Moka and tsukune relationship advice

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moka and tsukune relationship advice

Ichika Orimura (from Infinite Stratos) towards the relationship between Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya Here's a piece of advice for you. Tsukune has a typical relationship with his parents and is a loving son. notice that Moka's silver hair had pale pink tips, signifying the merging of the two souls. When given advice from Gin, he goes to a love expert by the name of Moka Akashyia. It was the only time she didn't think of Tsukune. Moka said, "You have the right to start a relationship or form a friend with benefits.".

So if asked to give advice, Mizore will do so to the best of her ability, no matter how perverted it may sound. Mizore is known for being reserved when it comes to displaying her emotions, unless of course it is around someone that she harbors closeness towards. Originally, this used to be Tsukune Aono, a human teenage boy who accidentally came into the Yokai Realm and began attending Yokai Academy.

Before meeting Tsukune, she used to be depressed, lonely and misunderstood. Now Mizore has opened up quite a bit, expressing her undying love for Tsukune at any moment she gets and had no qualms about breaking up their almost kissing moments by firing a shard of ice their way, which proves that she was very jealous of how close the two of them were becoming. She was so jealous of them that she tries to come between them by telling Tsukune how much she loves him while wanting to have babies with him even if it has to be done by force.

She's been known to stalk him from numerous different locations that she is hiding at.

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This also causes her to butt heads with the other girls, especially Moka but regardless of that, Mizore, Moka, Kurumu and Yukari all remain good friends. Mizore is also aware of the fact that her kind cannot have children after a certain age which could be why she wanted to have babies with Tsukune so much on top of her undying love for him.

However, she's come to terms with the fact that Tsukune will always love Moka, no matter how far apart the two of them are from one another. Knowing this, Mizore is actually upset with Moka that she left Tsukune like she did but while knowing where his heart lies, Mizore has no choice but to move on with her life.

No matter how hard it is for her. As such, her habits of stalking haven't changed and while normal people aren't used to such habits many of them find this to be quite creepy in factthis doesn't stop Mizore's desire to find love with someone, even if it might be a little bit difficult now that she's not at Yokai Academy anymore. Mizore's is perverted as well but only around Tsukune. Around anyone else she barely knows, this side of her will not be seen much unless of course she has fallen for someone in the same manner in which she fell for Tsukune.

She has been known to give perverted advice to girls younger than her who admire her determination searching for love, though many find her advice to be highly inappropriate.

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Also Mizore's powers while her powers are strong, she can be defeated by someone who has fires powers. She can hold her own in a fight for awhile against them but eventually she will began to feel weakened. Appearance Edit Mizore is 5'6 with light purple hair that was originally long when she appeared before the others but is now cut short to where it stops just behind her neck, she also has indigo colored eyes.

When she attended Yokai Academy, she wore a different uniform from her classmates which was a light brown pleated checkered skirt, a white sweat shirt with blue long sleeves and a black singlet underneath with a yellow pendant. She wore long dark and light purple striped thigh high stockings with white shoes and a belt tied to her left leg. She is almost always seen with a lollipop in her mouth, which maintains her body temperature.

Her skin complexion is pale, which suits her because of what she is, her overall figure is slender along with her breasts size being noticeable average b-cups. Her appearance does not change when she transforms into a Yuki-Onna, the only difference being that her hands become wrapped in ice as they transform into claws ice claws.

Her hair also transforms into ice as well. As a student of Juuban Academy, Mizore wears the required uniform for twelfth year girls. She doesn't care much for it but she tries to add her own style to it. For instance, she wears a long sleeved white oxford shirt with a green neck tie bearing Juuban's school emblem on it along with a yellow long sleeved jacket with gold trimmings and black cuffs, however she wears the jacket open instead of closed.

She also sports the black skirts that goes along with the uniform but she wears long black thigh high stockings with it with white shoes worn on her feet. She bares a striking resemblance to her mother, whether this is a common trait amongst Yuki-Onna, it is not known. This world exist alongside the world of humans and while it isn't often that a human crosses into the barrier in which hides the Yokai Realm, it'd happened with a young human teen boy named Tsukune Aono that the always lonely and reserved Mizore became infatuated with.

However, this didn't just happen overnight, it'd happened gradually overtime. From afar, she'd been obsessing over Tsukune because she felt she wasn't worthy of approaching someone like him.

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Not only that, he was always seeing hanging around another student there. A classmate of Mizore's named Moka Akashiya that she was incredibly jealous of. Then one day she gathered up enough courage to talk to him, explaining to him that the two of them were one in the same as they were both lonely with no one to understand them. However, this had been cut short when Tsukune had accidentally removed Moka's rosary and released Inner Moka who kicks Mizore hard enough to stun her.

For a short time, she backed off and became depressed about what'd happened. Then one night, two male students were on their way back to the dorms from their club when they heard and saw a depressed Mizore whom they attempted to console but she only ended up freezing them in an emotional outburst.

Not realizing she'd been watched been watched by a teacher named Mr. Kotsubo, he'd told another teacher that Mizore had not only frozen the boys but also seriously wounded them in the process.

moka and tsukune relationship advice

This had gotten back to Tsukune and Moka who couldn't believe that Mizore would do such a thing but given their encounter with her, they didn't know what to believe. Mizore did go to them, admitting while she had froze them but she calmed down enough to thaw them out and leave them be but unharmed and did nothing more to them.

She felt sad that Tsukune would even think she'd hurt innocent people, she ran off to the cliffs alone to cry. It is then Mr. Kotsubo tried to attack her but accidentally she pushed him off the cliff.

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He revealed his true form to Mizore, as a kraken and declared that he would kill her. She realizes then he is the one that framed her. This made her hate Moka because she got in her way when it came to Tsukune's complete affection but she eventually regains her sense of trust. After being saved, she cut her originally long hair and resorted to stalking Tsukune openly on a regular basis. This also led her to have constant rivalries with the other girls that Tsukune had befriended besides Moka like Kurumu Kurono, who often calls her "Stalker Woman" and Yukari Sendou.

But after Art Evolutionboth Mokas looks more similar to each other in later parts of the second manga. You can mistake Inner Moka often for being Outer Moka.

This is also Fridge Brillianceconsidering that Outer Moka looks exactly like Akasha because she is Akasha's copy, and Inner Moka looks now very similar to her mother. Only the Chosen May Wield: Tsukune is the only person who can remove the rosary. In one scene, Kurumu tries to remove it to release Inner Moka and turn the tide of a battle, but fails despite her super strength.

moka and tsukune relationship advice

Moka can remove it if she uses all her strength, but it is dangerous and painful. And risks permanently destroying the rosary. Our Vampires Are Different: Moka is not a traditional vampire like Dracula. Aside from the aforementioned invulnerability to sunlight, Moka has other differences.

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She doesn't or can't turn into a bat, or wolf, or cloud of mist. She doesn't sleep during the day, she doesn't stay awake at night. She sleeps in a bed instead of a coffin. She has a reflection in any mirror. Holy water is very painful to vampires, but in the anime, plain water will do. The best known fact is that a person who gets bitten by a vampire becomes one as well, but Moka bit Tsukune several times, but he never becomes a vampire May be a partial case of Shown Their Workas in the original book, Dracula himself was not harmed by sunlight the way most Classical Movie Vampire characters are.

His powers were simply reduced to a certain degree, such as only being able to shapeshift at certain times of day, and being locked into whatever he turned into until either another of the times he could change, or else when the sun went down which resulted in allowing him freedom to change at will. While Moka never drank enough to drain Tsukune to the point of death she did inject him with her blood more than once, though the effects it had on him weren't immediate, or even directly the same as seen when Dracula did this to Mina Harker In her mind-scape, the personality that is not in control of the body is naked.

Neither make any comment about this. It was initially put onto her to repress her power, which allowed Moka's mother Akasha to re-seal the monster Alucard. Inner Moka willingly puts it back on after battle because she starts to weaken if she is out for long periods of time.

moka and tsukune relationship advice

As a Shinso Vampire, she likely no longer requires the Rosario to keep her powers in check. It's down to almost her knees. It's suggested that Inner Moka and Outer Moka are gradually merging into a single person. The epilogue has Issa explains to Tsukune that the woman that disappeared before his eyes was Akasha, and that while Outer Moka may have lost her form that her soul is in all likelihood is still in Moka's body.

Shortly after Tsukune notices that Moka's white hair has begun to tinge pink at the tips heavily implying that the two have become one. Tomboy and Girly Girl: She just loves Tsukune's blood. Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Her repeatedly injecting Tsukune with her blood to power him up or save his life eventually resulted in him manifesting a Ghoul alter-ego. She's rightfully horrified to find this out.

Has a LOT of this with Tsukune. Moka is usually anemic because she usually drinks tomato juice, with the occasional blood transfusion pack. Her first act upon running into Tsukune is to bite his neck and she becomes instantly addicted to Tsukune's blood. But her bite is treated like necking Tsukune, though it does deplete his energy.

Even in the very end when Tsukune has become a full fledged vampire, a completely defrosted Inner Moka has become the sole personality, and the idea of it being more or less cannibalism still doesn't stop her from snagging a drink and swooning over how delicious it is. She needs to add herbs to her bath water to stop it from hurting her.

She's actually quite ample in bust size, but Kurumu tries to make her self-conscious with her own rack at least once: Did I bump into you?

Your chest is so small, I didn't even notice! All of the Other Reindeer: Was bullied in her previous school.

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Mikogami notes her to be the most lifelike "fake personality" he's ever seen, and she has established a personal identity of her own. The implications of which are not lost on Tsukune. Beware the Nice Ones: As demonstrated in Kurumu's introductory story, she may not enjoy fighting in this form, but you provoke her just enough