Erwin and levi relationship goals

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erwin and levi relationship goals

He was the maternal uncle of Levi Ackerman and had taught the latter as a child on Kenny wanted power, and his personality was molded around this goal. . to Levi as a close friend of Kuchel's, without revealing their true family relationship. .. Survey Corps · Erwin Smith † · Sandra † · Gordon † · Marlowe Freudenberg. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) - Erwin Smith x Levi Ackerman - Eruri. Read Stupid from the story Levi's Relationship Goals by OzzyDaniels with 6 reads. lévi, romance, erwin. "Levi!" I turned around to see a.

He simply said he'd do it his own way. This was what caught my attention. All the cadets are taught with the same way, same rules, same recommendations. But Levi, Church and Magnolia lacked this education, making it possible to have completely new aspects in the fight against the titans. I will continue watching these three. Levi was on the top from the very beginning. They dug deeper into Levi's file. They stumbled upon another report from Erwin. It was an official report about the 23rd Expedition of the Survey Corps.

On top of that there was an unofficial note, also written by Erwin. Let's read Erwin's note", Connie said with a gleam in his eyes. Armin cleared his throat. We lost too many good men. Including captain Darlett and his squad. The strategy crumbled when the titans got to the third wave — and wiped them all out.

Erwin and Levi: How They Tick and Why They Work

The only survivor was Levi. It wasn't pretty to watch him lose his family, Farlan Church and Isabel Magnolia. Levi committed a total overkill on the abnormal titan who killed them. Completely tore it apart.

erwin and levi relationship goals

He has shown more potential than any other soldier I have ever seen, and if he'd start trusting me… we could make a change in this world. Hanji agrees with me. Right now he's grieving and very angry with me, but I believe he'll forgive me — eventually. After all, it was also his own doing. He made a bad choice, and he'll regret it for the rest of his life.

Little by little, a realization hit him. He remembered running from Annie's titan in that forest. Eren remembered how he wanted to fight, to help his comrades — but what Levi had said to him then and there, changed his mind. He had put his trust in Levi — and chosen to abandon his dying friends. I can trust in my own abilities, or the strength of those who I trust. But in the end, no one knows how it'll turn out. All six of them were quiet.

Jean broke the silence first. She winced and blinked her black eyes. The official report just told the events of the expedition. It wasn't as interesting, didn't even mention Levi's name. But they all knew what had happened there. These are complaints", Armin said with a confused tone. Eren's eyes widened — there was a whole bunch of them. Connie took one and read: Complaint is placed by the inquisitor Rainart Adlar.

What mister Levi said to the inquisitor is unacceptable: He had to gather himself before continuing: It was placed by a military corporal The first picture was about Erwin's squad, that Levi was now apparently a part of. Mike was also standing there, on Erwin's left side. Ten years ago, only Hanji and Erwin had been squad leaders — but Hanji couldn't have been a squad leader for very long.

She was gifted, so maybe that was the reason she got her own squad so fast. The second picture was about Erwin saluting the Survey corps — undoubtedly after he became a commander.

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Levi there too, now with his own squad. It was a paper full of questions, and the answers were written with small, sharp letters. He had to answer to all of these questions. Eren glanced at him and cleared his throat. How much sleep do you approximately get in one night? I sleep hours a night. And if you ask me, Levi isn't exactly the type who goes to therapy. In all the time he had known Levi, he had noticed that the man never talked about how he felt.

erwin and levi relationship goals

He was always behind that emotionless mask of his. Eren now realized that it was the man's own way of coping with the countless losses he must have suffered throughout his whole life. Levi had suffered — just like all of them. Eren realized that the captain had probably had a very similar childhood than the three of them.

They had stopped being children a long time ago — way too early.

erwin and levi relationship goals

And life in the Underground city must have been hellish. Eren himself had always hated the walls — he felt like a caged bird. But to imagine being forced to live underground, never to see the sunlight or the stars If the question hadn't been so serious, Levi's answer would have been funny.

Of course he didn't have a happy childhood — he was an orphan born and raised in the Underground City. Levi's answers were dripping of sarcasm. I'm a very happy person. What did he answer? Jean gave them almost a levi-like glare. The psychological evaluation indeed was entertaining, but most of all Levi's file was quite sad. It was full of reports about expeditions, missions and notes. His heart started beating faster as he noticed the familiar faces.

The photo was taken outside, in front of the familiar castle. The height difference was ridiculous. Levi had his casual, serious, resting expression. They were all quiet. All of them knew what had happened to them.

erwin and levi relationship goals

The next picture was about Erwin, Mike, Hanji and Levi. They were in front of the same building — the photos were most likely taken on the same day. Mike and Erwin were at the sides, and Hanji and Levi were between them.

Hanji was grinning from ear to ear with the familiar glimmer in the corner of her eye, and Eren smiled. The last picture presented them, the new Squad Levi. Eren remembered the day the photo was taken — it had been sunny and nice and not a very long time ago.

The papers were almost finished. There was one more report left — it was from the expedition where Levi's old squad had faced their ends. Eren almost got tears in his eyes from the memory — but it also filled him with anger. Anger towards the titans. There were a few reports about Levi's visits to a doctor. Mikasa seemed uncomfortable and Eren shifted too on his chair.

It was their fault that the captain had hurt his leg. They had gone through the entire thing. Eren didn't really know what to think about it all.

He had always wanted to know about Levi's past… but this had been the wrong thing to do. He felt pure guilt pounding in his chest, and when he looked at the expressions on Armin and Mikasa's faces, he knew he wasn't the only one. They said their good nights and disappeared through the door. Let's take it back tomorrow", Jean said quietly, before climbing to his top bunk. Eren had to make his way to the dungeons. His steps were heavy, thoughts filled with the things he'd just read. And they died outside the walls thirteen years ago.

He was so sunk into the depths of his own thought that he didn't notice who was walking past him in the corridor. Eren winced and looked at Captain Levi, who was sipping his tea and reading a report while walking.

He felt the older man's eyes on drill to his back. How am I ever going to look him in the eye again? I betrayed his trust and he doesn't even know it. The next day Eren was up before anyone else. It's not like he'd been sleeping, though. Not one minute — he had been laying there, wide awake, going through the mess inside his head. He met the others at breakfast, and there was one thing written all over his teammates' faces.

Levi was chatting with Erwin and Hanji, sipping his tea with his own, characteristic way. Eren couldn't bring himself to look at the Captain, but others kept glancing at him. The commander and the squad leaders weren't blind. Why is everyone looking so fucking grim? We talked it through. He felt like he was boiling inside his skin. Just woke up from the wrong side of the bed", Connie answered.

erwin and levi relationship goals

He tried to offer a reassuring smile, but he didn't succeed very well. And Eren couldn't smile. He knew that Levi noticed something was wrong — Mikasa was looking down, hiding behind her hair, and Sasha was picking on her food — not eating a bite.

That alone was a warning bell to anyone. The excitement that had been so real the day before was gone with the wind. They were all just feeling guilty for letting down their leader. Eren escaped back to the dungeons. Levi knew something was wrong and sooner or later he would find out what they had done. What would happen then?

He would be so angry… and disappointed. Eren didn't have to turn around to know who it was. Eren closed his eyes and lowered his head. He couldn't look the corporal in the eye. Mikasa hates me, but she brought me tea. Connie is a lazy bastard, but he's cleaned almost half of the eastern wing", the Captain continued, sitting next to Eren on his bed. Still not in the eye, though. He kept staring at the floor. The Captain's eyes were worried, his expression demanding. Eren knew he would have to tell the corporal.

There was no point in backing off now. He felt his voice die out and turned back to look at his hands. He was going through internal struggle to continue.

He sighed and turned to look at the corporal in the eye. And he brought it to the barracks so that we could Eren was so baffled by his reaction he wasn't sure how to react.

We betrayed your trust. But I'm not mad at you. And not just that, you're a bunch of curious brats", he said with a warm tone. How could they not be interested?

The nobility, by living in the most heavily protected inner city, already consider the commoners to be worth less, are already willing to sacrifice them in place of themselves. This mentality gets demonstrated pretty well with the scene between Lord Balto and Pixis. As jkirschtein noted, Levi will comfort a dying soldier and dirty his hands in the process without a second thought.

Erwin however remains on his horse, physically distanced and correspondingly emotionally distanced as well. His command is dependent on him remaining so, something I discuss here. The anime makes it clear that the trial is unusual, perhaps even unprecedented, considering how Pixis pulls Erwin aside to mention how Zackley was getting involved. It felt like he was used to reading people and manipulating them.

He appeals to his troops on an ideological level rather than a personal one because his upbringing has distanced him from them in a way that would make personal connection disingenuous. He sees the world in a clinical and more theoretical way.

Erwin is a strategist while Levi is a tactician. Erwin plans in the long term, is driven more by abstract goals while Levi responds to immediate concerns.

Levi hates the military police, the nobility, the government, all of which have somehow personally affected him. Erwin would just have to frame the titans in the context of the system that has already victimized Levi and drawn his ire. Thus, a beautiful relationship is born. I wrote fairly extensively about it in a subsection of my tl;dr Levi metaif you wanted a more detailed explanation for how I see him.

A better demonstration comes here: Erwin and Hanji as well: Furthermore, Levi gets the advantage of context. On multiple occasions he demonstrates concern for Erwin, but I think the most important instance is this page: He admits the limits of his foresight, his own vulnerability and even shows it openly on his face, but who is his audience?

Erwin is described as a person who rejected his own humanity, who consensually became a monster to fight monsters. I want to compare this to this: Effectively, Levi is doing the same thing in both scenes. He forces Erwin to remember the humanity and conscience he rejected. But in comparing these two scenes, I wanted to return to my previous point about Erwin displaying emotional vulnerability befor Levi. Erwin and Levi are alone in the first one, while Petra and other scouts are present in the second.

I want to focus on the second one though, because I think it demonstrates the contrast between Levi and Erwin beautifully, one I think my headcanon accentuates. Levi is on the ground, his hands are literally dirty. Going back to my headcanon, Levi grew up intimately familiar with the struggle to survive. He personally suffered from the flaws of the system, and the reason he fights is because the titans are part of it. Compare Erwin, who was buffered from the cruel reality by his wealth and status, who is additionally distanced from the common soldier.

Levi is a pet project for Erwin, in a way, as Erwin took the gamble of recruiting him for the military. He mentors Levi, is the one who shows Levi the importance of fighting the titans and helps Levi navigate through a society unfamiliar to him. The other and more obvious power imbalance is rank.

I feel like this is an extension of the mentor-mentee dynamic between Erwin and Levi. Again, a problematic mindset, but one to keep in mind. Most importantly though, is the fact Erwin will order Levi to his death. His pragmatism and ruthlessness has been emphasized throughout SnK, and yes, this is something I think Erwin is very capable of doing.