How to curl short hair with a flat iron wikihow flirt

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how to curl short hair with a flat iron wikihow flirt

Nothing too short, but something that makes your hair fresh, clean, bouncy, and has lots of volume. Ask for the Buy a hair-straightener, and a curling iron. Dec 4, Explore Marlo Beauty's board "hair tips & techniques" on Pinterest. InspoHair InspirationLove HairWhite BlondeBlonder HairHaircolorHairstyles Medium HairPig . Curling Iron Line-Up: The Right Wand for Every Curl Hairstyles Haircuts, Gorgeous .. 5 Ways to Style Scene Hair - wikiHow. The volume, the depth, the fun and the flirtatious nature of curly hair can help make Using curlers or a curling iron is fine if it works for your hair and will achieve the desired look. A curling iron can give great shape, it just needs a little help from the bobby pins to stick around. hairstyles-for-short-curly-hair ..

Women with poker straight hair would kill for some curls. On the other hand, women with curly hair will do everything in their power to have smooth hair. Frizzy hair is just a nightmare, but you can transform your damaged locks into silky, run-your-fingers-through-it tresses by following these tips. For best results, choose a shampoo and conditioner designed for straight and smooth hair.

how to curl short hair with a flat iron wikihow flirt

After washing, squeeze out the excess water from your hair, and towel dry with a soft towel. Never vigorously rub your hair and scalp. After that, apply a dollop of hair treatment for straight and smooth hair, and comb your hair until it is free of tangles.

Wait until your hair is halfway dry to start blow drying. Blow-drying equipment The tools you use for blow-drying your hair are just as important as the actual blow-drying process. Blow-drying technique You have to work from the bottom up to get the smooth, silky look when blow drying.


This article will show you several ways of flipping your hair, from styling to shoulder flipping. This will create that "flipped" look. Consider spraying your hair with a heat protecting spray. This will help keep your hair from getting damaged while you blow dry it. Take a small section of hair and place it between a round brush and the nozzle of the hair dryer.

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If you want to flip your hair inward, place the brush under your hair, and the hairdryer over it. If you want to flip your hair outward, place the brush over your hair, and the hairdryer under it.

how to curl short hair with a flat iron wikihow flirt

Your hair should always be sandwiched between the hairdryer and the brush. Use a round, tube-shaped brush, not a paddle brush. Bring the brush and hairdryer down towards the center of the hair shaft.

Turn the hair dryer on, and start sliding both it and the hairbrush down towards the middle of your hair. Make sure that you slide both the brush and hairdryer down at the same time. Stop when you are half-way down the hair shaft. Twist the round brush when you are half-way down the hair shaft.

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener: 12 Steps

Twist the brush towards you if you want your hair to flip inward. If you want your hair to flip outward, switch the positions of the brush and the hairdryer: Twist the brush up and away from you as you slowly bring both down. Touch up with a flat iron if you have thick or curly hair.

Take a small section of hair and position the flat iron about half-way down. Start straightening your hair.

Remember to use a heat protecting spray before using the flat iron. Flat irons get much hotter than a hair dryer and can cause more damage. Edit Making a Flipped Ponytail Start with tangle-free hair. This style works with all hair types: It is best for shoulder length and longer hair. If your hair is not long enough, your ponytail won't flip properly. Pull your hair into a low ponytail. This style is also known as a "topsy turvy ponytail," or an "upside down ponytail.

Secure the ponytail at the nape of your neck with a hair tie. Do not make it too tight; you want some space between the hair tie and the back of your head.

how to curl short hair with a flat iron wikihow flirt

Stick your finger up through your hair, just above the hair tie. There should be equal amounts of hair to either side of your finger. Also, make sure that your finger is sticking up, from under your hair. Some people find it easier to use a special loop made for flipping ponytails. You can also bend a pipe cleaner in half, and use that instead. Grab the ponytail with your finger.

The easiest way to do this is to make a hook shape with your finger. If you are using a special loop or pipe cleaner, slip the ponytail through the loop. Make sure that the ends of your hair are facing your forehead. Pull the ponytail through the hole. Tug it down as far as you can, but not so much that the hair tie goes through the hole too.