Momoi and aomine relationship counseling

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momoi and aomine relationship counseling

Kise ponders his twisted relationship with the guy he loves. T rating for adult . He walked down the stairs and saw Momoi next to Mrs. Aomine. I still need you to give me advice and call me stupid when necessary." Momoi. Read Aomine x Reader - Horrible Advice from the story Kuroko no Basket( Various x Reader) by fantasybworm with Momoi asked, taking a sip of the glass of water she had. + . "I'm sorry (B/N) but I'm already in a relationship at the moment. Akashi Seijurou x Momoi Satsuki Midorima Shintarou, Couple Manga, Anime .. kuroko no basket, momoi satsuki, akashi seijuurou, aomine daiki, kise ryouta.

However she doesn't have a grasp on Kuroko. She is usually very cheerful and bright but when it comes to Aomine she sort of takes on this sort of motherhood figure. Anyway since Momoi isn't a basketball player where going to be talking about her managing skill. More specifically we will be talking about her Analyzation and Intel gathering skills. The reasoning behind this score is because she takes it upon herself as a manager to look into their opponents playstyle and reviews it to come to predictions.

This is where he Analyzation skill comes in. So once reading her opponents playstyle she then makes predictions that are really accurate on the moves they will try to pull.

She then shares it with her team and that in turn allows the players to stop other teams from making plays they have thought of. Now when it comes down to her Intel it's quite amazing how she does it.

To come up with predictions and be almost accurate all the time that's pretty cool.

So her skill is quite similar to Riko's but not quite. Unlike Riko Momoi can't really look at you first glance and get numbers on your physical capabilities. What she does instead is make graph in which is separated into different categories and writes down your physical capabilities.

She is also known for having background information on the players. Ok so this is an interesting matter as her improvement can only come intellectually. As she is the manager she does have room for improvement. Somewhere where I could see her improving his team play. When it came down to it the first match vs Too and Seiren she wasn't able to get a full read on Kagami's and Kuroko's style.

Along the lines it seems she also can't read people with no presence. Now the only thing I see her improving in Is in a way of her having her own special skill. Like an emperor eye of her own. In reality she has to become more observant. That is pretty much the only way I see her improving in managing. Other than that she's got her job on lockdown. So when it comes down to the history let's start off with how they met. Well originally they met through the basketball team. Where there Momoi would go on to see what Kuroko is like.

Eventually she started harboring feelings for the guy. Kuroko respects but doesn't like Midorima because of his way of thinking; Midorima also has similar feelings toward Kuroko. Kuroko considers himself a "Shadow", whose goal is to help his "Light" achieve greatness. Kuroko calls Kagami "his Light". He also has a tendency to speak and act completely deadpan, and a running gag involves his teammates, thinking they are alone, talking to themselves only for Kuroko to answer them, apparently having been in the area long before they arrived.

However, despite his initially kind personality, he gets extremely furious at the sight of dirty play, when his teammates are already injured by foul methods in the Kirisaki Daiichi game. His aura changes so drastically, even Kagami got scared when he saw him get angry.

When he gets angry, it gets very hard to beat him, as he is filled up with fighting spirit. Also, when the situation worsens, he seems to turn talkative. When he first returned to Japan, he was disappointed by its relatively low level of basketball skill compared to that in the United States. However, since starting high school, Kagami has been spurred on by his desire to compete with the "Generation of Miracles". While he is a powerful all-around player, Kagami's unique skill lies in his innate ability to jump to great heights.

This skill facilitates not only his most common move, the dunk, but also allows him to defend well against taller players.

momoi and aomine relationship counseling

At, he has a poor shooting which forces him to rely on his jumping power to dunk. But as time progresses, he trained his left hand and significantly improved this, enabling him to pass the ball to Kiyoshi at the last second against Touou and win. When he makes a jumpshot, he also stays in the air longer than the blocker, making it almost unblockable. The drawback to this capability is that his body is still underdeveloped thus he often injures himself.

Having trained extensively since the InterHigh school championships, he is capable of dunking from the free-throw line: The result of his training is that he is able to jump high enough to touch the top of the backboard. He is also able to jump from far away in a difficult position and still be able to block a shot. Facing Touou a second time, Kagami displayed a never-before-seen skill: This is a very realistic simulation of a basketball one-on-one in one's minds by reading his opponents subtle feints or moves.

Kagami used this to play a simulation of a one-on-one against Aomine and accurately determined that he would lose, forcing him to pass the ball to Izuki and withdraw from his one-on-one against Aomine. Like many of the other developed characters, Kagami hosts a signature move. The technique possesses enough power to even penetrate through Murasakibara's defense, however, the wrinkle to this technique is that it requires massive jumping power to throw the ball into the hoop and thus can only be executed in the Zone.

Kuroko is the one normally to calm Kagami down, normally with hits or punches to get Kagami focused. Like Aomine, he also has the rare power to enter the "zone". In this state, his speed, strength and jumping power are greatly augmented that he can keep up with Aomine, overpower Murasakibara who is stronger than him even blocking his full-powered Thor's Hammer and leap even higher to block Himuro's Mirage Shot. Kagami's seemingly wild reflexes is compared to a tiger by other players.

Apart from basketball, he is a great cook, and taught Riko how to cook curry when she came for his help. He is also a glutton and is able to eat at least five times a normal meal. It is worth noting that Kagami is the only Zone user to have entered it more than once in a match and the only player to have opened the Zone's second gate, known as the "Direct Drive Zone", the Zone's true form.

Schoolwork greatly contrasts Kagami's well-polished basketball skills: This is called "clutch time" and happens primarily when the match intensifies but he has been seen acting like this outside of games. He is the best shooter on the team, regularly making three-point shots throughout the course of a game. Prior to the addition of Kuroko and Kagami, he was one of the centerpieces of the Seirin team's ' run and gun ' play style, catching balls scooped by Kiyoshi near the net to shoot as three-pointers.

He is also seen being able to shoot a three-pointer two meters from the three-point line. His special move is called "Barrier Jumper", in which he takes a quick jab step away from the opponent and successfully make a jumpshot. The downside of this technique is that, when used repeatedly, the defender starts to adjust to its timing. Near the end of the 4th quarter of the Seirin vs Rakuzan match, he manages to perfectly copy Mibuchi's "Earth Shot".

Notably, he is the only player in the series so far to receive a technical foul for excessive complaining and out of all the players in Seirin, he has the highest shooting success rate. Also, prior to the four fouls he received in the finals against Rakuzan, he is also the only player who has almost never been seen subbed out once. This is most probably due to him being the captain and the only shooting guard in the team.

He is very big on respect for the seniors. Izuki's special move is called Eagle Spear, in which he steals the ball from an opponent using his arm to knock it away in their blind spot. His Eagle Eye helps him in doing so, associated with his ability to think ahead before the opponent.

momoi and aomine relationship counseling

Takuya EguchiAtsushi Abe VOMIC Considered a jack of all trades, master of none, Koganei is a fairly skilled all-rounder, having started playing basketball during his first year in high school. Players compare Koganei's seemingly wild reflexes to that of a feral cat. He is the only non-prodigal player to possess this skill, having acquired it from his experience in playing tennis.

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A hard worker with excellent defensive skills, he is also an accomplished hook shooter. He was the team's starting center while Kiyoshi was injured. Good with rebounds, he is apparently not quite as skilled as the other regulars, but remains a key component of the old team's playing style.

Kenji Hamada The progenitor of Seirin's basketball team and its former ace, Kiyoshi is the last of the original Seirin team members to be introduced, due to a hospitalization for a knee injury he received during a game.

momoi and aomine relationship counseling

Rumored to be very capable, his preferred position is point guard, but since their team lacked any other player with the body size to play center, he offered to fill that hole.

On Koganei's suggestion, he tried to play both, despite the inherent impossibility. With big hands that allow him to palm the ball with ease, Kiyoshi possesses impressive ball-handling skills for a center he has been seen successfully shooting a three-pointer during their match against Yosenand an uncanny sense of timing that allows him to make a move, observe his opponents' reaction, and then counter it in the last second, all in the blink of an eye.

This ability is referred to as the Right of Postponement. Because of his large hands, he uses these for something entirely different: Instead of jumping towards the ball with both hands, he has gained the ability to grab the ball with only one hand. This gives him the advantage of recovering the ball in the air quicker and with a longer extension. This technique is dubbed "Vice Claw" and it allows him to compete and beat taller players during rebounds. He has obtained this skill after strengthening his hand muscles by catching a big rock.

He is renowned and respected by many players in the realm of high-school basketball, and is one of the few players to have held his own against the Generation of Miracles during their peak. While he is currently able to play, the knee injury he sustained during his freshman year was quite severe: He instead opted to rehabilitate without invasive procedures, though he would only be able to do so for one year at the most.

Despite this setback, he vows to make the most of the time he has. Although Hyuuga thinks he is weird, he respects Kiyoshi greatly. Kiyoshi is the most optimistic of his teammates, often offering encouragement with a big smile. It was recently discovered that the only ones who can mirror the growth of the Uncrowned Kings are Hyuga and Izuki. Naoki Mizutani, Voiced by: Tetsuo Sasaki, Voiced by: Yasuhiro Yoshimoto The rest of Seirin's team, Furihata, Fukuda and Kawahara see extremely limited playing time due to the skill of their starters only the former has ever played in a game and are mostly found on the bench.

However, Furihata played an important role in the second match with Kaijo. They play point guardcenter and small forward respectively. One reason for her unique position as a student coach is her ability to immediately scan and evaluate the physical capabilities of players at a glance. She gained this ability from going to work with her father, who works as a sports trainer, and spending her time looking at the muscles of athletes and their related data.

Riko even uses her father's sports facilities for the team's unique training, which eschews weights for activities like practicing in the pool and drilling basics. Nevertheless, while extremely intelligent, her emotions are often flighty, switching from intensely heated to happily nonchalant at the drop of a hat. Her punishments on her team are very harsh. She is a very bad cook, almost always adding supplements in the team's dishes. Hirofumi Nojima Kuroko's pet dog found in the streets.

He was taken in by the team as a sort of mascot, picking up the name Tetsuya 2 for his eerily similar eyes to Kuroko. He is an Alaskan Malamute pup that now wears a Seirin jersey numbered Though Kagami is the only one reluctant to accept their new teammate, he eventually does after the dog proves to be surprisingly helpful and saving Kagami from a possible injury from torn shoes.

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He now joins the team wherever they go, most often hiding in a bag carried by Kuroko. Kise started playing basketball because he wanted to do something that was challenging because he easily mastered whatever he wanted to do.

After seeing how Aomine played he decided to join. Akashi chose Kuroko to be Kise's mentor since Kise initially doubted Kuroko's capabilities as a basketball player and Akashi noticed this. After Kise saw Kuroko's capabilities in their match with the second string, he starts to respect him- almost to the point of obsession- calling him "Kurokochii" every time they meet.

He always tries to point out how amazing Kuroko is and thinks that they were the best of friends and he was comically upset when Kuroko said the opposite.

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He even claimed to have cried every night after Kuroko rejected his offer to play for Kaijo and once referred to this event as "Kurokochii dumped me". Since he only started playing basketball in his second year of middle school, Kise was his team's least experienced member, and notes himself the weakest of the five. His copying ability doesn't stop there: This means that when his opponent makes a move, he can transcend them easily. Also, when he imitates a move, he "stores" them in his memory, enabling him to use nearly every basketball technique there exists.

This makes him a very creative player, and above all, a player with bottomless talent in basketball. His ability of course knows some barriers, as Riko observed the he cannot copy NBA or stronger players than himself. Beyond being a strong player in his own right, Kise takes liberal advantage of his good looks and poses as a model after school. Both Kise and Aomine claim that they are the ones who know each other best, even if they aren't teammates anymore. This is due to Kise always playing one-on-one with Aomine back at Teikou.

Later, after nearly defeated by Haizaki, with Kuroko encouraging him, Kise finally unlocked the Perfect Copy- an extension of his copying ability- in which Kise can copy the Generation of Miracles' skills. Himuro stated that in order to perfectly reproduce the Generation of Miracles' skills, he has to fill the missing element the original user has with his own.

Examples of these are Midorima's High Projectile Three by gathering strength in his shooting arm or jumping higher to mimic Murasakibara's absolute defense.

Upon its activation, Kise's eyes glows. He first activated this against Aomine during the InterHigh championships whom he admired and overcame the obstacle of wanting to surpass him, thus activating it for the first time.

He later used it again, this time against Haizaki, starting with Midorima's High Projectile Three by taking more time than usual to make the shot, similar to how Midorima makes his.

He can replicate Aomine's agility by lowering his initial speed.