Describe stanley and stellas relationship

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describe stanley and stellas relationship

There, Stella married lower-class Stanley, with whom she shares a robust sexual relationship. Stella's union with Stanley is both animal and spiritual, violent but. Stella was physically abused by her husband Stanley. The relationship hurting Stella. Another factor is denial in the relationship the two had. However, the following describes, " Stella has embraced him with both We can even compare the relationship between Stella and Stanley to.

How do the stage directions represent their relationship? The stage directions in Scene 3 show that Stanley is dominating force in the relationship, albeit a violent one. These stage directions show how there are problems in their relationship and how Stanley struggles to deal with problems he is having.

Scene 3: how does Williams represent the relationship of Stanley and Stella?

As his friends are also there, he could be warning them not to cross him; if he is prepared to hit his wife he is prepared to do it to them. It also reinforces the idea that Stanley is the dominant force of the relationship as she depends on him so much that she will never want to leave him. The stage directions give and insight into their topsy-turvy relationship and that they depend on each other too much for incidents like this to break them apart.

What language is employed by the couple: How do their registers differ? In scene 3, Stanley is the commanding prescience in the room.

He does this throughout the scene, giving the impression that everyone is fearful of him. It also shows she does not have the authority which Stanley has as she has to ask whereas Stanley tells people what to do.

He does not waste time with niceties and this could show how different their backgrounds are. Hence, Blanche will release her desire by flirting with men. We can say that Stella has sensual desire toward Stanley. Before Blanche came to their home, she had a wonderful life with Stanley. However, Blanche's arrival becomes a strong threat to Stella and Stanley. Stella struggles between her original thought, background and the reality. In the scene four, Blanche persuades Stella to leave Stanley.

And we can know that Stella hesitates. Because it said, " who has listened gravely to Blanche. We can say that she chooses the brutish desire and give up the chances to have a better life. We can even compare the relationship between Stella and Stanley to Steve and Eunice.

describe stanley and stellas relationship

There are always have fight between these two couples. However, they always maintain good relations in a very short time. For example, Stanley beats Stella. Nevertheless, they still make love at that night. Steve and Eunice have similar situation. Yet, there are still have some differences between these two couples.

The relationship between Stella and Stan

Because the interference of Blanche, Stella shares the opinion from Blanche. She has the same background and views as Blanche. Consequently, she can't endure so much violent behaviors from Stanley.

describe stanley and stellas relationship

For example, she ran to Eunice's house when Stanley beats her. She hates Stanley joke to her in front of other people.

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She against Stanley because she want to support her sister. Meanwhile, Stanley also feels threatened because of Blanche. So he will give the ticket to Blanche at the end.

He tries his best to expel Blanche.