Iorveth and saskia relationship memes

Man, am I only person who wanted to romance Saskia? : witcher

iorveth and saskia relationship memes

As some of you have no doubt seen, another tumblr user is starting a Witcher kink meme, and I wanted to give Iorveth looked up as Geralt approached, and the witcher leaned his . Saskia had requested that Iorveth remain outside for the first part of the meeting. .. That is where our relationship ends.”. To understand just why Iorveth regards Saskia so highly, a glimpse into . it is true that the relationship Iorveth and saskia can be interesting. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Geralt kept his distance from the band of archers and made his camp in a secluded area of the hold.

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He left the barred door ajar and could see a few people bedding down in the cell across from him. He crouched to sort his herbs on the floor and selected a few with which to craft an ointment for his burns.

iorveth and saskia relationship memes

The flames had licked his skin, leaving burn marks along his arms and torso. As a witcher, he would heal quickly compared to a human, but he welcomed anything that would ease the process. He crushed a few herbs together and mixed them with oil to make the paste slick. Then he stripped off his shirt, letting the charred fabric coil in on itself in a corner.

Witcher 2: Geralt Meets Saskia in Aedirn

His muscles were defined but streamlined, one running into the other like hot liquid. This smoothness was interrupted by the raised white and red scars that recorded his history as a witcher better than his memory had. He turned his back to the door and dipped his fingers into the salve, which he spread first over his forearms, then over his biceps.

He moved to his abdomen, rubbing the slippery ointment in circles over the burns on his stomach. He spread it over his chest for good measure, then moved his hands to his hips, just under the waistband of his trousers. Here the ointment was cool and surprising, perhaps even a little exciting. Much of the ointment went to his shoulders.

Someone moved behind him and gently moved his hands away from his back. His wrists tingled where the elf had guided them back to his sides. He stared ahead at the wall of the cell, breathing low. Iorveth picked up the small bowl of salve and coated his fingers in the sticky slickness. Geralt shivered as Iorveth ran his fingertips from the base of his neck down and down around his spine, ending at his trousers.

The silence stretched on for minutes, and all the while Iorveth was touching him, soothing him, healing him. I do not agree with your methods or with your morals.

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We are following a mutually beneficial path to Aedirn. That is where our relationship ends.

iorveth and saskia relationship memes

Then he leaned back against the wall and scratched behind one pointed ear. He was a contract killer, but he had no patience for violence against innocents. He just never made sense for the expansions or DLC for other reasons. His previous role in the game was in a quest chain that eventually became the basis for Hearts of Stone, but between the initial implementation for W3 and the full expansion HoS it was totally rewritten, to the point that you wouldn't recognize the quest at all.

It was a story about the Catriona plague, Mr. Mirror, and some Nilfgaardian researchers. Maybe after we're all done with the game I can drop some more details, the cut stuff with Iorveth was mostly my stuff, so it makes me sad we never got to use him.

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I think one of my big disappointments with some of the cut content in W3 is that we lost a lot of the darker shadings on the Nilfgaardians. Yeah, they create order and prosperity, but what is that worth to the people they crush to get there?

iorveth and saskia relationship memes

Wealth and rule of law are pretty pointless when a significant portion of your population have no or at least very limited access to either. Originally Iorveth showed up on Velen searching for a cure to a plague ravaging the south, including Mahakam. Geralt has to team up with Iorveth, and Roche, Ves, and Thaler for very complicated reasons to try and get this cure.

The whole plague plotline mostly got cut, though there's some elements of it drifting around in places, like the guy with the corpse wagon who claims he's immune.

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The quest where you have to get Ves out of the fight with the Nilfgaardians was also part of this plotline, though in a substantially different form I think the cuts and rewrites really hurt her character, sadly. In the version of her quest that I liked best, she's pissed off because the village of Poppystone helped the Partisans escape Velen, but the Nilfs found out about it and are going to execute some people.

Ves asks Geralt to help her liberate them behind Roche's back.