Murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship problems

Review: Murdoch Mysteries 'Shadows Are Falling'

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship problems

Dr. Julia Ogden is one of the original main characters in Murdoch Mysteries TV as an active proponent of birth control and related women's health issues. 2 that the long arc of Julia Ogden's romantic relationship with William Murdoch takes. As “Murdoch Mysteries” season 11 episode 17 opens, Dr. Julia Ogden (Helene as well as furthering the relationship between William and Julia. Murdoch Mysteries never shied away from difficult issues in the past and I. Of course, it was wonderful to have William and Julia reunite. But, you What did you think of Murdoch Mysteries' Season 11 finale? What do.

A dashing doctor named Darcy, no less. Murdoch, already a dab hand at repressing all his feelings, had to squash them down even further inside himself, to the point where we were slightly worried he'd burst a blood vessel.

But things were about to look up, at last To give Darcy some credit, he recognized what was going on, and accepted that Julia's heart belonged with Murdoch.

In fact, on New Year's EveDarcy even suggested that she go find Murdoch, to begin the new century with the man she truly loved. Murdoch was shocked and elated, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house as they kissed under the fireworks.

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At last they could be happy, right? Overcome with bitterness, he refused to give Julia an easy divorce, saying "If she's going to act like a whore, she may as well be labelled as such. Followed by Julia being convicted of killing her estranged husband, and sentenced to hang. It was only thanks to Murdoch's dogged policework that the real culprit - evil brat James Gillies - was exposed. Not only that, but they even had a taste of parenthood by temporarily adopting a bouncing baby called Roland.

But things have been far from smooth, with a shocking intervention from old enemy Eva Pearce, who almost killed Julia during a plan that was warped and wicked even by her standards. But the good doctor survived, and the pair have now settled down for a quiet life of domestic serenity. Oh, who are we kidding? Want to hear more from us?

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The thing I think about the "Murdoch" series that actually has legs is Murdoch is a man of science, a man ahead of his time. You have this fabulous thing to figure out, that, "Something is going on here. You find that a lot of things we take for granted now actually had their beginning in the Victorian era. There are great stories there. How far in advance did you plan for Murdoch and Julia to become this formidable couple?

You start these things and they are very organic. Did we really know back in Episode 1, Season 1, that Julia and Murdoch were truly going to become that fundamental relationship that was going to almost be like a "Moonlighting," like a "Castle" or "Bones"? Those are the relationships in television where the audience is just dying for them to get together.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship problems

The problem is once you get them together, you have to be careful. You enter a more slightly domesticated world, so there are always challenges.

For the first seven seasons, we did our best to keep them apart, including getting Julia married. It did feel like it was time to get them together. But even in this episode, they almost didn't get together. What have you enjoyed about the slow burn of Murdoch and Julia's relationship, as opposed to them hooking up in previous seasons? What's amazing is it is quite possibly unrealistic that it's gone on this far. However, what that does show us is how willing the audience is to go with us.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship problems

We are not a conventional couple whatsoever. The longer we don't get married, the more unconventional our relationship becomes. It deepens though, because we don't marry for reasons that are essential to our personalities. It's not like, "I don't think you love me enough or I'm interested in somebody else.

It's about our morals, principles and situations in life. Was a part of you thinking, "It's about freaking time? There's only so long you can make people wait. It's been humourous, some of the ways we've been able to stretch it out. There's a point where people go, "Enough already.

There's always a certain amount of in trepidation in doing this. If that's the case, will they become disinterested when we're married? I think we've come far enough that's not the case.

In this particular case, there was a lot of public opinions about them getting together. It's the right time. Before it didn't seem right. We're going to make the most of this. There's one that says, "Oh, you have to get them together.

How could you carry on any more without them being together?

Julia Ogden

You have to kill someone. Of course I've thought about that. I've thought about that for a number of years now. Should they get together?

'Murdoch Mysteries' 100th Episode: Do Murdoch And Ogden Finally Get Married?

What we have going for us is Julia. This is a woman who is taking on marriage on her terms. That is going to continue to build -- that wonderful banter and spark between them.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship problems

We have something up our sleeves that will certainly work through the rest of the season, and into next season, that complicates their lives. That's what you need. You need to bring them together, but keep them a little bit apart. What can you tease about the wedding ceremony? It's going to be beautiful. The truth is a Catholic Victorian wedding would have been quite extended and Latin would have been spoken.

The writers found this genius way to get to the point. Also, in perfect character for them both, Murdoch and Julia are willing to run away from their wedding in a second for justice to be done. Julia is hardly a bridezilla, either. It's romantic in itself, that they're a couple of geeks and there's no vanity in the normal sense of, "Oh, it's my wedding day. We're both in court right up to the point when we're going to get married, fighting for the things we believe in.

It's really excellently written. They did an amazing job making it fun. There's a moment where they almost don't get married.