Park and eleanor ending relationship

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park and eleanor ending relationship

Rainbow Rowell's YA debut, Eleanor & Park, a love story set in Omaha and people liked it, I'd have a warm feeling of having made a connection. . When I was writing the scene at the end of the book where Eleanor finds. It's about how Eleanor and Park develop their relationship in the context of The end of the book felt true--when Park drives Eleanor to her. In Eleanor & Park, abandonment primarily pertains to Eleanor and her family, and it's a big part just might explain why she finds it easier to sever all ties with Park for a while at the end. How does this affect her relationship with her mother?.

My parents love each other and love their children. I've always known my parents loved me even if they didn't agree with choices I was making growing up. We had regular teenager problems, but my parents were nothing short of awesome and supportive through it all.

We ate dinner together. They taught me to drive a car and took me to get my license. All the "normal" stuff. But it's not normal for everyone. Park experiences this when he is faced with the realties of Eleanor's family. I had a very good friend in high school who grew up in an abusive family. Like Eleanor, she was often in danger but felt trapped because when you're a "kid" with no money, no car, and no one to listen to you, it's hard to get help. So many things that happened to Eleanor throughout the book reminded me of this friend and things she dealt with.

I wish no child had to live through situations like that. It reminded me that I need to make sure to take opportunities to help others when they come up and I should probably make them come up more. Sometimes there are opportunities through my church or other organizations, and I should do what I can to help instead of just thinking about it or assuming everyone else is helping so I don't need to.

I mean, she's got red hair and untamable curls, she's the new kid, she's wicked poor, gets her clothing from Goodwill, and has to wear that to shreds--isn't that enough?

park and eleanor ending relationship

Did you have to make her obsess about feeling fat too? Finally, there is the climax of the book. All throughout the book, nasty sexual messages have been showing up on Eleanor's books which are covered with brown paper bags, which is exactly correct. She has been ignoring them, assuming they are by Tina and the Mean Girls. Can you spot the plot?

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Of course it isn't--it's her nasty rat-faced stepfather, and when she figures this out, she runs away from home. This is the end of Eleanor and Park, because the only place she has to go is to an uncle's house in Minneapolis.

The threat was well done and completely credible to me--the way her stepfather insists on dominating family life, the casual cruelty and narcissism he displays, the way Tina turns out to be an ally when things get really serious. The end of the book felt true--when Park drives Eleanor to her uncle's--it's an opportunity for them to be together and alone for hours, and yet, it's the end of their ability to be together.

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She isn't going to be able to come back, he's not going to be able to follow her. That bitter experience that the timing is just wrong--if they were only a year or two older, they would be able to go to college together, or possibly elope which Tina does with her boyfriend in the coda.

park and eleanor ending relationship

But by virtue of being just 16, they have to separate. Is it possible to sustain a long distance relationship at that age? Does it hurt too much?

Do they have a choice, given how strong their feelings for each other are? It's a good book. It's worth the read. I would recommend it to my own teen daughters, if this was the kind of book they liked right now.

It has a lot to discuss about poverty and privilege, and about respectful relationships. He feels a distance between him and his white male friends.

Eleanor & Park - *SPOILER* Ending Showing of

With Eleanor he can be himself. Eleanor comes from a tough family situation. Her stepfather Richie menaces her and physically abuses her mother. That part of the novel is devastating. Almost all of her teachers seem unsympathetic to her in general and do little to prevent her from being bullied by other students.

Eleanor really looked to Park to fill the void in her life, both physically and emotionally. All this being said though, there is a lot of fun to be had in the book. Now we share thumb drives; much less romantic! This is a big blanket statement from her, and something that Eleanor will remember.

It felt like the movie moment in the book. So many teen romances are all about the chase. AND when one person is shouldering a lot of personal pain. Trilby, without giving away too much of the ending, are Eleanor and Park destined to be together?!

park and eleanor ending relationship