Heart and soul relationship

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heart and soul relationship

The relationship is that all center around attributes of consciousness (the mind): * Heart is a poetic word, and refers to feelings, has nothing to do with the organ. Our lives are greeted by different types of relationships. Some fun, some cozy and intimate, some crazy and adventurous, some inseparable. In the words of one enthusiastic reader, Heart and Soul Connection: A Devotional Guide to Marriage, Service and Love is “genuine, practical, beautifully written.

It started to really freak me out when most of it came true. How did she know more about me than I knew about myself?

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How could this stranger tell me things about myself I completely forgot, or chose to forget or maybe never even knew? This brought me to "search for myself" on a journey to India.

A work addict by all means, I needed to swing so far to the other end of the pendulum to get to the middle again. I ended up meeting an Indian cab driver on the way to the Kochi airport six months ago. I started randomly speaking to him about my lifestyle of constantly being on, eating out every night and "walking as exercise. I asked him for some tips and tricks in which he pulled over to the side of the road, pushed the seat down and said "let me show you how to breathe.

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I could have brushed this off as a crazy cab driver, but instead I took it as a sign. I had started to meditate in India, and the night before I left, I woke up at 3 a.

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I ended up finding out the night before I met him, I wrote that I would stop drinking, eat healthy and exercise every day. Again, someone who I barely knew had to tell me something about myself, which I was ignoring. This made me start to think. Anyone who knows me knows I am kind of a dichotomy. I am an over-analyzer to the extreme, and yet I am spiritual and believe in magic, serendipity, am a heartless romantic but am extremely guarded with my emotions. It's a constant battle between my mind, heart and soul, and yet the only way to live a healthy, balanced life is to have all of these three things working in tandem.

I have felt this connection with several people in my life: When the phone rings, I know without even looking it's her, this often happens for her too when she allows that kind of connection to be possible.

heart and soul relationship

I have this with someone I love in a romantic sense, he lives nearly miles away and yet I know instantly when he is having a difficult time. We only see each other a few times a year and yet we remain deeply connected across space and time.

The Heart and Soul of Relationships

A friend from childhood, whom I had not seen nor heard from in 30 years came back into my life several years ago through the wonders of Facebook. We picked up nearly exactly where we left off at age 12 as if no time or space between us passed at all. I have this relationship with people I've met on my world travels, we may only have ever spent a week together and yet our hearts and souls remain connected through our shared experiences. It helps me right now in a time when I live in what can be a very disconnected place: To be reminded again of heart and soul was very much needed today.

Hugs from my heart to yours, I hope you feel it Heart and especially soul connections go beyond the material boundaries of space and time.

heart and soul relationship

Our unconscious or spirit or soul or essence is beyond space and time, and it is at that level that our most significant connections with one another occur. At that level, real me meets real you. I have experienced "heart and soul bonds" in intimate -- and I don't mean sexual -- relating. Such relating is personal, open, and honest. In such relating, we are vulnerable and trusting.

In such relating, we are outside space and time. All connections with others stay part of us forever, some only to a very minor extent, and the heart and soul bonds stay profoundly with us.

heart and soul relationship

What helps me grow in "heart and soul bonds" is that they are fulfilling and enlivening, they feed a hunger in me, and they make life worthwhile. On Aug 19, Jagdish P Dave wrote: As I understand, there are two modes of connecting with others in our life: Right now I am in the doing mode.

heart and soul relationship

This morning I got a message from my friend about passing away of another friend who had serious medical conditions. I expressed my hear felt sadness and condolence to our friend's family. Such events happen in relationships.

heart and soul relationship

They are not spontaneous happenings that create a sense of awe and wonderment.