Naruto sasuke and jiraiya vs itachi kisame relationship

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naruto sasuke and jiraiya vs itachi kisame relationship

R1: Base Jiraiya vs Itachi in a forest Okay I can see Jiraiya winnin blood relation can do it (though it might be that Itachi lets Sasuke out of Tsukiyomi). .. strenght of kisame will turning into disadvantage will be his downfall. Still Itachi. Sharingan sees through Genjutsu and Jiraiya can't damage Susanoo with anything less . Because he could have killed Sasuke and capture Naruto. @noone Hvae anyone done a thread with Jiraiya vs Kisame? .. I know he bluff because he did not want to hurt them because of their past relation. Also, due to being paired with Itachi, Kisame is usually unable to finish or even start his .. After Itachi hypnotised a woman to distract Jiraiya and leave Naruto alone, Kisame and Itachi confronted Naruto in a hotel hallway. Main article: Sasuke Recovery Mission At the end of Part I, Kisame made a cameo . Kisame vs.

Hiruzen gave them a bell test for the team's first exercise, during which Jiraiya repeatedly fell for Hiruzen's tricks, and for failing to acquire a bell, he was tied to a stump as punishment. Hiruzen encouraged Jiraiya to be more like Orochimaru, but Jiraiya countered that his Transparent Escape Technique was a fair testament to his skills, as he could spy on bathing women without getting caught: Hiruzen offered to accompany him to see if this was true.

She nearly killed him when she caught him on one occasion, forcing him to be more discreet about his interests. Although their team under Hiruzen's leadership had disbanded, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade continued fighting together during the Second Shinobi World War.

Jiraiya, guilty for his involvement in the war, decided to stay in Ame for a time in order to look after them. Jiraiya decided that Nagato was the Child of the Prophecy, and as such agreed to teach the orphans ninjutsu so that he might guide Nagato towards the world's salvation.

Nagato was a kind child, torn between his desire to not hurt others and his wish to protect Yahiko and Konan. Jiraiya comforted Nagato that it was enough to want to protect people one holds to be important, as the world is plagued with seemingly endless conflict. Nagato decided that it was possible to end the constant bloodshed and, though he didn't know how, that he would someday find the path to peace. After three years of training the orphans, Jiraiya decided they were ready to forge out on their own and he returned to Konoha; he left them a finished copy of Gutsy Shinobi, dedicated to Nagato.

At some point Jiraiya lead a Konoha team of his own, and started to suspect that one student, Minato Namikazemight be the Child of the Prophecy because of his natural genius.

naruto sasuke and jiraiya vs itachi kisame relationship

Gutsy Shinobi did not sell well when it was released. What a great character. Sasuke is introduced as a genius ninja.

Throughout part 1 we always wondered - why would he do that? Is he just a psychopath, or is there some other reason? He had a mystery about him that made him appealing.

His techniques are also just really, really cool - turning into crows, black flames that burn even fire, skill in all three forms of ninja combat, the works. He really felt untouchable, even up to the end. The twist that he was good all along seems to be divisive based on this thread, but I loved it. It made his already appealing character a hundred times better. The loving older brother, the perfect ninja, the tragic hero, the solemn warrior.

Itachi is just too cool. Kisame Glad to see some more love for this guy. His past as a rogue ninja who lived in one of the worst villages in one of the worst times in its history is also interesting, especially since he shares a connection with his partner Itachi in that he was forced to kill his comrades against his wishes.

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He and Itachi are both the "ultimate ninjas" in that regard - sacrificing everything for the mission. Kisame held his philosophy until the end. Was he a good person? Not really, but he was empathetic and admirable, to a degree, despite his generally bad actions. Awesome voice actor, too. Sasori His resurrection arc excluded, Sasori is an amazingly terrifying villain. He first appears monstrous in the body of his puppet, and then after learning his past, we discover that he is an actual monster who turned his parents and even the Kazekage into puppets.

He was an appropriately psychopathic villain for a criminal organization, and he also gave us more insight into the Sand village and its history. I loved his dynamic with Deidara as two artists with conflicting ideas about what art is.

naruto sasuke and jiraiya vs itachi kisame relationship

His battle with Chiyo and Sakura is honestly one of the best fights in the series, especially when animated. What a great introduction to the rest of the organization in part 2.

Deidara Technically our first glimpse at the rest of the organization after their tease in part 1, Deidara enters the scene by His exploding clay and brash, youthful arrogance give him a generally loud aesthetic that the other solemn members lack, and all of his techniques ended up being really creative for running with such a simple theme, which basically amounts to "statues that explode.

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Had a great fight against both Gaara and Sasuke. Konan An origami ninja? Her past with Pain and her status as second in command and her angel motif gave her a lot of presence.

I put her higher because as a character, conceptually, I thought she was really cool, regardless of how she ended up being used. Great design and overall aesthetic. She looked very "heavy metal" and stands out quite a bit compared to the other female characters in the series. Kakuzu A ninja from an older time who keeps himself alive by stealing hearts. A man who cares for nothing but money. He reminds me a bit of Zabuza in this regard, where he just feels like he fits the premise of the series.

Hidan I found this character actively annoying. Sure, his death god theme was kind of cool, and fitting for the general atmosphere of Akatsuki, but his personality was shallow and his past was nonexistent despite being immortal. A cultist who serves an evil god who was able to become immortal by serving said god.

The religious aspect felt out of place in a series about ninjas, especially because this "Jashin" is never explored any further and ends up feeling more like a plot device to make this particular character unable to die.

The best thing about this character is that he let Shikamaru have his time in the sun by defeating him. Zetsu He was sort of creepy and appealing as a weird flytrap man who gathered information for the organization, but nothing good came out of this character, ever.

In fact, everything involving him could probably be considered a low point of the series. We get to see so much more of the ninja world hinted at in part 1. Part 1 was solely about the Hidden Leaf, its Genin kids, and was very compartmentalized in that regard. In Part 2 we follow several different characters, with Naruto and Sasuke both having story arcs and frequent shifts to other characters for brief periods of time Shikamaru, Jiraiya, Kakashi. We see the other villages and learn about their history, we spend time in the "adult" ninja world, we learn more about the past of the adult characters.

I think most appealing of all is that we see the true brutality of the ninja world, not from the eyes of children who are just starting to accept it, but from young adults and grown men and women who live and breathe that world. We see the terror of Hanzo the Salamander, the tragedy of Nagato, the greed and lust for power corrupting people to do terrible things, the twisted nature of the shinobi world leading to organizations like Root and characters like Danzo.

We see the ultimate conclusion of several story threads laid out from the very beginning of the series in a satisfactory way, such as Itachi's backstory and motivations.

I think people dislike Part 2 mainly for two reasons, outside of the obvious power creep problem, and the War arc. His character goes off the rails and becomes completely unlikable in the latter parts of the series. Two is the lack of focus.

On the first part, I do agree that Sasuke is poorly written, but only after his fight with Itachi. Up until that point he had a solid revenge arc with a decent amount of underlying remorse for leaving his friends behind.

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It was a believable path for this character to take. After he defeats Itachi, Kishimoto or his editors wanted him to remain in conflict with Naruto, so we ended up with quite a bit of hamfisted writing You're right about this, and I think it's a low point in an otherwise good half of the story. Part 1 had stellar pacing and a tight group dynamic between the Konoha Kids. I understand that, and it's true that Part 2 was lacking in this regard.

However, we got something else in return, which is a better look at the ninja world as a whole. And really, after seeing what we saw in the first half, how much longer could we have kept that focus on a select few characters?

Kisame Hoshigaki

The story had been planting the seeds for expansion from the very beginning, with the warnings towards the child characters of what the ninja world was "really like" and the other existing villages and countries and the hints towards organizations like Akatsuki and Anbu. What we got was compelling in a different way, and a natural extension of the existing story, even if a certain something special was lost and even then, only to an extent.

While I understand the complaints with the power creep, the transformation of the series into ninja wizardry, the lack of focus on fan favorite characters, and certainly with the Ninja World War arc, I think most of Part 2 was really solid.