Princess bubblegum and marceline relationship with god

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princess bubblegum and marceline relationship with god

This page describes Princess Bubblegum's relationships with other acknowledges that she is his creator, similar to how a god creates something in religion. Princess Bonnibel "Bonnie" Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom,, is a fictional . in "Take Her Back", the sixth episode of the Stakes miniseries, Princess Bubblegum even refers to Marceline as her "best friend". Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's relationship, also referred to as Bubbline the animated series that follows a boy named Jake, his magical dog Finn.

When ever she does any science experiments, she wears a lab coatwith her hair often tied, either up in a bun or a ponytail, otherwise let out like in her formal outfit.

princess bubblegum and marceline relationship with god

Usually, she wears something different than her original gown from episode-to-episode and her hair is commonly seen in different styles Powers and abilities[ edit ] Although Princess Bubblegum looks 18, the events shown in "The Vault" reveals that she may in fact be much older than she looks. In the video game Adventure Time: As seen in the episodes "Mortal Recoil" and "Too Young", her biological age can be fluctuated by adding or removing candy biomass.

In "Bonnie and Neddy," when Princess Bubblegum dropped from the Mother Gum, she waves and speaks to it in clicking noises indicating that they have some sort of unique method of communication. When soothing her brother Neddy with clicking noises, Princess Bubblegum sometimes glows. As the current incarnation of the Candy Elemental, Princess Bubblegum has the ability to project in various forms quantities of candy e. While her powers seem to be magically in nature, Bubblegum has been able to function her elemental abilities based on her own rudimentary knowledge of scientific principles.

Princess Bubblegum can communicate with previous incarnations of the Candy Elemental e. Chatsberry via lucid dreams. After being consumed by her elemental powers, Princess Bubblegum became connected to all candy across the galaxy.

In " The Eyes " Ice King disturbs them so much that they threat to kill him and in " Loyalty to the King " they three are opponents again. But from " Mortal Recoil " on, Ice King frequently tries to be friends with Finn and Jake in his own misguided way and has willingly made alliances with them.

In " Hitman ," the Ice King makes it clear that he does not want to kill Finn or Jake—the most he would do is "punch [them] in the gut and make [them] spit up [their] lunch. The three are essentially friends, but since Ice King constantly kidnaps princesses and the two would have to save them, Ice King gets frustrated that Finn and Jake stopped him from his motives, and Finn and Jake would consider Ice King as a foe and believes that every motive he does is evil, since this is what they always see from him.

This is one of the main reasons Ice King usually has negative feelings towards Finn and Jake. Though Ice King's actions rarely have malicious intent, Finn and Jake must often step in to stop him from kidnapping princesses. Near the end of the episode, the three are shown snuggled up side-by-side by a roaring fire, wearing big Christmas sweaters. Finn also mentions that Donny is "alright," which implies that Ice King is more than "alright" to Finn. In " Princess Potluck ," Ice King seems to think that Finn and Jake are his "BFs," though this is most likely the result of his skewed view of the world.

In " Play Date ," Finn is shown to have a great deal of empathy for Ice King, even to the point of enjoying his company. While Finn finds Ice King to be an interesting companion, Jake has no tolerance for his antics. Jake has to go as far as outright demanding Finn to get rid of Ice King. He has disdain for all of Ice King's oddities, even his attempts of affection.

Finn, on the other hand, finds his efforts endearing and does not mind his presence in their house. Flame Princess Flame Princess and Ice King Fighting During his song " Oh, Bubblegum ," the Ice King showed that he knew who Flame Princess was, and calls her "okay," though it was not clear if he had any affection on her and if they had met before.

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Since then, Ice King developed a fear on her and is willing to give anything to her to placate her. Later in the episode, Finn forged an insulting letter to make the two fight again. Enraged, they had their final battle in the Ice Kingdom, which causes the destruction of it when Flame Princess effortlessly throws the Ice King down. Though, due to the random jokes often found in the series, this may not prove anything. Lemongrab attempts to eat the Ice King twice over the duration of the episode, and attempts to kill him once for "having no purpose.

In the Adventure Time eight-part miniseries " Stakes ", they show in the episode "The Empress Eyes" that at some point after Simon left Marcy knowing he was going to become too dangerous and messed up to take care of her, he ended up being hypnotized by The Empress and became a slave to her. He was apparently completely in love with her and would do anything for her.

The Empress saw him as a pawn, but at least admitted there could be something to like about him by saying he had a "kind of silver fox thing going on. She thinks he's basically an idiotic train-wreck and she especially hates him because at this point he is "too stupid to fall under her spell.

The Empress also told Marceline while fighting how she thinks he was happier back then when he was with herself, which angered Marcy. She and Petrikov had a very committed relationship until Petrikov obtained an enchanted crownwhich gradually began to alter his mind and body. When Petrikov put on the crown for the first time, something he did terrified and angered Betty and caused her to leave, as evidenced by Simon saying that "she looked at [him] with such contempt.

In the episode " Betty ," a briefly restored Simon creates a time portal to go back and apologize to Betty. He encounters her shortly after he has put on the crown and is terrorizing his "princess" with his ice powers. Betty is astonished to learn she had left Simon but realizes the reason he never saw her again is because she jumped through the time portal to be with his future self, which she does. After defeating the anti-magic creature Bella Nochewhose neutralizing of the Ice King's crown had turned him back into Simon and left him dying, since the ice crown's magic kept him alive but insane for all those yearsBetty briefly watches the restored Ice King from a flying carpet before heading off, determined to find a way to turn him back into Simon without his dying from lack of magic.

It is clear that Betty still loves Simon and is devoted to him, but he is unable to remember her in his Ice King form. As revealed in the flashback in " Bespoken For ", Ice King becomes surprised when the now wizard Betty warped by the power of Magic Man 's hat invites him out to dinner in hopes of trying to restore him.

Despite things not going the way as planned, Ice King gains a new respect for Betty, referring to her as "Weird Lady" when he, Finn and Jake try to save her from Patience St.

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Bonnibel then gathered the items she needed and created three other gum humanoids Aunt Lolly, Cousin Chicle and Gumbald who she made her "Uncle". They got along well but Bonnibel disagreed with his plans to make a city for Candy people and tried to counter them. Due to her acts, Gumbald turned against her and soon did this with the other relatives as they planned to overthrow her with Gumbald's new Dum Dum Juice.

Bonnibel overheard this and foiled Gumbald's plans and accidentally turned the three into simple minded candy people with the juice.

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She didn't change them back as they looked happy in their new forms and kept them in the dark about their identities for eight centuries. She later went through with Gumbald's plans to make a Candy Kingdom where she became its ruler. She rarely mentioned Gumbald in the present only giving brief information about what he did for the kingdom. At the end, Bubblegum becomes aware he is back since she recognized the cup BMO had got from a scientist and was worried of what will occur.

In Seventeenshe was shocked to see him and the others in their original forms and realized how they changed back. The three wanted revenge as she tried to justify her actions but they wanted to see her endure their suffering but Marceline intervened and they retreated though Gumbald swore to return after mocking Bonnibel. In " Gumbalia ", she is ready for war against her uncle and his new army and city-state Gumbaldia.

Finn and Jake wanted to call off the war and went to confront Gumbald on the matter. They were seemingly successful with Gumbald calling off all hostilities with his niece and splashed Finn and Jake with "celebration juice" with Gumbald telling the two to give Bonnie a big hug. PB was happy to have a signed by peace treaty and was about to hug Finn, but noticed the smell of the juice.

Peppermint Butler went to wipe the juice off only to become a baby-like peppermint seconds later. Bonnie then realized that the juice was Dum Dum Juice and her uncle had attempted to have subjected to it.

Furious, Bubblegum officially declared war on her uncle. Finn was still unhappy and asked Bonnie to call off the war again. PB agreed to give Gumbald one more chance. The confrontation between Bonnie and her uncle was ugly.

Finn and Jake then splashed themselves, PB, Gumbald and Fern with nightmare juice forcing them into hallucianry slumber. Finn did it with the hopes of them learning to get along, thus calling off the war. Inside the dream realm, PB and Gumbald continue to be hostile towards each other. Gumbald leaves the area and despite Finn's protest, Bonnibel decides to pursue him. PB and Gumbald later recreate a nightmare version of the moment that PB defeated Gumbald by dousing him with his own dum-dum juice, only this time with the roles reversed.

PB is doused, and is transformed into a smaller, less intelligent version of hersel, while Gumbald was placed in the life of his niece, being very stressed and paranoid about the safety of the Candy Kingdom.

princess bubblegum and marceline relationship with god

Gumbald and PB are later brought to tears after both witness the Candy Kingdom turn into a pile of goo in the dream. After the four of them wake up from their dream, PB apologizes to Gumbald for not respecting his vision for the Candy Kingdom. Gumbald fake-accepts her apology and agrees to end the conflict, intending to betray her, but is tripped by Aunt Lolly and once again doused in his own dum-dum solution, turning back into Punch Bowl and officially cancelling the war.

Aunt Lolly Bonnibel created her as a way of having a family and made Lolly her aunt. At first, they got along but Gumbald turned Lolly against Bonnibel as they planned to overthrow her and Lolly even laughed at Chicle's remark of Bonnibel, leaving the latter sad.

However, Bonnibel foiled Gumbald's plans and accidentally turned the three into simple minded candy people. She didn't change them back as they looked happy and kept them in the dark about their identities for eight centuries. It appears she retains her love for Lolly as she keeps portraits of the of them together, as seen in The Duke. In Seventeenshe was shocked to see her and the others in their original forms and realized how they changed back.

The three wanted revenge as she tried to justify her actions but they wanted to see her endure their suffering but Marceline intervened and they retreated.