Kanade and otonashi relationship help

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kanade and otonashi relationship help

The episode Japanese anime television series Angel Beats! is based on an original concept . In the meantime, Yuri and Otonashi fight Angel to buy enough time for the Guild . With some help, Otonashi helps her accomplish two of the three. Hinata describes their happy relationship, and thus Yui's wishes are fulfilled. The blue circles/ovals represent the time Yuzuru Otonashi spent on a To support this, Kanade's regret was that she could not thank the. It's amazing yet very depressing. I also find Kanade "Angel" and Otonashi's relationship adorable! Angel Beats Kanade and Otonashi.

kanade and otonashi relationship help

However, if we assume that the series follows the basic concept of eternity, then a partial explanation can be given. I drew up this little image of the three different timelines that are present in the series: The green line is the main world timeline where the characters in the series lived their lives before they died. The red line is the afterlife timeline where the characters went when they died and where most of the series takes place.

The cyan line is the alternate world timeline where I presume the characters in the series went after they've resolved their issues and regrets in the afterlife and moved on. The white lines represent Kanade's transition from one timeline to another. The blue lines represent Yuzuru's transition from one timeline to another. The Main World Timeline Yuzuru is born.

Yuruzu gets in a train crash.

kanade and otonashi relationship help

Although he survives the initial crash, he eventually dies of thirst. To his infinite relief, neither things happened. Having realized the truth about who Kanade was, the brigade had backed off, and Kanade, never one to hold a grudge, immediately accepted the many apologies they offered. No one was upset when Otonashi announced their relationship. In fact, as soon as they knew about it, the other brigade members tried to encourage it as much as possible.

After about the fifteenth time he and Kanade had been locked in a janitor's closet by the tag team of Ooyama and Fujimaki, Otonashi put his foot down. He explained to the entire brigade, as calmly as he could, that the relationship he and Kanade were in was not that kind yet.

At that moment, Hinata leaned over to Yurripe, and whispered "Two curry tickets says that when they are there won't be enough closets in the school to lock them in. At first, the only sign that Otonashi and Kanade were in love was that they began to spend more time together. They didn't even talk a lot during that time- they just sat in the same room, mostly, and enjoyed each other's company.

Slowly, the space between them started closing, and when they were together, they could eventually be seen sitting in each other's arms. Their first kiss didn't happen until they had been together for three months. Kanade was uncharacteristically wide eyed, and there was a light flush on her cheeks.

It had been her first kiss with anyone. There was an uncomfortable silence. I would not object. Mostly just chaste, as Otonashi was very frankly afraid to make any move on the small, delicate seeming girl. After a deeper and profoundly awkward kiss, Kanade called him out on it.

Well, it's not that I don't like you enough to go further, it's just…" At a loss for words, he gestured to all of her.

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You think that because you're larger than me, you could easily take advantage of me if you wanted to. It was a statement of fact. The fastest of your friends, much faster than you, can only match my speed in combat, not outstrip it. The strongest of your friends, who is also stronger than you, cannot hold me against my will for more than a minute.

I would have an easier time raping you if I wished. There really was nothing else to say. If I am uncomfortable with them, you will be able to stop, I guarantee it. Kanade, as it turned out, was surprisingly willing to be more physical with Otonashi if he wanted it, and even made some advances herself after Otonashi confessed about his hesitance. Their relationship became more intimate, and the reason it moved slowly was because they both wanted it to move slowly.

In a universe in which love had previously been taboo, they loved each other fully and completely. The first step was bonding emotionally.

Is Otonashi and Kanade relationship a lolicon ?

The second step was dealing with the others. The third step was becoming comfortable with each other physically. And after more than a year and a half, they finally decided in their peculiar, nonverbal way, that it was the right night for the fourth step.

kanade and otonashi relationship help

Otonashi did so, and presently, he felt a pair of thin but steady arms wrap around his middle. Kanade whispered something he couldn't quite catch, and he heard a tinkling noise, then a quiet, repeated foof sound.

A second later, the steady arms that held him were the only support he had as the ground dropped out from underneath him. After about a minute, Kanade spoke again.

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They were flying, flying high in the sky, near the clouds, in a place where there should logically be no oxygen, but when had the afterlife ever followed logic? Yuri also shows a few discrete signs of liking Otonashi in parts of the anime. Otonashi for his part respected and admired her, and there are a few small signs that he might like her as well.

kanade and otonashi relationship help

However, their relationship was ultimately platonic and non-romantic, but they stayed close friends. Otonashi credits her with his happiness in the afterlife as she was the first person who approached him when he came.

It is also that Otonashi may have received an indirect kiss from Iwasawa in Episode 3 of the anime. Depending upon the choices made by the player, he could become an idiot, a jerk, homosexual, lesbian addict, or retain his anime personality. Since this mechanism affects the overall story-line, other characters will react or behave differently to Otonashi depending on the chosen personality.

Whilst there are many options to explore three main character routes exist in the first game Yui, Matsushita and Iwasawa each with their own unique traits and endings. Trivia Edit The kanji in Otonashi's last name means "no sound". His first name, on the other hand, means "to bind strings".

Otonashi can be inferred as one of the oldest members of the battlefront. The only other known person around a similar age was Masami Iwasawa who was revealed to be a third-year student in the Angel Beats Heavens Door Manga series. Otonashi doesn't have any regrets, the reason why he appeared in afterlife was because of Kanade. It was explained in the last episode that Kanade's regret was that she couldn't thank the one who donated the heart for her.

In order to leave afterlife, she have to meet him and be able to thank him. Otonashi is the only male character from SSS to appear during the epilogue scene, where he tried to tap Kanade's shoulder after recognizing the "My Song" tune she hummed. Both of them were left in the Afterlife alone after their loved ones disappeared. However, Otonashi did not fall into despair and become an NPC like the other person at least, not explicitly.

He was killed 3 times in the first 7 minutes of the first episode. The first time was when Tachibana stabs him in the chest with her Hand Sonic, the second was when Noda hits him times with his halberd, and the third was when he fell for the trap that was at the principal's office. This is, considering that the fatal hits Noda gave him count as one death. No one except Kanade has called him by his given name, because he didn't tell the SSS his given name after recovering his memories.

He did, however, say his name at graduation. Why are there no reaction? It seems that he knows the full names of Yuri and Hinata, but the two didn't give their full names to him Hinata being his roommate and Yurippe being the leader may explain it.

Despite being one of the newest members of the SSS, Otonashi seems quite popular among them. Yuri and Iwasawa opened up to him about their pasts even after knowing him only for a short time, and Hinata befriended him quickly. In the second Drama CD, when Yuri announced that he was going to be participating in their activity, the others applauded.

Yuzuru Otonashi

Other than Yuri, Otonashi is the only other person who had seen Shiina 's true character over cute things. The name Angel Beats! It can also be inferred that he is fond of canned coffee, as that is the only beverage Otonashi is seen drinking, often more than once in each episode.

Yuri also seems to know this, as she usually has a can of coffee with her while waiting for Otonashi.

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He is one of the characters with a revealed death, the others being Iwasawa and Hinata. It is implied in Episode 3 that Otonashi received an indirect kiss from Iwasawa. Following a brief conversation with her, the lead vocalist gave Otonashi her bottle of water, which if he drank from would have resulted in an indirect kiss. Unfortunately, for any fans of the couple, he was not seen drinking from it. In the Alternative Epilogue when Otonashi walks back to the Student Council Room, if you look carefully to the left of the screen, you could see pictures of the main members of the SSS.

It is unknown on how he got those images. Otonashi resembles Kyousuke Natsume from Little Busters! The two have different voice actors in Japanese, but share the same English voice actor. Otonashi and Honma Meikothe protagonist in Anohanahave many similarities: Both died of an accident.