Dominic toretto and elena neves relationship

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dominic toretto and elena neves relationship

friendship — with the mysterious, mountainous Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel). .. joins the crew more fully in Fast Five and develops a relationship with Han. Fugitive until he and Dom become best pals, and Elena Neves (Elsa. Elena Neves was a patrol officer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Diplomatic Security Service Alongside Hobbs, Elena helps Dominic Toretto's crew steal $ million from She begins a relationship with Dominic and becomes close with Mia. Pairings: Brian O'Conner/Mia Toretto, mention of Dominic Toretto/Elena Neves Here's my explanation of why Dom was dripping sweat everywhere. .. the changing relations between Brian, Dom, and Hobbs over the course.

Dominic returns to L. He and Brian once again team up to take down Mexican drug dealer Arturo Bragawho had ordered Letty's execution following a drug run. He later finds out Brian was the last person who had contact with Letty; this enrages him as he attacks Brian before the latter could explain to him that Letty came to him for help in clearing his name so Dominic could return to Los Angeles.

After successfully extraditing Braga back to the U. However, the bus carrying Dominic is ambushed by Brian, Mia, Rico and Tego; once Dominic is sprung out of the bus wreckage, the group flees out of the U. They get involved in a dangerous crossfire with drug lord Hernan Reyeswho has them framed for the murder of three DEA agents during a drug run on a train.

Elite bounty hunter and DSS federal agent Luke Hobbs is sent to Brazil to hunt down and capture Dominic and his gang, but when he is ambushed by Reyes' men, he forms an unlikely alliance with Dominic and helps the gang execute their heist. After killing Reyes, Hobbs allows Dominic and his gang to leave Brazil with their stash by giving them a hour window.

Hobbs' partner Elena Neves also leaves the force and becomes Dominic's new love interest. Dominic and Brian reassemble their gang minus Rico and Tego, whom both are in Monaco in London for this mission in exchange for a full pardon on all parties and Letty's safe return.

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He saves her from falling to her death while the gang stops Shaw aboard a military tank on a bridge in Spain. Shaw, however, reveals his backup plan of kidnapping Mia and using her as leverage for his release and the handing of the top-secret microchip that was removed from the tank. Despite the death of Gisele, Dominic and his gang defeat Shaw and kill his men while saving Mia and the microchip in a daring chase at a NATO military airfield. Hobbs grants their pardons, and Dominic and his gang move back to his home in L.

Seeing Dominic and Letty back together for good, Elena bids him farewell and returns to working with Hobbs. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift[ edit ] Main article: Tokyo Drift, Dominic makes a cameo appearance at the end of the film by challenging Sean Boswell in a drift race with his gun metal silver Plymouth Road Runnerwhich he won from his late friend Han.

Furious 7 In Furious 7it was revealed that Owen Shaw is still alive, and his older brother Deckard Shaw went rogue and hunts Dominic's team, which resulted in Han's death this explains why he died in Tokyo Drift, bridging the story here and his house being blown up. Determined to exact revenge on Shaw, Dominic decided to take him down alone, but was stopped by a Covert Ops leader and Hobbs' friend Mr.

Nobody offers Dominic a way to hunt Shaw by obtaining a software named "God's Eye" and save its creator named Ramsey from Mose Jakande and his men. Agreeing to the deal, Dominic, Brian, Letty, Tej and Roman led a daring rescue to Ramsey at the mountains of Azerbaijan and succeeds in doing so. Afterwards they figured out that the device was lend to a friend of Ramsey who lives in Abu Dhabi named Zafar.

After a successful retrieval of the God's Eye that also involved Dominic and Brian made a vehicle jump on three buildingsthey found Shaw's hideout but also got into a surprise ambush that killed Nobody's men and him being injured. It just served to annoy Hobbs even more.

Maybe the dentist was right; with all the teeth grinding he had been doing since the Rio job, the dentist had told Hobbs he would be needing a mouth guard at night to prevent further enamel loss on his molars.

She couldn't help but notice that you were excessively sweating without an apparent reason. It's been bugging her so much she decided to research it. She wants to know if you've been feeling pain, itching, or burning sensations in your extremities or if you had any skin discoloration along your fingertips or toes? Swelling of the body? Or if you've just been shedding skin randomly?

Unexplained hypertension or tachycardia that your doctor can't explain? Hobbs sat straighter in his chair, his jaw tightening until he was sure that one of his teeth would crack. Over the past months, even before the Toretto case, Hobbs had been not feeling well. He had just chalked it off as years of grinding work that was finally taking its toll on his body. The check-ups at the doctors hadn't yielded anything so he had brushed it off and threw himself into his work. A few of his colleagues had noticed that his already short temper was now explosive.

Maybe it could be the continuing burning sensation he had along his legs and lower back. He had to buy the highest quality of deodorants as the sweating was beginning to get out of hand. Or are you just afraid that it's true? I'm sure you're the type of agent that would piss off a number of people because of the high road you walk on.

After all, the oath you swore when you took this job is sacred to you. And I'm damn sure there a couple agents there that don't want you to sniff around their business. I suggest going to a doctor that you can really trust. Pulling the phone from his ear, Hobbs looked at the receiver, wondering what his next move would be. The doctor he had been seeing was assigned to him by the department to take advantage of the benefits his service offered.

Was someone in the government subtlety trying to kill him and had paid off the doctor to look the other way? The doctor that he was seeing for the medical problems was a new one that had been assigned to him eight months ago, before the symptoms had begun to appear. O'Conner forced the signals to bounce every time we got a lock on it and that was after we had to figure out the signal. There is something you might have missed. For every little cock up, they apologized profusely while they could have been focusing on the next report.

dominic toretto and elena neves relationship

His old crew would have just shrugged and moved on. The federal agent eyed the area outside of the glass panes that surrounded his office, eyeing the other agents that were working on other cases for DSS. Was one of them really trying to bring him down? Despite his best efforts, his mind could not get rid of what O'Conner said to him: If it isn't, do you really want to gamble with that chance?

Was he afraid that one of his colleagues was a traitor? That he was being poisoned by someone he worked with every day? Was there someone out here, in the very building Hobbs was sitting in that wanted him dead? The attitude he had regarding his jobs had enamored him with a number of his bosses while isolating the rest.

He followed the law to the letter while bending others at the same time. It was something he prided himself on and why he was so at odds with criminals like O'Conner, former law enforcement officers who had turned their back on the oaths they swore.

There had been that case before Toretto's that had drawn the attention of him and his crew. They had turned it over to another team for follow ups while they went down to chase Toretto and O'Conner.

He hadn't heard from anything since then. His men had been murdered. Had that been the plan? He had only survived because Toretto had come for him. Names were pulled from his consciousness, names that were achingly familiar.

That's something you need to ask yourself. Yeah there were times that he hated O'Conner. A couple of days later, Hobbs was sitting in the home of the doctor that had seen his family for years.

dominic toretto and elena neves relationship

The windows looking out into the front garden were covered with thick drapes to prevent people from looking in. He carefully placed the kit he had taken from the labs at the National Institutes of Health. Warrick began prepping the arm. Considering how many samples you have in your lab, it wouldn't be hard for one of your staff to swap out the samples. Warrick switched the tubes once the first one was full.

When the last one was filled, he placed them into the ice box he had brought from his lab. On the front was a cover that had the information of a research project he was heading. The sample number was The arm was cleaned and patched with a skin-colored band aid. It's not my work phone. By the time Hobbs made to his single story home, the sun had come and gone. The streets were empty, families tucked into their beds, the occasional dog barking from the backyard.

A street over, a single police cruiser turned, disappearing into the darkness. The lack of movement and still night allowed Hobbs to search around him for anything that might be out of place; a van that normally wasn't there, an unknown sedan parked into a usually empty driveway. Hidden under his jacket was a portable mercury vapor indicator device, smuggled from within the DSS.

He had managed to sneak it past the clerk who recorded the comings and goings of the DSS equipment. There were two places that he visited on any regular basis; his home and work. If there was any time that would allow someone to poison him on a continual basis, it would be at one of these two locations.

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Poisoning him at work would be too risky and had a high chance of unwanted attention when a number of agents would eventually fall sick with the same symptoms Hobbs was experiencing himself. Before opening the front door, Hobbs eyed the door jambs and knob, searching for any scratch or nick that hadn't been there before.

Due to his training, he kept the edges of points of entry into his house smooth. There was nothing out of the ordinary on the sanded wood. He quickly opened the solid oak door and entered his house. Again, nothing came to him that screamed that someone had been inside his house. Pulling the indicator from his jacket, Hobbs turned it on.

The screen immediately began to detect mercury vapor in the air. Hobbs' lips tightened as his mind registered that O'Conner had been right. Pushing to the back of his mind now, he began a thorough search of his home. The living room only had trace amounts. The kitchen, the master bedroom, and the master bathroom all had high levels of mercury vapor present. Shutting off the device, Hobbs repressed the urge to throw the device at the wall.

The evidence was irrefutable; someone had been trying to murder him and right under his own nose. The only thing that had saved him was the fact that it had been from the mouth of someone he had been chasing. The thought that he owed O'Conner a debt was a sour, bitter taste in his mouth. It might have been the mercury fucking with his taste buds but he knew he couldn't quite stomach of owing the former federal agent a debt.

If it had been Toretto, it wouldn't have been as bad. At least he had some honor. Hand tightening around the device, Hobbs began to plan how to prove that a federal agent had been poisoning him.

The shrill ringing of the phone woke up Brian, the former cop wildly swinging his long arm around to pick it up before it woke up the baby. It had taken forever to put the new addition down and Mia would not be happy to have him wake up wailing at having his sleep interrupted.

It didn't help that he had only gotten four hours of sleep last night and not all in one go. Mia had the worst of it, choosing to breast feed their newborn son to give him a head start in life. What Brian saw on the screen had him straightening up and staring in shock at the words rolling across the bottom of the screen: Did they state who he attempted to murder? Slowly, the gears were grinding together and adding up the numbers. An omission was still a lie and he had promised that he wouldn't lie to Dom anymore.

It seems that the director was doing unsavory conducts underneath the table and the DSS had been paired with the Secret Service to investigate what was going on. Hobbs was the lead for the DSS and was getting close to figuring it out.