Gaz and zim relationship test

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gaz and zim relationship test

Oh, and in the summary it says ZADF (Zim and Dib Friendship), it's not really gonna be a friendship, He wants to have-" Zim lowered his voice, "a relationship?" Dib I came from a test tube, as are most of the other Invaders. The relationship between Gaz and GIR is somewhat similar to Gaz's Relationship with Zim in that she hardly has any interaction with the insane S.I.R Unit out of. I'm gonna take the Doom Quiz now! Gaz reacts to ZaGr, Dib reacts to ZaDr, Tak reacts to ZaTr, and Zim reacts to any Invader Zim couple at all ever.

What in the seven hells was that all about? He wondered, already feeling the relief the Advil provided. Red was looking at the screen in an irritant way, because Zim had woken them. I have multiple things to report, some of them pressing issues. One is that the race here is slowly but surely becoming influenced by my decisions.

gaz and zim relationship test

I will become a Tallest. Be prepared, for soon my reign will begin, and the earthlings shall become my personal slaves! Just follow the story. That you can only be an Almighty Tallest after the current ones have died? I shall wait, then. However, I have some questions. Are there side effects to this? Red stomped on his foot, and added, "But they should only include headaches.

gaz and zim relationship test

After the screen went black, Purple turned to Red. I mean, he IS gonna be a Tallest after all He will die first, so that the empire doesn't have to put up with him. Telling him that his sexual drive's gonna increase will only result in an embarrassing talk about sex. And I have NO desire to be in that discussion.

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Secretly, he still thought it was rather mean. He didn't know why though. The room beeped for a second or two, then said, "You are having sexual urges. What does that mean? Dominated by sexual love or desire. Is that of any help?

gaz and zim relationship test

One side of his brain was begging to not see such terrible things, while the other, louder part was demanding porn. The alien succumbed to the dominating, lust-crazed side. For some reason that Dib couldn't figure out, he felt like leaving the alien alone for the day. Maybe it was the fact that Zim hated Lex just as much as he did, or perhaps it was because Zim hadn't been bent on world domination for a while, but Dib was in a forgiving mood.

He even restrained from poking, prodding, and barbing Zim with threats. Zim glanced around the class tiredly. He'd been up till the wee hours of morning on porno sites, and was exhausted. Suddenly, he remembered what today's topic was about, and grinned. The heat had gone away eventually, and he'd been able to sleep.

However, when the green teen had woken in the morning the warmth had come back forcefully. Hopefully the upcoming video would provide some relief to his current situation.

Zim, Dib, and Lex happened to all be in the same class, and while they were walking down the hallway Lex pulled up to walk beside Dib. Zim followed behind a few feet. If he said she was taken, then he ran a higher risk of Gaz throttling him and dooming him to an eternal world of pain. Dib choked on his spit, his eyes widening. Mutely, Dib nodded, spotting Gaz. She glanced around, momentarily confused as to who was trying to get her attention, but realized it was Dib and pushed her way towards him.

Lex speedwalked in another diection, to where he could observe them without them noticing. Gaz raised an eyebrow while Zim threw a nasty look at Dib. The teacher carefully avoided Gaz, because she was the kid that had doomed a teacher last year. Just role the damn film! Dib turned to Zim. They were seated like the following: Dib had the outside seat, Zim had the next one in, and Gaz was next to Zim. Why did you claim that Gaz was your girlfriend?

Was that a problem? Now Lex is gonna try to seduce my sister, because he thinks that she likes you!

Gaz wants Zim to be her Bad Boy (ZaGr)

Plus, you'll have to spend lots of time with her now, and convince her to actually become your girlfriend! Zim could hear what sounded like screams of pain in the background, but ignored it. Gaz blinked, that was what she thought she heard. Zim turned haughtily back to Dib, who was sitting with a shocked expression.

A slutty girl plastered herself to him, but he was paying her no attention as he pondered what he'd just heard. So, they aren't actually boyfriend and girlfriend He didn't really care, but it pissed him off that they had lied to him. This means plan B must be put into action Why did Gaz agree to the date?

All these questions and more will be answered in the next chapter of Gaz Warz! You frequently threatened me or Dib. You've stolen a notebook, fifteen erasers, two pencils and three tubes of lipstick from me. You kidnapped my class for one of your experiments. You've probably had spy cameras following me the entire time.

gaz and zim relationship test

But most importantly, you wrote over my save data for Monster Cruncher, so yeah, not appropriate. Now Zim remained silent, except for a voice command to deactivate the lawn gnomes as she stepped through the gate.

Zim and Tak's Relationship

He even held open the door as Gaz stepped inside. Once she was in the middle of the room, she whirled back to him with a glare, wondering what he was playing at. There were some things she didn't want to reminded of, like the warmth of Zim's jacket around her shoulders.

He had found her shivering to be a distraction to his maniacal exposition. Silently cursing herself, the combination of memory and phrasing was not doing wonders for her composure.

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Pulling out his contacts in one sweeping motion he took a determined step towards the girl, "Part of me still sees you as my enemy. He discarded his wig taking another step closer. He had been planning this for a month, and Gaz would probably subject him to extreme pain afterwards, he had to move fast, make her tremble before her usual violent streak at him behaving like an idiot.

Gaz trembled, just slightly. Suddenly the Irken bent down and pulled Gaz's shirt away from her stomach, making her tremble again. Suddenly the alien was in front of her, blocking the door, "I want to make you tremble again. On second thought, perhaps she had been the one who didn't realize what he was asking. For a moment the tight-armed fold of her arms loosened, and Zim's face melted into a self-pleased grin. Glare hardening, Gaz pushed the alien boy away, "Back off Zim!

You think you can get whatever you want without any work. It was mere seconds of information, but Zim processed it frantically. Gaz hadn't actually said no, her words were a test of dedication to the endeavor.

gaz and zim relationship test

Zim ran through what he knew of human standards and protocols. Usually before entering into a reproductive relationship humans interacted more regularly in social settings to determine the quality of the potential mate.

Zim was familiar with being tested. Gaz paused, "I like the night showings," she answered, soft and quiet, then harshly, "don't screw it up. Originally this was just going to be a one-shot.

Then it expanded into a three-piece on an outline.