Enchong and erich relationship trust

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enchong and erich relationship trust

It's no secret that Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee are close friends. Tower: " Our love outshined any relationships because we genuinely. After her controversial breakup with Daniel Matsunaga in , Erich Gonzales feels she is now in a good place. She told miyagi-marugoto2012.info, “Yes. The Blood Sisters is a Philippine drama television series directed by Jojo Saguin, starring Erich Gonzales in three characters: Erika, Carrie, and Agatha. . The Bermudez-Almeda family relationships disintegrate as Agatha stirs up conflict and . He befriends Erika to gain her trust, and information about the Patron, and.

Hes only 13 years old, he explained. Mahirap talaga for her and I found it too unfair kasi siya lagi ang nagsasalita.

enchong and erich relationship trust

So finally a couple of days ago I said na its time for me to speak upits also my responsibility para shes not left in the dark, para hindi siya nahihirapang sumagot. The hunk actor also apologized to Concepcion, Sorry if it took me this long. Its a thorn off my chest, I must say. KC is taken Pascual said he also decided to announce his relationship with Concepcion so the latters admirers would no longer consider courting the actress.

Among those rumored to have expressed interest in the Megadaughter are Azkals football player Phil Younghusband, actor Sam Milby, and apl. Para matigilan na rin yung mga nagpaparinig kay Kristina laughsPascual said. I wouldnt want to watch another interview para may magsabi na may crush sa kanya or gustong makipag-date.

I just want them to know that shes taken. Pascual thanked Concepcion for sticking it out with me and for being sobrang sobrang patient and understanding. Asked if Concepcion is the woman hes willing to spend the rest of his life with, the hunk actor said, Siguro di naman ako aamin nang ganito or magta-take ng risk kung sa tingin ko di ko siya gusto makasama habangbuhay.

Dee appealed for people to stop speculating about the non-existent tiff. Sa mga taong patuloy na gumagawa ng kuwento at naninira sa amin, sana tigilan niyo na. Ang masasabi ko po talaga na magkaibigan sila, walang ganon, said Dee. The actor also denied that there is a budding romance between him and Chiu. He, however, admitted that he got something for the actress when he came back from a vacation in Hong Kong. The Bermudez-Almeda family relationships disintegrate as Agatha stirs up conflict and division, when she teams up with Rocco, Fabian's bastard.

They successfully expose the Solomon syndicate and shut down Paraiso. The exposure and capture of the Solomons exposes Rosemarie's connection with their illegal activities, effectively stripping her of her medical license, and her status in the medical industry. While Rosemarie loses her medical license and the Solomons are in prison serving time, Agatha and Rocco take over the syndicate's leadership. The lucrative baby farming is replaced with Child trafficking for Organ harvestingselling children as organ donors.

They recruit an unlikely ally, Dr. Rosemarie Bermudez, who is eager to get her hands on the fortune she lost. With the growing demand for organ harvesting, the pair use Rosemarie's doctor skills to medically screen the captive children and provide certification of their viable human organs for their international clientele.

Jolo, Erika's son, is kidnapped by Rocco's syndicate and then later sold to a foreigner organ buyer for his dying son. The transaction and exchange was successful and Jolo woild have been lost forever. But Erika does not give up. She fights the organ buyer with all her ferocity, uses all her street smarts, finds him, and rescues him from the syndicate.

While Jolo recovers from the trauma of his kidnapping, Erika and her family recognize the significance of Jolo's testimony.

Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee share what it’s like to have a strong and comfortable friendship

She agrees for him to becomes a material witness against the syndicate. Erika is able to piece together the information she has gathered and connects the dots to Rocco and Agatha.


Rocco convinces Agatha to assassinate her Sister and nephew, but she loses her nerve. Rocco attempts to do it himself but shoots Carrie instead as she spots him in the window, taking the bullet meant for her sister as she tries to warn and block Carrie.

While Carrie fights for her life, Agatha is conflicted after seeing Carrie in the hospital and overhears Rocco tell Sahara he is merely playing Agatha. In retaliation, Agatha steals all their money.

Meanwhile, Jolo's testimony on the woman doctor who tends to the kidnapped children and a girl with a tattoo on her ankle leads Authorities to Dr.

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Rosemarie and Agatha, and both are captured and incarcerated. He also positively identifies Rocco, who is fighting another war with the escaped convicts Solomons.

All are bent on their revenges against one another, and after the money Agatha hid. They capture Agatha and torture her. Soon after Carrie wakes up from her coma and reveals a masked man attempted to shoot Erika. Greg Solomon decides to go abroad with Ginny to keep her away from danger, leaving Fabian with his bastard son, Rocco. Samuel finds and confronts Fabian about his father's death and attempts to shoot him but did not have the stomach to kill.

However, he tricked Patron into admitting the truth about Manuel's death, secretly videotaped their conversation. As he escapes with Erika, he, along with Agatha are seriously wounded.

Are Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee more than just friends?

During the violent shootout, Erica runs over Sahara and kills her. Rocco mourns his sister's death. Worrying about Agatha's survival under Rocco's hands, Adele finds the money Agatha hid and arranges for an exchange.

Adele brings a portion of the money and offers herself as hostage for Agatha's release. Agatha has to retrieve the rest of the money to save her mother.

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Meanwhile, as Samuel lays dying in the hospital, Erika accepts his proposal to marry him. He passes away shortly. Erika, Vida and Tessa mourn his untimely death.

On the other hand, Agatha asks help from Dante Thou Reyes to sneak into their house to get the remaining money. The three sisters are finally reunited and on the same team. Agatha is touched by the concern and love everyone has towards her as they raised money to meet Rocco's ransom demand, and realizes how much they loved her despite her mistakes. This was the key that turned her around. Determined to return to Rocco to retrieve her mother who was left hostage in her place, the three sisters plan to work together.

They all dress in Agatha's persona to intentionally confuse Rocco and his father and discover both were bent on taking the money and run alone. The two men shoot each other during the crossfire. Rocco survives, but his half brother Greg arrives in time to see Rocco mourning his father, and the two half brothers get into a fight, and Rocco kills him. After a metal beam collapses on him, Rocco is apprehended.

In the finale, the triplets celebrate their birthday in Agatha and Rosemarie's prison cell, with Adele, Debbie, Norman, Tonyo, and Agatha's friends. Tonyo and Carrie also announce their engagement.

Characters and characters' story arcs[ edit ] Main article: They are the triplets Erika, Carrie and Agatha, separated as infants, who reunite under the most complicated circumstances, and are embroiled in strife and conflicts with one another.

The 3 love interests are Samuel a successful doctor in love with Erika; Rainier, Greg's illegitimate son,and Agatha's lover; Tonyo, Erika's best friend in love with Carrie.

enchong and erich relationship trust

Three characters create the hostility in the story arcs: Andrea, Rocco, and Fabian. Andrea is the triplets' cousin who wants to usurp all the Bermudezes wealth; Rocco is Fabian's abandoned son who seeks vengeance on his father; and Fabian merciless Syndicate leader who despises his son's deformed face.

Six other characters incite the ensuing conflicts: She blames her loss and unhappiness on Adele, directing her anger towards her throughout. His deceit adversely impacts everyone's lives.

Rosemarie is the Bermudez matriarch, driven by greed and power, destroying lives without any moral conscience. Sahara is Rocco's sister, loyal only to her brother, and despises Agatha. Greg is Rocco's half brother, the ruthless son of Patron.