Gray and juvia relationship with god

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gray and juvia relationship with god

Natsu promises Juvia to bring Gray back and rebuild Fairy Tail, so they can be a . Upon seeing the War God destroyed, the defeated Avatar members just look on in Thus Zeref, a child prodigy, started to look into the relationship between. Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Romance - Gray F., Juvia L. .. He only wear a towel on his hips, his Hair was also wet, he looks like a god!. AU - Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia were the two well-known fellow apprentice she goes, but rather than burning in the volcano she is saved by the fire god The relationship between Juvia and Natsu is vague, but are they willing to give.

Well Lucy was the best example. She has a really really really nice body. Wonderful curves, Big boobs, Nice Hair and her skin was like a Baby, pure and innocent. But they only looked so innocent…. But it was to late. The Raven haired boy walks to the 3 Women. Erza and Lucy laughed a bit and they stood up. Juvia totally confused and overwhelmed looked at her two Friends. Juvia, we see you later! Erza and Lucy walked away and Juvia could only think of one: What kind of Friends are They?!

Oh he looks Adorable, especially when he smiles. He is a bit repellent, but Juvia was really in love with him. Since he saw him at the first time.

The only problem was he was very popular for Juvia he looked unattainable. What Juvia never noticed.

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Gray sat down beside her. Strange, or I'm the only one, who thinks so? Juvia only mumbles a: Gray knew no shame, and also asked for immediately. He took his hand back from her. Gray looks at her Confused. Sorry Gray-sama, see ya! He stood up as well, Gray noticed the gaze of the other Guys, they saw behind Juvia.

The Black Haired Man walks out oft he cafeteria.

gray and juvia relationship with god

He visits the same class as Erza, Lucy and Juvia. The time is not passed away and the male was really boring. The Teacher was speaking about Math. Gray turned the look to Juvia and gave her a little smile. Juvias Point of view: When she was in the classroom, Erza and Lucy overwhelmed Juvia with Questions.

gray and juvia relationship with god

Does he kiss you? It was so embarrassed! Gray-sama will think Juvia is Crazy! A bit later the teacher came into the room. The students sit at their places. Erza and Lucy have a sit next to each other. The White Haired man next to her was a good looking Guy, but her eyes only watched Gray.

He looks so adorable and the Blue haired woman was all over red in her face, she has one of her Daydreaming's. He was a nice Guy. She only likes Gray.

Juvia was quiet, but she wanted to help him. She spoke of the responding more quickly than she had thought. The Teacher was not thrilled, but he let go of Gray. The Raven hair Guy gave her a smile and Juvia felt like in heaven.

Would you like to go on a date with me? The black haired Guy walked to the three.

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Juvia has something to do. Go away and go gather flowers. His gaze turned to his beloved one. I Text you at the evening! Juvia thinks he was a nice Guy, a really nice Guy, but he was also really affectionate and the fact and the fact that Lyon had her cell phone number, well thank you to Lucy and Erza.

When she came here, he was the first the interest had been shown to her and so did her girlfriends marry off the two. But Gray was here now and they do not seem to be sure who was more better for her. He turned his Face to Juvia and Erza. Erza raised her eyebrow. Do you need our Innocent Friend for you? Juvia blushes and waves with her arms.

She was her with one of her best friends and Gray, too and Erza always makes such allusions! Gray even think she was a virgin, or something like that! He would think she had no experience and abandon her! Or something like that! Gray grinned at Erza, he found her kind of amusing. I only would ask her to study with me Math. At 8 o clock, at my house?

Had he said something wrong? He was so adorable when he laughs. She write a Number on a paper and gave it to Gray he looked at it. Now it was Juvia was in a bus. Her Phone gave a ring and Juvia took her phone out of her pocket, she doesn't know the number, maybe Gray? Only thinking of him brought her to sweat, he was so sexy and so cool. Gray she wanted to impress, but not necessarily only with her body.

Lyon is first introduced as Reitei Lyon. Lyon is a slim young man of average height with a muscular and toned body. He has bluish silver hair, most of which are spiky strands that jut upwards on top of his head, except for some which are kept pointing down and partially cover the upper left part of his face. He has small, linear, dark eyebrows.

During his first appearance, he donned a small, light-colored earring on his left earlobe, which takes the shape of a stylized snowflake. After joining Lamia Scale, Lyon had the guild stamp imprinted on his right pectoral, in the same spot where Gray Fullbuster has his own Fairy Tail stamp.

Upon Tenrou Team's return seven years later, the only difference in Lyon's look is the reappearance of an earring on his left ear.

This one, however, is larger than the first and seemingly consists of a small chain as well. After joining Lamia Scale, Lyon switched to a less imposing, yet still a showy attire. He sported a white jacket reaching down below his waist, distinguished by large, dark fur trimmings around the neck and cuffs, together with similarly dark belts circling each of his arms, one above his elbow, and another above his furry cuff.

Below this jacket, Lyon wore a high-collared tunic reminiscent of his old one, but much shorter, just reaching down to his waist, and colored extremely dark purple, with lighter purple edges. The most distinctive piece of his outfit at the time were his pants, which appeared to be composed of snakeskin, with a pair of dark belts circling his thighs and an intricate dark pattern adorning the front of each leg, this consisting of many rounded, rhomboidal figures linked together, each possessing a smaller figure in its center.

Lyon's pants were held up by a simple light belt with a plain rectangular buckle, and his outfit was completed by simple dark shoes with lighter soles.

gray and juvia relationship with god

As Lyon welcomes Tenrou Team from their seven years of disappearance, he donned a new outfit. He retains a short, high-collared tunic, which is now dark in color and has light edges and cuffs, together with many decorative motifs on the lower part of the chest and sleeves; unlike before, the tunic's collar is now left slightly open.

Lyon doesn't wear a jacket anymore; instead, his shoulders are covered by a dark mantle with a high collar and light, jagged edges matching his tunic. In addition, he appears to wear dark pants with light parts circling his thighs and gray boots.

gray and juvia relationship with god

While typically cold and composed, Lyon had also once been ambitious to a fault, and takes his goals and dreams extremely seriously. This had led him to attempt to revive the demon Deliora, in hopes of surpassing his teacher Ur, who gave up her life to freeze the demon indefinitely.