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okabe and kurisu relationship quizzes

Antimatter would have been a thing (before it got cancelled) in which Okabe and Kurisu maintained a long-distance relationship that moved. The way I see it, Okabe and Kurisu's relationship is the heart of S;G. There are other important relationships in S;G (Okabe and Mayuri's. Steins;Gate - Okabe and Kurisu:') Steins Gate 0, Gate Pictures Gate Pictures, Anime Manga, Anime Couples, Stains, Pasta, Meme, Concept Art, Dogs, Pasta.

It's not a long shot to say he's shady, and has been shown in a shady light more than once throughout S;G 0. A little scene from S;G 0 shows us that the time machine experiments Russia are doing are based on Dr. Nakabachi Kurisu's paper, which was actually the one stolen from our dear Makise.

Kurisu Makise

Leskinen entered into Okabe's life much like a father figure, someone who had close connections to Kurisu, and might possibly share or understand his burden. While it was clear that S;G's events occured as a result of the FG Lab members' dabbling in time travel, the events of S;G 0 seem like a "divine" orchestration of sorts, kinda like how Kagari puts it And I believe that the orchestrator here is Leskinen.

It is his trap that Okabe is slowly falling into, one which will lead him far far away from what he wants to do prevent human manipulation of time to prevent personal or global disasters instead taking him to a point where he possibly As to how, we'll come to that later. But for now, Leskinen is that pimp who's selling out Okabe as a naive little boy to be toyed with by his own machinations and plans he set into motion.

Clearly Okabe has admiration for Leskinen, and I believe some of it is so because Leskinen reminds Okabe of his past self as Hououin Kyouma. Yes, those eccentric actions, openness of behaviour, the mighty pedestal he's on as a behemoth in cognitive computing and brain science that essentially created a pseudo-revolution, reminds Okabe of his Hououin Kyouma self.

okabe and kurisu relationship quizzes

This is what traps Okabe so tightly. And little does he know how it will affect him in future. According to my speculations, the purposes for which Leskinen called Okabe to Viktor Chondria University were definitely not the noble kind, leaning more towards the opposite Therefore, Okabe is the fly being led to the spider's web. We see Okabe trying so hard to live up to the memory of Kurisu, half for that and half for himself. He wants to experience Kurisu and her life so earnestly that he works his best to get accepted into the University.

Of course, in addition to attempting to find out further about the secret American activities into time machine research. This is all for a girl who's already dead but made a dent on his mind due to a virtual manifestation of her some months ago. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's code, used by the American organizations that want to obtain the time machine research Kurisu did, obviously leads to the conclusion that Leskinen is somehow involved with the time machine wars that are imminent.

And so, we can see that both America and Russia fight it out, and AmaDeus is definitely caught up in this, as it may be the only way researchers can have Kurisu talk to rededuce the time machine theory. Her frontal lobe research was already published by that time, and the only thing left was to make the final connections to make an actual time machine So let's have a look at the 3rd blow on Okarin's head. The one and only Kagari or as I call her, Mayurisu: Shiina Kagari is a truly curious case, for all I can gather about her yet is that she did come from the future and was manipulated by Leskinen, but exactly how she influenced the past is still vague, as she not only appeared in AD but also far before to Okabe during his childhood.

This was a point where I couldn't really understand what they were trying to do- retcon something from the Burdened Region movie or actually turn it into canon material.

However, Kagari's influence on Okabe is significant, as from the get go we saw him being shocked at her being so similar to Kurisu in appearance. With Kurisu's death being first, Amadeus and Leskinen being second and Kagari being third, Okabe was being hit with the hooks of insanity shockingly. But what does it result in? Kagari is not only a smack dab imitation of Kurisu by appearance, but her behaviour during hearing the "voice of God" surely alludes to some heavy brain research done on her as a subject.

This is indeed a huge thing to the whole plot, and further more are the mysteries surrounding her, especially how the same building she was experimented upon now lays demolished in the present but was or will be used in the future pretty complex shit right there. Kagari's contribution to the whole thing has now resulted in Okabe being hell bent on searching her, with no knowledge of her reappearance as a, possibly American, "Rounder" in the recent episodes. Therefore what exactly is the aim of Kagari is unclear.

However, Kagari has imbued a sense of protectiveness into Okabe. Since she is the spitting image of Kurisu, Okabe naturally feels the need to keep her safe from all possible threats. And he fails at this. He fails pretty miserably since Kagari is still kidnapped again amidst basically a bustling city and no witnesses to her disappearance.

Surely Okabe blames the mind-control experimenting scientists and whatever organization they're involved with for this, and perhaps even himself since he couldn't prevent it.

No matter his perseverance, Okabe is unable to prevent the loss of those near and dear to him. He only hopes that the ones he cares for most, like Mayuri, and those completely unaffected by it, like Ruka, are unscathed by the events.

Why Okabe feels all this has been purely my speculation. But I believe I've been on a steady path yet. He's going forward for foreign education, a dream many potential-possessing, aspiring students from a country may have, and being the son of a grocers' family, it isn't a small deal for him to achieve that. Okabe's current mindset is to focus on his own development, not bothering about things related to Kurisu, things that will stray him from his determination. All this will work in his favour, but only upto a certain point, until he gets to Viktor Chondria University.

This is the point at which he will be fully under Leskinen's authority, and the turning point which will force him to do things he doesn't want to, but all unbeknownst to him. Leskinen's involvement in this shit is deep, as was seen by the fourth episode's pre-credits scene, where we were shown someone like Leskinen but only in the shadows, talking to Okabe in a taunt-tained polite tone.

What I believe has happened is that Leskinen's organization was successful in the war and eventually in capturing him, despite the protection the opposing factions bestowed on him to keep him safe. This is the far future of course, but what exactly he and Leskinen's interactions were so far are unknown. Well here's what I think.

Leskinen laid out the trap to get Okabe into working on a time machine. This he did in VC Uni. Okabe is going to carry on with his research, but won't know what he's doing until it's too late.

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Even when he learns what he's doing, he probably will try to resist, but won't be able to do anything as Leskinen could have Mayuri and the others under his crosshairs all the time. As we saw in episode 9, Leskinen had Okabe answer his friends or perhaps AmaDeus through voice call even as he was being held hostage by him. Therefore, forced to carry on time machine research under the Brain Science department of VC Uni, Okabe literally will cave in under the pressure of it all.

Perhaps a bit of hypnotism may help him, courtesy of our one and only Judy Reyes who, by the way, is hot. There could be a place for mass hypnotism in all of this, conducted by Judy and Leskinen. And Okabe, with forced help from Maho, will finish his time machine. But what role may Kagari have in all of this? As a means of stimulating Okabe to carry out Leskinen's own plan? As a quintessential example in the near future to display the paramount of neuro-AI research? Or to influence Okabe and co.

The Future Gadget Resistance Lab itself is a vague aspect, because if Okabe is running around hiding from warlords and he and his friends' future counterparts are on good terms with Leskinen, then isn't the bad guy deep into the good people's plans and company? We also find Leskinen constantly encouraging a relationship between Maho and Okabe.

So it's no doubt that Leskinen must have a plan for the both of them as well. Maho Hiyajo is not as smart as Kurisu, but has perseverance. She's stubborn and headstrong, enough to keep herself on a path until she reaches her goal.

Admirable as it may be, it's just a bit pathetic on her part that she's hell bent on the time machine but has no way of controlling what happens after she makes it. In a way, S;G and its time machine is as much about Neuroscience as it is about quantum Physics. Brain frontal lobe research conducted by Kurisu was what made it happen, and Daru helping out by tapping into the LHC facilitated it.

Maho here wants to further the frontal lobe research, with help of the same physics expertise Daru possesses, perhaps by using the LHC. But what's noteworthy is that the LHC was probably already used once, the day when Okabe and Yuki's friend Fubuki got transported to another worldline, the day earthquakes happened in and around Russia, perhaps a trial run for a large-scale experiment. Kurisu is known by lab members and Okabe especially as the source of evil, even worse, the terror in the kitchen, as they despise Kurisu's many-a-times questionable cooking skills and taste palate.

Okabe once stated that the lab will fall into the pits of Hell if Kurisu ever cooks, even when Mayuri is helping her and Luka once complained that Kurisu's apple pie tasted like death. She even tasted Okabe's gel-nana without any hesitation, even when Okarin and Daru warned her. In the light novels and drama CDs, Kurisu is shown to be upset about her small bust size, to the point where she will angrily yell at people if they even allude to it.

That is likely also a reference to his voice actress, Asami Imai's real-life gag. She joined at episode 3 in the anime. She is recruited by Okabe due to her curiosity of Gel-banas, the Phone Microwave name subject to change and her intelligence is certainly a great asset to the Future Gadget Laboratory's cause. Regarding the 'What I wanted the most now is my fork', it was supposed to be a birthday gift from her dad, Shouichi Makise back when she was 7 years old.

However the gift was not delivered due to an argument between the two and was kept in hold by Shouichi's good friend, Akiha Yukitaka. The gift will then be delivered to Kurisu before she time leaped to convince Okabe to not give up on Mayuri and seek help from her the first time she tells Okabe that she knows that he time leaped.

This casette tape belongs to Faris's father, Akiha Yukitaka. Later on after she left Okabe in front of the train station, Faris caught up with her and made her listen to the other side of the casette tape she listened before.

It contains her father's message, about what he feel when both his professor and close friends died in yearand his apologizing for getting mad over Kurisu and left her, and about the gift he kept in Akiha's place, "My Fork". Faris brought that gift with her and give it to Kurisu after she listened the casette tape. The main character Neptune also shares Kurisu's love for pudding.

okabe and kurisu relationship quizzes

In another time traveling related anime, July 28th is the day the world ends. Kurisu died on July 28th. This may have foreshadowed that her death will result in the end of the world. Mayuri is so innocent and honest, Kurisu once thought that Mayuri was kidnapped by Okabe.

According to Okabe, Kurisu's lips are warm and possess a faint smell of lemon Kurisu drank a can of alcoholic beer once, and was drunk before she could finish it, causing Okabe heaps of trouble. During the time she was drunk, she pushed Okabe downstairs and asked him to hug her and spend some quality time together.

Okabe however, was too shy to even reply. Kurisu then hugs him even tighter and both of them fell down a flock of stairs, giving both of them a headache. This has been shown many times through out the series and most noticably when she was drunk. Her emotions can change rapidly whenever Okabe's around Quotes "Something must be wrong for you to use my actual name. I can't let my emotions get in the way. But it's impossible to forget everything Hei although not the leader of the team is the one that does all the heavy lifting while Yin is what they call a doll.

A doll in DTB used to be a normal human but are now emotionless and are all programmed to be able to do only a few basic things. Yin is to scope out an area or to detect threats and to lead Hei to some location. As the series progresses Yin starts to remember her past like the death of her father and mother those traumatic memories though end up giving her back some of her humanity and emotions.

As the series goes on Yin and Hei start to bond and grow close. At the end of season one they are the only two left alive and flee Japan together. Now the OVA is where they become a couple to me.

It will take me hours to try and explain what happens in the OVA and season 2 so I'll just do a quick run down.

Yin ends up having another life form fuse with her witch will soon take over her body and will cause hundreds of people to die. Once the being inside Yin fully Awakens and splits Yin into two halves one that is Yin the other izanami the thing inside of her. Yin tells Hei that she loves him and will never forget about him then theirs an explosion. After that were not sure what happened to Yin at the start of season 2 but Hei has turned into an alcoholic due to losing Yin.

We find out though that Yin is still alive after she forced herself into a deep sleep to keep izanami from waking up again. At the end of the series Yin and Hei meet again at the very end where Yin tells Hei to kill her so stop izanami.

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Hei then smiles at her after that nobody really knows what happens to Yin and Hei because at the end Hei is seen carrying Yin away. Now I have a rock solid theory as to what happened to Yin the short version is that Hei since he is able to effect anything on a molecular level was able to separate Yin from izanami and they are now living a peaceful life together.


They meet when Ban is trying to steel a drink out of the Holy Grail in order to make himself immortal. Eliane is the guardian to the Holy Grail and the fairy forest and has been stuck their for years ever since her brother King left.

okabe and kurisu relationship quizzes

Eliane thinks all humans are the same all they do is steal and do hurtful things. So when Ban makes his way to the Grail Eliane just blows him off with her magic but Ban just keeps climbing right back up. Ban then decides to get serious as he is able to steal the Grail but Eliane bounds him with her control over the forest but Ban then decides he's giving up witch Eliane does not believe so she reads his mind and is shocked to find out he's telling the truth.

Ban then passes out witch doesn't make Eliane happy as she want him to leave. How ever they both start to bond with each other Ban finds Eliane to be the only person that truly listens to him. Eliane states that Ban in just seven days was able to erase all the darkness and pain in her heart that built up in those years alone.

As Ban goes to get food Eliane talking aloud to herself says how she wishes Ban was their to steal her and not the Grail but Ban overheard her and tells her then let's just do it. Eliane says that she couldn't unless her Brother returns so Ban tells her that he will go out and find him so that he can watch the forest and Ban and Eliane can go on a journey together.

okabe and kurisu relationship quizzes

Eliane is so happy she hugs Ban who is surprised. Their happy moment is cut short though when a Demon shows up and starts burning the forest Eliane says we need to run but Ban decides he will just kill the demon so he rips out the demons heart but Eliane tells Ban demons have multiple hearts and in that moment they are both fatally wounded by the demon. Eliane then grabs the Grail and tells Ban to drink it but Ban tells her to drink it to save herself and also because he no longer has the strength to do so.