Mash episode give and take relationship

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mash episode give and take relationship

A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the TV series M*A*S*H. Margaret wants to stop the relationship, so Hawkeye and Trapper get between Hawkeye creates a fake doctor, Captain Jonathan S. Tuttle, to give supplies to the . The camp celebrates, Klinger gives away his dresses and locals start to take. Glee's Mash-Up brings a few different relationships into the spotlight, Will demonstrated in this episode that he would never give up his. Private Kurland, played by Craig Wasson in the episode "Give and Take" in Season Give and Take was the th overall episode in the M*A*S*H television series, and the 14th of Season Wounded Private Kurland learns a painful lesson from the enemy soldier he's critically.

While Houlihan wants to include a copy of a Zane Grey novel from Col. Potter, Hawkeye proposes that Potter throw in some xeno pads. Things reach a head when Houlihan decides to throw Hawkeye off the project. Undaunted, Hawkeye soldiers on with his own time capsule. Rizzo decides to carry out his revenge when he goes into the showers, where B. Rizzo begins fidgeting with the dummy grenade, when he pretends to accidentally pull the pin. Fearing for his life, B.

Soon-Lee urges Klinger to let her go, but Klinger cannot. The missing helicopter finally arrives with the sniper victim. The pilot dismisses his delay to engine trouble, and his radio silence to a damaged radio.

But once the sniper victim is out of surgery, he tells the real story to Hawkeye and Houlihan. The helicopter took enemy fire which destroyed the radio and the fan belt, meaning the helicopter could only fly a maximum of yards before the engine overheated.

The pilot would fly for yards, land his helicopter, and then walk ahead yards to find a safe clearing to land.

A Mash-Up of Relationships

By the time the pilot returned, the engine was cool and ready to fly again. The pilot did that until it was too dark to fly, and then began the next morning as soon as it was light out.

Hawkeye and Houlihan are touched by the pilot's heroism. When Klinger learns that the sniper victim has finally arrived, Klinger comes up with a plan to exonerate Soon-Lee. While in surgery, Klinger has B. The bullet is shown to be too big to have come from the rifle Soon-Lee had. Now that she's free, Klinger, Father Mulcahy, and Soon-Lee speed off to the refugee camp to find the elderly Korean couple. When they arrive, they are met with heartbreak.

They are not Soon-Lee's parents. Back at theRizzo and Winchester have an argument in the mess tent, and Rizzo decides to use his grenade prank to get back at Winchester. However, instead of running to safety like B. When the grenade does not detonate, Winchester claims the grenade is a dud, and takes it from Rizzo, saying he will dispose of it safely.

Moved by Winchester's heroism, Rizzo walks away. When Rizzo is gone, Winchester gives a signal to B. That evening, Houlihan is holding a ceremony to bury her time capsule, and as expected, it's full of military gear. Roberts, a friend of the brain-dead soldier, berates the doctors for "using him as meat" and wants nothing to do with them. Father Mulcahy helps him see the bigger picture.

Was Harold the kind of man who would jump onto a live grenade to protect someone? Of course he was. Even if it was someone he didn't know?

I'm sure of it. That's exactly what he's doing now. Eddie considered himself dumb, but Hank befriended and helped him out. When Hank was wounded, Eddie was the one to save his life and get him to the aid station before following him to the When Hank is sent home, he assures Eddie that he's a great soldier and won't be alone as Dave, another member of their unit, offers to help support Eddie from then on.

Charles is the most irritated of the three by far and storms out to find the source of the crying and have a stop put to it. His demeanor softens immediately when he steps out and finds the baby and he shushes and coos at her as he picks her up. Later, he becomes violently enraged at a bureaucrat's blase attitude toward the child's fate.

Charles dictating a telegram to his sister in "Bottle Fatigue" containing a heartfelt apology for his angry letters. After spending the entire episode angry that she was engaged to an Italian, a combination of finding out that his family called off the wedding over religious differences and almost being killed by a grenade in the OR, he quickly began to change his mindset.

Both of them have come down with the mumps, which can result in a loss of fertility in adults. Charles is freaking out over not being able to father a child, and is practically in tears. Potter talks him down. Look, you've got a mild infection, you're getting plenty of sack time, you've gotten a butt-full of gamma globulin. The odds are you'll wind up in a house filled with little Roman numerals. Charles, badly shaken by the soldier's despair at his aborted career, remembers that the composer Maurice Ravel created music which could be played with only one handand urges the former pianist not to give up on music.

The scene ends with the music being played, one handed. Your hand may be stilled, but your gift cannot be silenced if you refuse to let it be. You keep talking about this damn gift. I had a gift, and I exchanged it for some mortar fragments, remember? Because the gift does not lie in your hands. I have hands, David, hands that can make a scalpel sing.

More than anything in my life, I wanted to play, but I do not have the gift. I can play the notes, but I cannot make the music.

mash episode give and take relationship

You've performed Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Chopin. Even if you never do so again, you've already known a joy that I will never know as long as I live. Because the true gift Now, you can shut it off forever, or you can find new ways to share your gift with the world, through the baton, the classroom, the pen.

As to these works Because you and the piano will always be as one. Hawkeye does his best to save the wounded soldier, but the attempt ultimately fails and the soldier dies to the frustration and anger of both the other soldier and Hawkeye. The living soldier lets Hawkeye go free, but Pierce stays behind for a moment to watch the soldier start digging a grave for his fallen comrade.

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At which point Hawkeye comes back, shares a glance with the soldier that says more than any words ever could, and helps dig the grave. It's worth noting that Hawkeye thought he was about to be shot after the soldier died. However, his genuine effort to save the man had come through, despite the language barrier.

His friend had decided not to shoot Hawk, and while we may never know what his reasons were, or if he were even really planning to shoot Hawk, but one has to believe that Hawk's genuine feeling of loss when the patient died didn't have something to do with his fellow soldier showing mercy. There's a pointed moment while he's trying to save the man that the North Korean shows him a picture of himself and the wounded man, and Hawkeye shows him a picture he just received of his father and cousin.

Several reactions from Season 9 episode "Letters", most especially the one Charles gets from a girl named Virginia. She writes him a letter about how beautiful Maine looks in fall, sending along a fallen leaf from a birch tree. Charles, who has so far written two letters: It is with indescribable joy that I accept your gift. It is indeed testimony to the beauty that exists in all creation, but perhaps nowhere more than in a young girl's heart.

He is surprised in the act by the orphanage director, who invites him in to meet the orphans; Winchester declines, saying that for it to be a true act of charity, the gift must be given anonymously. He later discovers at the camp Christmas party, to which the orphans are also invited, that the director immediately sold the chocolates on the black market.

Charles confronts the director, believing that he pocketed the money, only to learn that the money was used to purchase enough rice and cabbage to feed the orphans for a month. He is immediately humbled by the revelation, and returns to the Swamp.

Klinger overhears the conversation and follows Winchester to give him a plate of leftover food from the Christmas party Charles' initial confrontation with the orphanage director also counts.

Charles, who's usually pretty aloof, looks about two seconds from ripping the man's arm off and beating him with it — and sounds about three seconds into the act. I have failed to carry out your family tradition. I am very sorry. On the contrary; it is I who should be sorry. It is sadly inappropriate to give dessert to a child who has had no meal. The home movie B. First, that Hawkeye would go to the trouble of setting B. Then getting it to Peg in time for her to make the movie and send it back.

Then the surprise party. The look of absolute joy and pride on his face when he sees Erin in the movie will have you ready to cry as well. Everyone else in the room cooing over Erin is great too. Sarah lost her brother in combat and was looking for a pair of ballet slippers given to him by his fiance so they would have a shared memento. Despite the odds of them being lost or stolen, Margaret, Klinger, and Father Mulcahy bust their butts to get them recovered. When they are found, Sarah asks Father Mulcahy how it happened, and he simply points to the heavens.

Marina was brought in to the for an appendectomy and took note of another soldier brought in at the same time who was very shell-shocked and didn't say a word. She's able to get through to him just by talking, and the moment hits when he first speaks up to talk to B.

Will you tell her I like apples too? The MP secretly reveals to Hawkeye that the two of them are brothers; not knowing which side would win, their father sent one son the MP to the south in the hopes that at least one of them would survive and carry on the family name.

The brothers can't speak to each other for risk of being marked as spies by their respective sides and killed for it. So Hawkeye, Margaret and B.

In "Where There's a Will, There's a War", Hawkeye writes out his last will and testament in the event that he is killed while serving in an aid station under heavy fire. While writing it, he reminisces about his friends and writes out something about each one of them that he loves.

The one person he can't seem to find the right words for is B. In a flashback scene from this episode, Hawkeye notices a copy of Life magazine on Klinger's desk, which happens to contain a photo spread of coastal Maine. Hawkeye is excited to see pictures of his home state, and Klinger dismissively lets Hawkeye keep the mag.

After leaving Klinger's office, Hawkeye notices a soldier eating a large salami. The soldier tells Hawkeye that Klinger traded the salami for his Life magazine. Winchester overhears Hawkeye trying to get through to the hospital where his father is being treated on the camp phone, and proceeds to spend the night keeping vigil with him until they can get word that the elder Dr.

Pierce has made it through. As they discuss their relationships with their fathers a discussion in which we learn that although Charles Winchester II wanted only the best for his son, he was nevertheless a typical emotionally-distant patriarchWinchester calls Pierce fortunate in that while Charles has a father, Hawkeye has a dad.

Charles, you've never told me anything like this before. I've never told you anything before. Hawkeye's surprised reaction suggests this is not lost on him. Season 11 "Who Knew? The fact that the actor has a slight Southern accent gives him an even worse impression. Major Winchester rips into the men who make fun of him and tells the private that he's seen his IQ score and that he's very intelligent, but needs to believe in himself. He then recites a list of famous people who stuttered and sends the Private off with a copy of Moby-Dicksaying that it's fit for a man of his intelligence.

He then retires to his tent and listens to a recorded letter from his sister back home Unfortunately, he's had an injury in the past nerve damage after his jeep hit a mine that prevents him from having any sort of sexual relationship with Margaret.

Hawkeye agrees to run interference for the manincreasingly frustrating Margaret. Eventually, the doctor comes clean with her and tries to leave gracefully. She immediately stops him and asks if he wouldn't just like to stay and talk for a while.

He practically falls over himself agreeing, implying this is the first time anyone's accepted his condition. Then, the next day, Margaret confronts Hawkeye. Steven Chesler, a hero of hers whom Charles dismisses as a charlatan. However, she develops laryngitis with only days before the lecture, and Charles tells her that she will only regain her voice in time for the lecture if she doesn't speak at all before then - an impossibility for a nurse.

She has Charles act as her voice for correspondence with Dr. Chesler as their respective plans change, but she finally decides that since meeting Chesler would delay her recovery by several days, she will have to scrap her plans to meet him before he returns to the United States. The morning after she asks Charles to send Chesler a telegram to this effect, she gets a massive surprise: Margaret, I don't believe you've met Dr.

I believe that Major Houlihan is inviting you to come in. Now, please don't strain your voice! Under the circumstances, I could hardly refuse your invitation! Well, I realise that Dr. Winchester's voice was on the telephone this morning, but You know, I don't know whether it's your dedication to your job or all those lovely things you said about me, but I wanted to meet you before I left.

mash episode give and take relationship

Hello, Margaret, how did it go with you and the quack? And moments later, B. It may have been several seasons later, but they never forgot Henry. Charles taking the Chinese musicians under his wing. After they surrendered to him and believed they were entertaining him with American folk songs played over his records, he yells that he wants to listen to Mozart.

One of the musicians recognizes the name and begins playing the piece that Charles begins teaching the whole group throughout the episode. Klinger loving Soon-Li enough to stay in Korea go back to the early episodes and you'll realize what a surprise that must have been to help her find her family.

Doubles as a Funny Moment: I can't believe I'm saying this I'm staying in Korea! Twice as heartwarming because you can literally count the number of serious salutes that Hawkeye has given anyone throughout the series on one hand. The gesture isn't lost on Potter either as he can barely hold back tears as he returns the salute. Potter giving Margaret a kiss on the forehead and hoping that her personal life will be just as good as her professional life. Potter saying goodbye to Sophie.

mash episode give and take relationship

Doubles as a Tear Jerker. Charles saying goodbye to Margaret. Previously, he had taken back a book of poetry he had given her, much to her disappointment. When it comes time to leave camp, he returns the book to her, now with a written message inside the cover, and kisses her hand, a true Officer and a Gentleman. An additional meta example from that scene: David Ogden Stiers had also written his phone number in the book, finally granting Loretta Switt's request to allow her to keep in touch with him along with the rest of the cast since he first joined.

Winchester's departure from theremaining as dignified as ever, even though he is riding in a garbage truck. He comments that it's quite appropriate, considering he's leaving a dump.

It's a bit of a Call-Back to Hawkeye's Last Will and Testament, when he commented that Charles never lost his dignity, even in the most undignified situations.