Lee and grant relationship counseling

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lee and grant relationship counseling

Couples Counseling Therapists in Grants Pass, OR. Aaron Bachler. Verified by .. Bryan Lee Hathaway, Licensed Professional Counselor. Bryan Lee Hathaway . In this context, I would think that Lee would be pleased to see Grant advance hi Tom Michaels, former Individual and Family Counselor for 30 Years. Answered A couple of historical points in context to the question. Lee. The MU Psychological Services Clinic (PSC) provides a wide array of mental health services. These include individual, relationship, and family therapy, and.

I work with clients on entire spectrum of Gender Identity. I worked in collaboration with Medical Providers for references, referrals and letters of support for Gender related medical services. My clinical approach is a combination of 'Psychodynamic" often exploring current issues in connection with early childhood experiences and "Cognitive-Behavioral" exploring the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Gadomski does not accept insurance, although she offers monthly statements for insurance reimbursement. Beth Gadomski is a positive psychologist with over ten years of counseling experience, including clinical positions at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley.

With a focus on the integration of intersectional identities and evidence-informed treatment, special populations served in her practice include alternative sexualities, sexual minorities, non-traditional communities, subcultures, and LGBTQAA.

Her therapeutic style can be described as active, interactive, supportive, accessible, appropriately humorous, and sometimes challenging. More about her practice and background can be found at www. She offers private therapy for adults in Oakland, California. I enjoy providing psychotherapy to those healing from trauma of all kinds, working with depression and anxiety, those seeking to improve their connections with others, supporting other healers and activists, as well as those who are on the journey of ever-deepening wisdom and insight.

As a queer woman with over 20 years of experience in the kink and poly worlds, I provide a safe, knowledgeable, and respectful space for LGBTQ folks, those in open relationships, as well as those involved in the BDSM and kink lifestyle.

To learn more about my services and fees, please visit my website at CatManess. I provide individual counseling and EMDR. I am open minded and specialize in working with kinky, poly, and LGBT people. I also specialize in dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

I provide a safe and non- judgemental space. Currently I offer services to individual adults and people in relationships on a sliding fee scale. I practice somatic psychotherapy, meaning I understand emotions as physical experiences, or that physical, emotional, and mental factors are crucially interrelated.

I view therapy as a tool with which we can gain or reclaim access to options, be they in behavior, feelings, or thoughts. My therapeutic stance is holistic and firmly rooted in harm reduction; I integrate many treatment approaches, including internal family systems psychotherapy, guided imagery meditation, somatic awareness strategies, mindfulness, attachment theory, and dreamwork.

I emphasize the body's ability to heal itself and the regenerative potential of the therapeutic relationship. I welcome people of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. You may identify as queer, genderqueer, male, female, trans, non-binary, gay, straight, pansexual, asexual, kinky, religious, spiritual, atheist, and I look forward to talking with you about how these distinctions of self, and more, inform your reality.

I have over 15 years experience as a clinician and also work with active addicts using the harm reduction model. Wheel-chair accessible office near Lake Merritt. Please contact me for fee information I provide clinical psychotherapy and triathlon training and running coaching services to children, adults and families. I speak Swahili and have a staff of several clinicians who can provide similar services. One of our staff is a bilingual-Spanish speaker.

The insurances we take are: No matter where you are coming from, or what your lifestyle is, I create a warm, accepting space for you to work on your problems. Sometimes those problems are obvious, such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or trauma. Sometimes they are more subtle, such a feeling that "something is wrong" or that "I wish I could be happier but don't know how.

I work with Polyamorous relationships in all configurations, as well as sexual minorities of all kinds including trans, queer, kink and intersex. Call for a free, confidential consultation. These techniques can help you with sleep, anxiety and depression.

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After engaging in counseling with me, many clients feel they get their lives back! Please contact me for fee information I offer an open space to collaborate with you to increase insight and awareness around your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. While offering a warm and open space, I work towards helping you gain awareness around your relationship with yourself and your world.

My specialties focus on reducing shame and allowing people to access their emotions in a healthy way. I have extensive experience with polyamory and have worked with poly couples for various ethnic, sexual and gender identities.

Please visit my website for more details. Love boldly, safely, and well! Dawn specializes assisting people who are interested in or involved in polyamory and other "outside the box" relationship styles, providing personal and Relationship Coaching for individuals, couples, and small family groupings. Kink-aware, sensitive to issues of gender and sexual orientation, and a proponent of all forms of loving relationship, Dawn believes that the capacity of the heart to love is infinite, and the forms love may take are limited only by the imagination.

For a more complete list of her services, including counseling, workshops, discussion group facilitation and more, see her website at http: If your relationship challenges have to do with polyamory, we can work to resolve them.

If your relationship challenges have little to do with being polyamorous, I won't make a problem out of it! If you are struggling with issues of trust, intimacy and communication in your relationships, please contact me for a consultation. I specialize in working with relationship issues and with the unique challenges encountered in polyamorous relationships. Please feel free to call if you have questions about my practice.

You can also view my website at www. Envision and create new possibilities in your life! What do your wildest dreams and greatest hopes look like? How would it feel to attain those goals? What is stopping you from getting there? I offer attentive listening, compassionate support, creative ideas and a sense of humor to help people heal from from trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, abuse and addiction.

Breathing, relaxation, and mindful awareness are blended into conversation and, if you choose, some art-making. All ages, genders, styles, colors, sizes are welcome. Life can be vibrant, peaceful and pleasurable!

Psychological Services Clinic

Convenient and comfortable office, wheelchair accessible, easy street parking. Please email or call if you would like more information, or check out my website. I have a sliding scale spot in my practice--please contact me about availability. I specialize in interpersonal, dialectical behavior DBTand psychodynamic approaches as well as Gottman relationship therapy techniques.

I hold a compassionate, sacred container, in support of you discovering your authentic and unique style of relationship while embracing the relationship journey itself as a catalyst for personal growth and harmony. Please contact me for fee information I provide poly-friendly, kink-aware, gender-affirmative psychotherapy to individual adults and adolescents, with a particular interest in serving the QTPOC community.

My approach is warm, compassionate, and curious, informed by psychodynamic, feminist, and mindfulness perspectives.

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Learn more at my website: I provide a free initial minute phone consultation. Contact me for fee info California Licensed MFT, Board certified sex therapist, lecturer, author, and former Ask Isadora syndicated sex and relationship advice columnist which appeared in many news weeklies nationwide. For more than 35 years I have specialized in improving relationships, enhancing sexual expression, and communications with oneself and with others.

Traditional arrangements and Non. One time consultations or ongoing solution focused counseling. Adult individuals, couples, and relationship groups. I work in full 90 minute sessions. I think these sessions of double the customary length of the standard 45 minute "hour" provide the best use of your time and money.

I require payment by cash or check at the end of each appointment.

lee and grant relationship counseling

Depending on your health coverage you may be able to get partial reimbursement for which I will provide a receipt. There are no long therapy contracts. Your sessions are scheduled as you need them, weekly, monthly or occasionally.

lee and grant relationship counseling

I emphasize problem solving - offering education, tools, techniques and resources. I provide a free online discussion Forum at www. You can read my essays online on Psychology Today www. I can help you discover new ways to relate to other people, and to yourself, that will raise your self-esteem and make room for more joy in your life.

Providing therapy sinceI am able to offer a variety of tools and techniques to support you as you change and grow in the ways that are import-ant to you. As we work together to make your life better, I bring patience and compassion to the ups and downs of that process, and I can show you how to do the same.

I especially enjoy helping: Please visit my web site to see my current fees I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, offering services at my office in Oakland as well as online to California residents.

Although I have a diverse practice, my specialties include: Counselors working in mental health settings mental health centers, college counseling centers, hospitals, substance abuse centers, etc. Rehabilitation counselors typically must be Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, especially if they work in the traditional setting of a state Office for Vocational Rehabilitation.

Professional counselors have a graduate degree in counseling. A master's degree is the entry-level requirement. Counselors focus on client wellness, as opposed to psychopathology. Psychologists have a graduate degree in psychology, and licensed psychologists typically have a degree in clinical, counseling, or school psychology. Of all the mental health professions, psychologists are the best trained in conducting research.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have usually completed a residency in psychiatry. Their niche is prescribing psychotropic drugs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes employment statistics on mental health counselors here. School and career counselors here. ACA publishes state-by-state counts of mental health professionals here. The grants are available for projects that support the mission of the American Counseling Association Foundation and the American Counseling Association.