Once upon a time emma and hook relationship

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once upon a time emma and hook relationship

Apr 20, a little over-emotional about Hook and Emma on Once Upon A Time? their potential relationship when they were so close to finally getting. Emma Swan is a fictional character in ABC's television series Once Upon a Time. She is . After Emma and Hook are dragged into Zelena's time portal, she accepts Storybrooke as her home, regaining her magic to re-open the portal to the present where she begins a relationship with Hook. However, unaware to her , she. Nov 11, We're all about sexy Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time, and his relationship with Emma. After going through hell and back together this.

In another instance, Killian buys Emma a house that he hopes to share with Henry as a family. However, they don't get to have the "white picket fence life" they dreamed of as Killian makes the ultimate sacrifice for Emma, forcing her to kill him in order to save her and her family. Refusing to let her true love stay dead for long, Emma travels to the underworld to follow in the footsteps of her parents and split her heart in half, proving their true love and bringing Killian back to Storybrooke.

In season 6, even though their future is proved to be at stake when Emma learns that she's fated to die, they take the next step in their relationship. Killian proposes to her and she excitedly says yes.

He assures her that no matter how uncertain her future is she can be certain that he will always be by her side. They get married, vowing to love each other for all eternity in front of all their friends and family. In season 7, when they visit Emma's older son, Henry, who has since left home, Emma announces her and Killian are expecting their first child together, saying they are very excited to start this new adventure of parenthood together.

At the series finale both of them make an appearance, blissfully happy and in love, holding their newborn baby daughter, Hope. The very last shot of the series is the three of then cuddled together as the camera slowly pans out. Season 2 They first meet when Hook is undercover working for Cora. Emma and her group reach Safe Haven, only to find everyone has been massacred by Cora, save for one person — Hook.

Pretending that he survived by playing dead, he gains the sympathy of Aurora.

Captain Swan

However, with her lie-detecting abilities, Emma is not fooled. When he won't reveal his true identity, Emma and her group tie him to a tree as ogre bait. Hook finally reveals himself and tells them he will turn on Cora and join their group if they can get him to Storybrooke, too. Season 3 Hook guides Emma and her team through Neverland, and he obviously has a crush on her, even telling her so.

However, he is constantly rejected. Later, they kiss in "Good Form" 3x Though it was only of gratitude, it was extremely passionate. They become friends after they return successfully from Neverland. When Emma loses her memories, Hook tries to see if kissing her will trigger anything, but it doesn't. This was most likely since it was not a "kiss of true love. Zelena curses Hook's lips and tells him to kiss Emma as it will strip her of her newfound magic powers. However, he refuses to do so and instead represses his feelings for her.

Realizing he will not kiss Emma without an impetus, Zelena drowns Hook. Though he is pulled form the water, he is unconscious. To save him, Emma is forced to give Hook CPR, and this mouth-to-mouth contact counts as a kiss, thus stripping Emma of her power.

When they are sent back in time together, they have several intimate scenes. In one instance, to distract the past Hook, Emma tries to seduce him. Slightly jealous, present Hook doubts it will work. However, Emma states that she is "exactly his type. They clumsily kiss as they make their way to the bedchambers. However, present Hook, who was on the ship as well, is jealous and knocks out past Hook.

After they return to Storybrooke, Emma learns that he sacrificed his ship for her. So, she kisses him of her own will. Season 4 In the beginning of season 4, Emma pulls away from Hook. Hook confronts her outside of Granny's in "Rocky Road" 4x03 and they have a tender moment, ending with a passionate kiss. Hook and Emma are now in a relationship. In the season finale, "Operation Mongoose Part 2" 4x22Emma reveals that she loves Hook to Regina after Hook is "killed" in an alternate universe, which was never really real.

Later, Emma then is unable to tell Hook she loves him. However, moments before she sacrifices herself for Regina, she finally tells him before becoming the dark one. Season 5 When Emma becomes the dark one, she is transported to Camelot, so everyone travels there to save her. They meet up with Arthur, Guinevere, and Merlin.

Merlin says he can take away Emma's darkness. However, he fails, and Hook is hurt badly. To save him, Emma turns him into the dark one, too. She creates a curse to bring everyone back to Storybrooke, and she takes away everyone's memories. Soon, however, Zelena gives Hook back his memories and he is extremely angry at Emma.

Emma does all she can to stop him from doing bad things, but she fails. Hook summons all the past dark ones from the Underworld.

But at one point, as Nimue, a past dark one, is harming Emma, Hook comes to his senses and sucks all the dark ones back into Excalibur. So that all the darkness will be destroyed forever, he tells Emma to kill him.

They share a kiss, and then Hook dies. Emma goes to see Rumpelstiltskin later and finds out the darkness was not destroyed but transferred back into Rumple. Enraged, Emma decides to go to the Underworld to bring Hook back. Emma and Regina work together to use their own magic to counteract it.

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They all go through the portal, and while Emma has second thoughts about leaving Hook, she is persuaded to go by her father. When they get back to Storybrooke, Zelena is informed by Regina and Robin that Hades tried to trap them in the Underworld, but she brushes off the information and is upset with her sister.

She talks to Hades about having the life she wants, which is just a simple picket fence life. However, Hades wants a whole kingdom. Robin and Regina break into the mayor's house, where Zelena and Hades are, trying to get Robin's daughter back from Zelena.

Emma, distraught and unable to grieve Hook's death, tries to break down the protection spell surrounding the house, but Zelena uses her magic to stop her. Hades is about to use the Olympian Crystal to "end" Regina, but Robin steps in front of her, taking the blow, which kills him.

Hades tries to pressure Zelena into killing Regina, but she stabs Hades instead. Before Robin's funeral, Emma stands at Hook's grave and cries, trying to cope with the fact that he is truly gone now.

Suddenly, a wave of magic flies through the air, causing her to stumble. She hears her name called from behind her and turns around and is shocked to see Hook. She happily embraces Hook, who tells her Zeus sent him back as a reward for stopping Hades. After informing him that Robin is gone, Emma decides to break the news about Hook's return to Regina as delicately as possible. However, when an earthquake occurs, Hook rushes to see if Emma is okay.

once upon a time emma and hook relationship

It turns out the earthquake was caused by Mr. Gold tethering magic to the Olympian Crystal fragment. Emma works with Regina to find it, only to later have Gold explain that Henry used his Author power to steal the crystal to destroy magic again. Both follow Henry to New York, where it turns out Gold got the crystal back.

At the same time, Hook, David, Snow and Zelena are accidentally sucked into another realm, which they could become trapped in without any magic in the Real World. Henry succeeds in destroying magic, only to be later convinced by the Dragon to get enough belief to recharge the crystal. It works and everyone is brought home.

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Once back in Storybrooke, Emma shares a passionate kiss with Hook. Season 6 In the past, Aladdin, a "Savior", is taunted by Jafar over the inevitable downfall of all Saviors. In Storybrooke, refugees arrive from the Land of Untold Stories.

Emma experiences tremors and visions; an arrested Hyde helps her receive an oracle's vision of a hooded figure killing her. Guided by Morpheus, Gold enters Belle's dreams to lift the sleeping curse; he tries to renew their love, but she rejects him.

Emma discovers the sword can kill the Evil Queen without hurting Regina. The Queen steals the lamp and wishes Emma to an alternate reality where she was never the Savior; Regina follows her. In the "wish realm", Emma lives as a princess until Regina traumatically restores her memory. Regina frees Rumplestiltskin in exchange for a magic bean, but the portal to Storybrooke closes while Regina is distracted by the appearance of Robin Hood.

In Minnesota, a young Emma is told by a teenager that she has the power to change her fate. In present day, after they miss their way out of the Wish realm, Emma and Regina find another option for escape when they come across August, who agrees to help create a new portal. Emma discovers that August was the teenager she met back in Minnesota and inspires him to complete the portal. Emma, Regina, and Robin return to Storybrooke, where Gideon explains to Gold and Belle his intention to kill Emma so that he can acquire her savior powers and kill the Black Fairy, a move that has David furious and Belle concerned.

once upon a time emma and hook relationship

Emma and Gideon finally meet for the battle, but Emma survives, choosing her own fate. Gideon retreats, proclaiming this far from over. Gold and Belle decide to work together for the good of the son.

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In the past, Snow makes a wish that grants the entire Enchanted Forest to use the gift of Song to defeat Regina, which also spreads to Oz as well. When Regina also becomes affected by the wish she finds a way to end it before the first curse takes place, but the Blue Fairy, who granted Snow the wish, tells Snow and David that the wish will be part of Emma's destiny. In Emma's past, her chance to make use of her talent is held back by being told she'll be alone. This would come back to taunt Emma in the present day, as Fiona returns to use that weakness to take Emma's heart before she unleashes a new curse on her wedding, with unlikely help from Gold by freezing her family.

When Henry discovers the page in the book that reveals Emma's heart will make her stronger, not only does it embolden Emma, it stopped Fiona from crushing it, but Fiona still tells her the battle is still on. On wedding day, Emma and Hook finally marry just in time for the dark clouds to release a new curse that will set up the final battle. Fiona's curse wipes Emma's memory past the final episode of season 1, and places her in a mental institution, where she and the rest of the town believes that Henry is Fiona's rightfully adopted son and all the fairytale stories were untrue.

Henry, after several instances tries to get her to believe the truth, but she rebuffs him and moves back to Boston. Meanwhile, the rest of the characters are trapped in the Enchanted Forest as it and all the other realms crumble as a consequence of Emma's refusal to believe. However, Emma, inspired by a book Henry had created detailing her journey, returns to Storybrooke and chooses to believe him. Rumple successfully kills Fiona, which restores Emma's belief and transports the other characters back to Storybrooke.

Emma fights Gideon, still under Fiona's lasting control, but ultimately chooses to sacrifice herself. Henry brings her back with True Love's Kiss and Gideon turns back into a baby, allowing Rumple and Belle a second chance. At the end, Emma and Regina are shown to drop Henry off at his bus stop, and Emma later makes Hook deputy sheriff.

All the characters are later gathered at Granny's for dinner as the book ends with the words, "And they all lived happily ever after". Season 7 In the past, Emma is shown to share her concerns with Hook about Henry growing up while contemplating having another child. Later, Henry chooses to go to other realms in search of his story, and meets another version of Cinderella, whom he falls in love with. In that time, Emma becomes pregnant with her second child and goes to answer Henry's distress call along with Killian and Regina, with the former insisting she rest.

Wish Hook, however, shows up and knocks out Hook, taking his place in hopes of traveling to Storybrooke with Emma and finding a cure for his poisoned heart. Hook manages to recover and fights Wish Hook, until the latter accidentally stabs himself with a dagger.

As he lays dying, he admits to having a daughter and that he was searching for her. However, Emma manages to heal him and convinces him to travel with Henry in search of both their happy endings.