Hetalia spain and philippines relationship

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hetalia spain and philippines relationship

But overall, she has a very nice relationship among other nation. She is Philippines wore a simple Kimona throughout Spain's era. It was a. Philippines and Spain could be considered "frenemies". As a former colony of Spain for over years, he has the most influence with the younger nation. He was the one who gave Philippines her name and introduced Roman Catholicism to her. Spain kept her under his wing for about years. Their relationship.

The islands were very remote, so the Spanish Royal Family commissioned the Philippine government administration to the Viceroyalty of New Spain Mexico for over two and half centuries, In the insurgent movements in Mexico forced Spain to take control of the islands of the Pacific. Hence many of the Filipino governors were Mexican-Creole. The army was recruited from all the populations of New Spain, which led to ethnic and cultural mingling between Mexicans and Filipinos.

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Evangelization and commerce connected America and Asia, exemplified by the galleon trade. The trade between Canton and Acapulco passed through Manila, where Chinese ships came laden with silks and porcelain to be sent to America, in exchange for silver. And the exchange of ideas accompanied the exchange of products. Inafter the colonial period, Mexico stationed an independent representative in Manila. However, the earliest reference to a Mexican diplomat in the Philippines is found during the Revolution, in the Porfiriato, with the appointment, inof Evaristo Hernandez Butler, as Consul.

He remained in that position until And at times she wears a similar pattern of clothing from her waist in her head as a headpiece. From the appearance of a 5 year old she started to grow—albeit slowly—from Spain's care and reached her maximum age of a 9 year old with him.

American Colonization Era Philippines wore a similar dress during her time with America. It was also called baro't saya baro at saya which means baro as the shirt while saya means the skirt. Kimona is also suited for daily activities because of its short skirt length and its simplicity.

And the cloth of the Maria Clara is not tied around the waist but instead tied on the shoulders. The length of the skirt also differ, Maria Clara stretches down on the ground while Kimona's length only goes one inch below the knee.

hetalia spain and philippines relationship

Philippines also wore a cream colored top but with a red and black checkered skirt. However there are also times that she is seen wearing a simple Kimona because the Maria Clara dress tends to get in her way or so she says. She reached her adolescence with America and not to mention aged very rapidly during that time due to the mutual gain they get with each other. She reached her maximum growth of a 15 year old before America left her.

Japanese Era Her appearance and attire didn't change because of Japan's short stay. And because of their strained relationship, Philippines didn't even have a chance to grow even though Japan gave her the power to control her own government. Present Era Philippines often wore a modern style of clothes than her national ones. She often wore hoodies and skinny jeans —which are all imported—because she states that wearing her national dress is not normal and with their climate, she might die from heat stroke or dehydration if she insists on wearing one.

But she does however wear her national dress, Maria Clara, during meetings claiming that the meetings have ACs on them. Now being independent, she reached the appearance of a 16 year old.

She didn't age recently because of "issues" still left unsolved and still rely on America quite a lot even though she doesn't admit it.

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Footwear During the colonial period—except from the pre-Hispanic era—Philippines wore her favorite slippers called bakya which is either made or sold in Marikina or Liliw, Laguna. While during the modern times, she wore a variety of footwear that ranges to her favorites sandals made in Marikina or Liliw to imported rubber shoes.

Philippines had easily embraced his language, making her exceptionally good in English, making her one of the greatest English-speaking countries in the world. Their bond was so strong that America was always there for her, whenever she was in need. In the present day, Philippines and her strong bond with America faltered a little bit due to her boss being changed, but both are still good friends.

Because Trump and Duterte are almost the same Did you know that America is Philippines' love interest? Philippines liked America even though her moves are just exactly like a boy, her heart is still beating fast for him.

hetalia spain and philippines relationship

Japan Before she was taken by Spain, Philippines and Japan were trading partners and had often visited her back in the day. Due to his constant visits, she thought of him as an older brother figure Same goes for China and were close as they often chatted.

However, as the years passed, Japan's visits lessened eventually resulting in him not visiting her at all which broke her heart a little. Japan did, however, attempt to push back Spain, but it was fruitless. The two met again after a long time during World War Two, with Japan trying to attack her, Philippines fought back but lost. However, she was rescued by America and the two fought Japan off which they ended up winning. Japan later apologized for his actions, and being a forgiving nation, she accepted his apologies, slowly repairing their broken relationship.

Years after the conflict their relationship has become positive. China Years before being taken in by Spain, China and Philippines were good trading partners. China often came to Philippines to exchange or buy materials or food from each other, but that changed after Spain took her under his wing, blocking off her communication with other nations, unless they get Spain's approval. In the present day, Philippines and China's relationship are rocky, completely different to how they were in the past, due to the rising tensions of current problems such as the rights to ownership of the Spratly Islands.

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Furthermore, throughout her life, Philippines was often taken under Western Rule, usually leading to a clash of differing beliefs between her and China. Their relationship can be described as an on and off kind of feeling, as it tends to depend on the Philippines' Boss. Indonesia and Malaysia Indonesia and Malaysia are Philippines' sister and brother by blood respectively.

All three of them share the exact same physical features and warm personality. Indonesia is the eldest amongst the siblings, the second born is Malaysia and Philippines being the youngest.