Jacob and laban relationship tips

Bible Study - Jacob and Laban

jacob and laban relationship tips

And it came about, when Jacob saw Rachel the daughter of Laban his We know that a relationship based primarily on physical attraction rests on a .. Him for what He denies us, being confident that His ways are perfect. Jacob who loves Rachel responds that he will work for Laban for seven years in exchange for Rachel's hand in marriage (). Laban seems to agree to this deal: .. Shadal quotes him frequently. [4] It is not presented as a. Jacob asks Laban for Rachel's hand in marriage. . God will guide us and He is the only one with the ability to bless us with things that seem.

jacob and laban relationship tips

My time is completed, and I want to lie with her" That's a pretty direct way to talk to the father-of-the-bride! Laban calls all his friends for a sumptuous feast to celebrate the event.

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The party goes long into the night. But Laban sends Leah, not Rachel, to Jacob's tent to enjoy a night of intimacy. The scripture is terse: How could it have happened?

Rachel and Leah’s Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Apparently customs of the time required no formal wedding ceremony to precede the consummation. You can't miss the irony. Jacob deceives his blind father into believing he is Esau and giving him the blessing, and so Laban deceives the deceiver into marrying the older sister instead the girl of his dreams. Jacob comes to Laban in the morning in anger. I served you for Rachel, didn't I? Why have you tricked me?

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Here in Haran it is our custom to marry off the older daughter before the younger. Spend the customary bridal week with Leah, and at the end of the week you can have Rachel. Only seven years more labor for her. What's a little misunderstanding among kin? He agrees to Laban's offer, and soon Rachel is his. Jacob's story gives new meaning to the saying "Love is blind. Tissot, "Rachel and Leah" c. Why, I wonder, does God allow Jacob to be tricked? I'm sure that the Supplanter needs to taste some of his own medicine.

God is building a character of integrity in Jacob and God needs to deal with this serious flaw of deceit. But this is more than character building. This is also a time of family building.

Laban (Bible)

God is raising up for Jacob the beginnings of the great people that he had promised, as many as the sand of the seashore and the stars in the sky. God begins the Israelite people with the gene pool of five individuals, three of them closely related Jacob, Leah, and Racheland two of them completely different, the servant girls Bilhah and Zilpah. Genesis 29 Why do you think God allows Jacob to be tricked into 14 years of labor for two wives? But he had to work seven more years without pay after marrying her.

So we have the first of the God-fearing patriarchs entering into a bigamous relationship. God made one woman for one man Gen. Although Jacob was tricked into it, there were alternatives. Some commentators insist that he should have rejected Leah since he did not take her willingly.

May I suggest another alternative; Jacob could have accepted his marriage to Leah as the will of God for his life and learned to love her alone. Maybe Jacob would have been commended for accepting these consequences from the sovereign hand of God had he exercised that degree of faith.

And may I remind you that Leah, not Rachel, was the mother of Judah, through whom the Savior would ultimately come Gen. But Jacob was not willing to believe that God was in control of these circumstances. She had to have everything she wanted or life was not worth living.

She was envious, selfish, peevish, fretful, discontented, and demanding.

jacob and laban relationship tips

The miracle of conception lies within the power of God. Some couples get angry with God for not giving them children, while others who do have children look forward to the day when the kids will be grown and gone and they can have some peace and quiet. Homemakers want to be working wives, and working wives want to be full-time homemakers. There are Christians who are dissatisfied with the places where they live, the jobs they have, the money they make, and the houses they live in.

Something else always looks better to them. Some wives are discontented with their husbands. Some husbands are discontented with their wives. They criticize them for the way they dress, the way they fix their hair, the way they cook, the way they keep house, or the way they treat the children.

They get upset because they sleep too late, eat too much, waste too much time, or spend too much money. No matter how hard some wives try, they can never please their husbands. Some of these things are important and need to be talked out. I am not suggesting that we totally ignore them and suffer in silence. But a spirit of discontent that causes us to fuss, nag, bicker, quarrel, and complain is a great hindrance to happy marital relationships.

jacob and laban relationship tips

God wants us to be content with what we have. She gave her handmaid Bilhah to Jacob so that he could have a son by her, and she did it twice Her jealous malcontent was seen again a short time later. When he brought them home and presented them to his mother, Rachel saw them and decided she wanted some too. She always seemed to want what somebody else had.

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The same spirit of discontent shows up again in her life. God finally did give her a son of her own, and now we expect her to be satisfied. Rachel was never completely happy with what she had. But the end is not yet.

God told Jacob that it was time to leave Uncle Laban and go back home to Canaan. He had prospered to such an extent that Laban no longer felt very kindly toward him. So Jacob gathered his wives and children and his belongings and he slipped away while Laban was out shearing his sheep.

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The possessor of those images was accepted as the principal heir of the family, even if he was only a son-in-law. She wanted her husband rather than her brothers to have the largest share of the family inheritance so she could benefit from it too. When Laban finally overtook them and searched their belongings for his terephim, Rachel lied to him and deceived him to keep him from finding them Gen.

This lovely little Rachel seems to have been a shrew! But do you know what? Except for the one time that Jacob got angry with her for blaming her childlessness on him, there is no indication that he ever loved her any less for her faults.

In fact, there are indications that he maintained his devotion to her to the very end of her life. For example, he put her in the favored position to the rear of the company when they went to meet Esau and their lives may have been in danger Gen. And most of us have moments like that. Is she feeling love, or is she feeling anger, hostility, and rejection? And that will depend largely on the attitude her husband projects by things as little as the look on his face and the tone of his voice, especially when she is moody and disagreeable.

Look, finally, at love through deep sorrow.

jacob and laban relationship tips

God allowed Rachel to have her one last request. She did bear another son. Her labor was severe, and it became evident that she was going to die in childbirth. But they buried Rachel by the side of the road leading from Bethlehem to Jerusalem.

You can still visit her tomb today, a lasting monument to the disaster of discontentment. Jacob never got over Rachel. At years of age he called his sons together in Egypt to bless them, and he was still thinking about her.

He loved her to the end of his life. But what good did it do her? She could not fully enjoy his love. That gnawing discontentment kept her from enjoying anything totally, and it kept others from enjoying her. It isolated her in a grim world of loneliness.

Then she died, leaving Jacob to the sister she envied so much in life. And even in death, she was alone. Could it be that the loneliness in our lives or the conflicts in our relationships are the result of an underlying spirit of discontentment? It will not change as long as we think satisfaction can be found in any material possession or improved circumstance.

jacob and laban relationship tips

Real satisfaction can only be found in the Lord. He is the one who satisfies the thirsty soul and fills the hungry soul with good things Ps. He has instructed us to be content with what we have, for while the circumstances of life change daily, He is unchanging and ever with us Heb.

As our knowledge of Him increases through the study of His Word and through prayerful periods in His presence, we shall find a settled peace and contentment growing within us. Then we shall be able to receive with gratitude what He gives us, and at the same time thank Him for what He denies us, being confident that His ways are perfect.