Lucina and marth relationship poems

lucina and marth relationship poems

timeline's Chrom had a close relationship where he often shared with her little secrets. Lucina adopted the name of Marth as a pseudonym, hoping it would grant her the Quotes. Main article: Lucina/Quotes (Awakening). Main article. Caeda and Marth just got married. Lucina, having a massive crush on Marth, doesn't like that. Marth is actually falling in love with Lucina too, but can't deci. Discover the family tree of Martha Lucina Billings for free, and learn about their NAME: On her marriage record it is LUCINDA, on her gravestone it is LUCINA. "A poem about Martha Lucinda Billings Chatfield called 'The.

I ship Robin x Lucina after watching a certain newcomer trailer and winning with Robin against Lucina? Be prepared for major fluff and romance between these two characters?

Oh, and Marth can speak English Well, if you're still unhappy, I have a headcanon that Marth took English classes so he could have conversations with all the Smashers.

Another headcanon is that Chrom is allowed to visit the Smash Mansion often to check up on Lucina, and this is one of those days. Spoilers warning, yada yada yada. Anyways, I don't own Nintendo, its games, and its characters.

lucina and marth relationship poems

The female warrior just shook her head and smiled at him. I did promise Chrom that I would help you train and become of the best fighters in the Smash Tournament I will never back down on that. He cleared his throat to speak properly and prevent himself from making his voice crack.

I'd make sure everything's going to be alright," the white-haired man told her, still embarrassed. Neither had said anything for a moment Pit and Dark Pit were also there, standing next to the goddess. They were on their way to fight in the next upcoming match Robin and I are just friends!

I'm just concerned if she's still suffering a few minor injuries," Robin nodded with the female warrior's explanation Little did he know that he had done the same to Lucina.

lucina and marth relationship poems

How did she hear me so clearly when I locked the door?! After asking that question, he mentally kicked himself. She was a goddess. We should go now," he suggested to Lucina as he grabbed her hand and dragged her away from them, hoping to get away from Palutena's antics.

Lucina Is Not The Same as Prince Marth, But Really Close

The goddess and the angels just watched them leave in a hurry, though one of them did not notice that Robin was a little flustered. The dark angel just facepalmed. Robin and Lucina were already in the hallways of the Smash Mansion.

Judging by the recent cheering that started from far away, the match with the Goddess of Light and the angels have probably already started. Robin mentally sighed in relief. He was safe for now I'm still a little exhausted," he lied.

lucina and marth relationship poems

In truth, he did not want Palutena to reveal his feelings for the female swordsman. Lucina, I haven't been honest for you I wish you luck in your future battles here at the Smash Tournament," the Hero King told them, smiling. Both of them slightly blushed, which made the Hero King smile and mentally chuckle. Robin sighed in relief, grateful that the Hero King stopped pressing onto them with that question.

lucina and marth relationship poems

Lucina, however, was not in the mood. The male tactician took notice of this. Robin and Lucina did not sit together for dinner at the cafeteria tonight. While Lucina had to endure the goddess's gloating on the topic of beating both Pit and Dark Pit, Robin sat alone.

Truth be told, he did miss having her by his side, whether it was discussing battle tactics or comforting her. If he remembered correctly, the boy's name was Shulk, and he was a newcomer as well. Her first destination in the past was Basilio 's castle in Regna Feroxwhere Basilio let her battle against his champion, Lon'quwhom she easily defeated once he noticed her true gender.

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Again introducing herself as Marth, Basilio took her on as his new champion for the upcoming tournament; Lucina agreed, intending to try and locate the Feroxi gemstone and to take the opportunity to test her strength against Chrom. Chrom prevailed in the tournament, winning Flavia's support for the Ylissean defense effort, and Lucina disappeared again. Still under the "Marth" guise, Lucina soon reappeared in Ylisstol following the beginning of Ylisse's war with Plegiasneaking into the castle grounds through a wall accidentally broken by Chrom some time earlier.

Still calling herself Marth despite the demasking, she helped defend Emmeryn while Chrom focused on eliminating their leader, Validar. She disappeared again after the battle, resurfacing briefly later on after Emmeryn's suicide at the Plegian capital, lamenting her failure to change fate. With Chrom Lucina's left eye, revealing her Brand. For the next two years after Emmeryn's death, Lucina did not appear again throughout the end of the Plegian war or Chrom's reconstruction efforts.

She resurfaced in the aftermath of Chrom's diplomatic meeting with the new Plegian king Validar on the Carrion Isle, defending him from the sudden appearance of a Risen assassin but accidentally calling him "Father". Afterward she revealed her true identity as Chrom's daughter, properly reuniting with him and with her initially-disbelieving mother.

She gave Chrom and company a brief explanation of her origins from a Grima-ruled timeline and formally joined Chrom's party, seeking to prevent Grima's resurrection by aiding Chrom in the Valmese war and beyond.

She also told Chrom of her eleven lost companions and how they may likely be found throughout the world. In response to the castle being surrounded by the emperor Walhart 's legions, Basilio resolved to lead a legion to distract him to allow Chrom's escape, only to be stopped by Lucina.

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Lucina revealed that in her timeline, this mission is what killed Basilio and attempted to dissuade him from going. Though she failed, her words convinced Flavia to go with him and ensured Basilio would be more cautious in battle, although Chrom's army was later informed that he had died anyway.

Following the Valmese war, Lucina accompanied Chrom to meet with Validar again in the Plegian capital, on the promise of receiving the final gemstone for the Fire Emblem. Before attacking them, Validar referred to Lucina as an interloper, revealing his knowledge of her otherworldly origins, and in the battle's aftermath Lucina bore witness to Robin snatching the Emblem from Chrom's hands under Validar's control.

This event confirmed for her the suspicion that in her timeline, it was Robin who killed Chrom, doing so at Validar's mercy.

To protect Chrom's life she resolved to execute Robin, only to be stopped by Chrom himself, who reaffirmed his utmost confidence in Robin. She accompanied them in the battle to stop Grima's revival at the Dragon's Tableonly to witness Robin indeed strike down Chrom under Validar's influence. Though she initially believed it to be real, she was soon proven wrong with the reappearance of Basilio, who confirmed everything to be a ruse orchestrated by Robin.

With Chrom still alive, she again aided them in fighting off Validar and the Grimleal one final time, and bore witness to the reappearance of Grima, in the form of her timeline's Robin, and his resurrection of his full dragon body.

lucina and marth relationship poems

Having fled the Table with Chrom and his army as it collapsed under Grima's revival, Lucina travelled with them to Mount Prism to allow Chrom to perform the full Awakening. She accompanied Chrom and Robin in the final battle against Grima.