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The plan worked, and Eobard vanished from existence after Eddie shot leaves plenty of questions, among them: Will Eddie or Eobard be on. Eddie Thawne (died May 19, ) was a police detective of the Keystone City Learning he would be Eobard's ancestor, Eddie would later sacrifice himself to . They asked questions about former employee Danton Black, though Stagg . This strained their relationship, as Iris didn't think Eddie should hide anything. The Flash season 1 episode 22 eobard thawne . but in case you hadn't heard: Eddie Thawne didn't need to off himself to stop the Reverse Flash. Joe West's foster son and Iris' step-brother, making his relationship with her pretty uncomfortable. What other problems with The Flash do fans overlook?.

That's a really thin explanation, as Wells' past inventions would have to be astronomically profitable for the math to even come close to making sense. There's also the question of the lab's reputation. Labs is canonically hated by the public of Central City, as everyone knows it was responsible for the particle accelerator explosion. Even if you put money aside, it's highly unlikely that Central City's government or citizens would allow the lab to continue to work.

After all, aside from moving at the speed of light, Barry Allen can travel through time, create lightning and tornadoes, phase through solid matter and access the mysterious Speed Force. But the problem is that Barry's powers are actually extremely simple: You see how this might get old after several seasons? Eddie Thawne didn't need to off himself to stop the Reverse Flash.

It may seem that way, given that Eddie is Eobard Thawne's ancestor, but not only was there an alternative method to accomplish the same goal, the act didn't actually stop the villain anyway. Eddie could have just thought ahead and gotten a vasectomy to ensure he would never have descendants.

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Even that wouldn't have made much of a difference, because Eobard Thawne continues to exist as a time remnant, despite the temporal paradox.

So why even bump Eddie off in the first place? Barry and Iris have become a cute couple, but their early will-they-won't-they relationship was intensified by the fact that Barry kept his super speed a secret from her.

Barry quite literally told most of the people close to him about his powers before he told Iris. While this made sense from a dramatic standpoint, it made no sense for the character.

We find it hard to believe that Barry would actually keep this a secret from Iris, given that she's the person he cares about most in the world. By that metric, Barry should have told her before anyone else, not after everyone else.

But if you think about it for even a second, the West family is more than a little awkward. There's the fact that Barry is basically Joe West's foster son and Iris' step-brother, making his relationship with her pretty uncomfortable. The show may act like Iris and Barry have a perfectly healthy relationship, but it's hard not to get a little weirded out by it. Plus, there's also Wally West, Joe's estranged son who didn't meet him until he was an adult.

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Add to the fact that Joe now also has a newborn daughter with Cecille Horton, and you start to realize that Joe's family life is kind of odd. This extends to his interactions with metahumans, as he tends to get the honor of coming up with their official name.

Granted, these names are usually drawn straight from the comics themselves, so we can't really fault the character for thinking "Captain Cold" was a good nickname. We can fault him for the nickname he came up for himself when he learned he had superpowers of his own.

And yet again, no one paid any attention. This all led to one of the longest, most boring, comic book stories ever told: The Trial of the Flash. Still, through all these adventures, and over 20 years, we never knew why Eobard Thawne hated Barry Allen. In one of the greatest Flash stories ever told, writer Mark Waid gave everyone what they wanted, the return of Barry Allen. By this point, we had a new Flash, Wally West, and Barry had died long ago nearly a decade.

Still, fans wanted to see Barry back, so Mark, who had an open disdain for Barry, obliged. Barry came back, and he was kind of a dick. Going all the way back to the first appearance of Reverse Flash, Mark Waid and artist Greg LaRocque showed us something we had not seen. When he arrived, he found that his timing was off, and he arrived too late - Barry was dead. Eobard made his way to the Flash Museum, looking to at least get something from his trip.

FLASH Facts: The Thawne Family And The Reverse Flashes

It was there that Eobard saw the showcase on Reverse Flash. It was there that he learned that Flash would kill Reverse Flash. It was there that he learned that he was Reverse Flash. This moment drove Eobard insane. He vowed then and there to destroy the legacy of Barry Allen. Barry then erased all of existence trying to save his mom, then recreated everything. We covered all that in the 1st part of this series. Still, this created what is commonly known as a time paradox, something that Mark Waid, a big Back To The Future fan would not just leave open all willy-nilly.

There had to be a deeper reason as to why Eobard Thawne hated Barry Allen. Something in his blood that drove him to hate a man who died a century before he was born.

The next layer of the Thawne onion brings us back in time, to a very important day in the history of both the Allen and Thawne families. On a summer night in Fallville, Iowa, a drunk doctor fucked up and killed a baby during childbirth. Lucky for him, another couple also showed up at his office ready to give birth, and to twins! So, drunk doctor took one of the twins and gave it to the birth parents. They named the child Barry Allen. Drunk doctor told Nora and Henry Allen that the other child was stillborn.

Malcolm would grow up with Hugo and Charlene Thawne, who were con men as well as abusive parents. They used it to sell fake miracle medicine. Malcolm ran away from home to find his real family and learned just how good his brother had it. Barry was living the life with a wonderful wife, superpowers, and a teen sidekick!

She also gave him a prophecy… A thousand years will the blue flame burn, granting your fondest wish Then he tried again, and lost again.

Eddie Thawne

Malcolm, in a battle with Flash, ended up being sucked into the blue crystal, but the legacy of Cobalt Blue continued on for a thousand years, with various people taking on the mantle, and all of them losing to a Flash. The battles between Flashes and Cobalt Blues came to a head in the yearwhen every Flash fought every Cobalt Blue. Still, the Thawnes weren't done with the Allens! Ina Thawne was elected president of the Earth. A truce was called between the Allens and the Thawnes, agreed to by Barry Allen, who was now living in the future with Iris.

They would have twins, Don and Dawn Allen, who would become the superheroes known as the Tornado Twins. Don would meet and fall in love with Meloni Thawne, the daughter of President Thawne. Meloni loved Don as well, and they married. After that, President Thawne would try to take over the galaxy using the Cobalt Blue gem, only to be stopped by Eobard Thawne!

Eobard destroyed the gem, ending the Cobalt Blue legacy forever. Bart was stuck in superspeed and was aging fast. By the time he was 2, he looked Thawne was raising Bart in a VT environment so that Bart could learn at superspeed. Still, President Thawne persisted! He made a clone of Bart, called Inertia, and sent him back in time to mess with Bart.

At some point, President Thawne lost the office. Writing all of this out, I can kind of see why people find comics to be so confusing. Not all Reverse Flashes are Thawnes though.