Lalu and nitish relationship questions

Lalu and Nitish: Friends? Enemies? No, they are the ultimate frenemies - India News

lalu and nitish relationship questions

Soon after Nitish Kumar announced his resignation as the chief minister of Bihar, his ally Lalu Yadav was clearly bitter at the shocking move. Deepika Padukone initially wanted an open relationship with Ranveer Singh. The communal faultlines are on the surface and serious questions are Our vote was for Lalu-Nitish jodi,” says Puppo Khan, a resident of. Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar, once friends, then bitter political rivals for the In social networking terms the relationship between the two Bihar stalwarts There are questions already on how long the partnership will last.

Nitish Kumar finally breaks silence on rocky relationship with Lalu Yadav; what he said

Many termed their alliance as "marriage of convenience". But that marriage has certainly paid off. At the personal level, their relationship goes a long way. Read about their incredible journey and their complicated relationship. File Photo Here's their intriguing story summed up in five fundamental questions. Under the tutelage of JP, who spearheaded anti-corruption movement against Indira Gandhi, the duo carved their own political careers.

They based their politics on socialism and renewed caste calculation, aiming to end the dominance of upper caste Hindus and bringing the likes of Yadavs and Kurmis into political importance.

lalu and nitish relationship questions

Seizing power from CongressLalu became the chief minister of Bihar in Nitish, an influential Kurmi leader and a union minister in the VP Singh government at that time, was his loyal comrade.

So why did they part their ways?

Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar: Friends? Enemies? No, they are the ultimate frenemies

With Lalu's ascent to power, came a new wave of political changes and distribution of political largesse. Yadav's became the most influential caste bagging all major money-making jobs.

lalu and nitish relationship questions

Lalu's brothers-in-law Sadhu and Subhash have been accused of unleashing what is known as "jungle raj". This created a certain disgruntlement among the non-Yadav backward classes. However, the real fissure in their relation came with the implementation of the Mandal Commission recommendation by Bihar in Lalu's notorious brother-in laws Sadhu and Subhash Yadav Thakur writes in his book: But non-Yadavs in the coalition were almost immediately alerted to a catch in the clause: Yadavs, as the most populous, would get to skim the cream, the rest would have to scrape the bottom.

Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad: It's Complicated

What did Nitish do to counter his powerful mentor Lalu? Political observers also point out how the demand for special status has played out in Bihar and in Andhra Pradesh to demonstrate that Nitish is left with few choices. While Chandrababu Naidu walked out of the NDA over special status, Nitish has put the demand, one championed by him, on the backburner.

But the question is — did Nitish actually negotiate a special category status as a condition for his return into the NDA fold? He says that for 18 years he has been running a shop and vouches for communal harmony in his city.

Yeh high level par hua hai Aurangabad was an example of communal harmony.

lalu and nitish relationship questions

After all, he is also the Home Minister of the state. We had not seen such a scene.

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Today, I am scared of going to a Muslim locality. The communities are moving away from each other. How has his administration failed? There was no casualty. But the uneasy equation between Nitish and BJP is being discussed in the corridors of power.