectively. One could also compare Professor Layton to Indiana Jones. Both mild-mannered Archaeology teachers who travel the world uncovering mysteries, discovering major lost civilizations, are badasses when fighting and both have iconic badass hats. Looking at certain things will provoke snippets of dialogue from the characters present - even during points when there should be other stuff on their mind.

Becomes a Funny Moment in the third game, when Layton, Luke, and Flora inspect the London skyline as it is being destroyed by the walking battle station they are currently stuck on, and Luke and Flora comment on the view.

professor layton and the azran legacies ending a relationship

Made pretty simple to do since most characters are exclusive to whatever village, game, or other such continuity they appear in. All of the incidental characters come in different shapes and sizes, even the ones that don't give you puzzles. Character Name and the Noun Phrase: Professor Layton and the [thing that is going to cause Layton and company a world of trouble]. And now you can generate your own Layton title too!

Most often, you won't have any clue as to what's going on in town. It won't be until the end of the game when Layton explains everything out of nowhere, with facts and clues he apparently kept to himself. Mystery Journey points out clues regularly with a short cutscene and a mini-puzzle where the player fits the clue into a jigsaw puzzle, and even then Katrielle often manages to keep a few details to herself before the reveal after the case is solved. Averted in Last Specter; the closest thing to an evil lair, the "abandoned" factory, remains intact and the climax takes place outdoors later.

The same goes for Miracle Mask. The villain doesn't really have any particular "lair"; the building that serves that function in gameplay the Reunion Inn survives mostly unharmed. While Layton didn't have anything to do with its destruction, the Tower Pagoda took a beating - what with the mobile fortress firing at it - and it wasn't even the main lair of Unwound Future!

The Laytonmobile, sort of.


Luke and Layton seem to consider it as such and yes, they actually call it "the Laytonmobile"though the only difference from a normal car is its raised ceiling to accommodate Layton's top hat. It, or rather its future version, earns its status in Unwound Future, thanks partly to Don Paolo's modifications. There is one with fellow DS adventure game series Ace Attorney. It's one of Layton's stock poses, especially when explaining something. Due to Layton meeting most of the supporting cast like Inspector Chelmey and Granny Riddleton for the first time in Curious Village, they cannot play major roles in the prequels.

New characters Inspector Grosky and Keats the cat were brought in to fill their roles, and when the old characters cameoed in the prequels Emmy was the only one to interact with them.

Of course, this also begs the question of where the new characters are during the original games - Emmy says But Now I Must Gobut Grosky has no reason not to show.

She doesn't have any particular reason to disguise herself other than to maintain canon In the epilogue of the fifth game he is saved by a Smoke Out from being unmasked by Bronev even though it's heavily implied they know each other's real identities then. All of the four first games have 52 Wi-Fi puzzles one a week for a full year in the Japanese version. The English releases, on the other hand, have around Finally averted as of Miracle Mask, where the number of Wi-Fi puzzles got bumped up to released daily for all regions.

Curious Village had no option to make notes on puzzles. Diabolical Box could only make notes in one color. The first three games don't list the amount of hint coins and hidden puzzles unlike Professor Layton vs. Curious Village is the only game in the series where Layton finds people's tendency to keep giving you puzzle to solve curious.

In the other games, he never acts as if there's anything weird about it. And since Miracle Mask shows us that this kind of puzzle-mania was prevalent even in Layton's home village when he was a young man, it's a bit puzzling that he finds the villagers' love for brain-teasers so unusual.

Especially since he supplies Luke with more of them than any villagers do. In the Curious Village, many of the puzzles revolve around certain anachronisms that wouldn't necessarily be possible in canon such as mentioning keyboards, modern electronics, and texting. The natives of the various villages Layton and company venture to.

They appear more sensible and down-to-earth come later games, but they still have their fair share of quirky characters. The hints for some puzzles point out they can be solved by algebra, but that isn't fun and you should solve it with puzzle skills instead. And then some puzzles do require algebra to solve. In some cases, using algebra may be even easier than the reasoning they want you to use. The plot of nearly all the games occurs in less than 3 full days. Unwound Future is particularly notable, as it starts in the morning and ends on the same day at nighttime.

A heck ton of events and revelations happen in that timespan, though. And no, we're not taking into account the whole Time Travel thing in this. When Luke gets a puzzle wrong, he slaps his forehead. Layton is a fan of the pull-the-brim-of-your-hat-over-your-eyes variant when he botches a puzzle. Flora, when getting a puzzle wrong in the third game, does a two-handed variant with her hands on her cheeks.

Emmy, in the prequel trilogy, puts her hand over her mouth. Randall, when failing to get a puzzle right in the fifth game, is seen grunting on his third animation before throwing his hands to the sides in defeat on the fourth.

With battles of wits rather than fistfights, but the trope still fits. Many puzzles, particularly the more physical ones like the Block Puzzle variants, have no wrong answer - you've either solved them or you haven't, and there's no way to get less than the maximum number of Picarats for them.

Of course, just because you can't fail doesn't mean they're easy Gameplay and Story Segregation: How relevant the puzzles are to the plot varies wildly. While there are a lot of cases where a character will explicitly present Layton and co. For example, referencing a map of the local area that doesn't even remotely resemble any view you can get of said area.

A serious case in Diabolical Box where the content of a photo and the shape and orientation of the pieces it is torn in are plot-important, yet the actual puzzle of reconstructing it uses a differently oriented photo and a completely different set of pieces. In addition to picarats, each puzzle gets an icon of the protagonist's face upon solving.

A normal-colored icon means you gave at least one wrong answer; a silver icon means you never gave a wrong answer but had to use hints; and a gold icon means you neither gave a wrong answer nor used hints. The general feel of the setting, though certain elements of the game appear to make it something of an Anachronism Stew. Even though he's an archaeologist, Professor Layton spends most of his time solving weird mysteries and very little time doing any archaeology though exploring the Azran civilization of the prequel trilogy brings out the archaeologist side of his personality a little more.

Only during the end credits of The Azran Legacy do we get to see a still shot of Layton lecturing an archaeology class.

Katrielle wound up becoming a true detective. Giving Someone the Pointer Finger: Layton or whichever character is tackling the puzzle of the moment does this whenever it's solved correctly, including one during an animated sequence. Two characters avert this trend: Randall gives a thumbs up when he solves a puzzle in the fifth game, and Emmy pumps her fists like a victorious martial arts fighter in the sixth game.

It becomes something of a recurring theme, with each game except for The Azran Legacy having an accusation scene leading to Layton pointing at the culprit, who then does a dramatic unmask. For the first two games, the man under the mask is Don Paolo. For the third, it's Clive. For the fourth and fifth, it's Descole. This happens in spades when Layton crosses over with Phoenix Wright, another famous pointer. Most of the NPC characters are definitely this, as the series' character designer seems to take a LOT of liberties in designing them Gotta Catch 'Em All: A number of games have a few meta-puzzles that you need to collect items to unlock.

Descole greets Layton by calling him "old friend" when the latter steps into his castle. Again, this implies their connection dates back to before Layton's university years.


An ancient civilization is talked about and the ruins of one of their cities are what Descole has been searching for. You can easily make the connection with the ancient civilization whose ruins had been found in Misthallery. Here's where things really start coming together. The ancient civilization is revealed as the Azrans, and an organization searching for their three great legacies, Targent, is introduced.

Descole states he sacrificed everything to discover the legacies, and clearly shows to know Targent and their leader Bronev. Likewise, Bronev knows Descole, though he probably doesn't know the man behind the mask.

As for Layton and Descole, this game shows us Layton's life as far back as his teenage years. Still no sign of anyone who could be Descole, meaning their relationship must go even further back.

It's not a stretch at this point to think it dates back to Layton's childhood, especially because he doesn't remember it. Finally, though not stated outright, the men whom Layton's father took to visit Norwell were Targent they were described as "men in black who called themselves archaeologists but didn't look the part" ; Bronev was with them and asked Roland to see Hershel, but changed his mind when told he wasn't home.

This hints at some deep connection between Targent and Layton something I and others had already pointed out at the time: These circumstances linked Layton, Descole and Bronev to each other and to the Azrans, so I wouldn't call the extent of their relationship as revealed in The Azran Legacy a stretch at all.