Code geass lelouch and cc relationship help

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code geass lelouch and cc relationship help

Ok, so after watching episode 14 of Code Geass. There are some things I would like to discuss. Not meant to start any pairing wars. ^_^ **SPOILERS** From. Dec 12, [MISC] Official texts on Lelouch & C.C.'s relationship A compilation of excerpts Lelouch's monologue from Code Geass Novel: R2 TURN Sep 20, CC definitely does, her character arc is about her becoming human again by loving . ignore the very unique relationship between Nunnally and Lelouch. .. I 've kind of hoped these new scenes from the movies might help in.

And yet she also tinkers with the kiss shared between Shirley and Lelouch.

code geass lelouch and cc relationship help

Perhaps the real C. However, there is no doubt that C. The fate he should live. His sins piled up, his dreams lost, his future closed. Still, the boy burns to ambition. He can not turn back. Only the girl knows everything.

And so the boy and the girl became accomplices of the past and solitude.

code geass lelouch and cc relationship help

Both the contract and the power of the king are different, each with its own intention. I was afraid that I was nothing more than a tool to end your eternal life. But now I know your weakness that differs you from the nun, the Code bearer from your past; you are too kind.

No matter where you go, even when your body is immortal, your heart is still that of human. Whenever you make a contract, at first you have no feelings for your contractor. However after spending some time together with them, you change. As your heart longs for love the most, the girl longing for love would appear.

You become confused, and finally come to conclusion: You are really an idiot.

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Then why make contract? How could you have feelings for the person you intended to use? Do you think I fell for your cheap ploys? For being manipulated by you, do you think I would hate you? Then what should she do?

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That he, the man named Lelouch Lamperouge, would not stop running toward death. He chose this path on his own will. Do you remember your original color? Then Lelouch laughed softly. Surprisingly, Lelouch kept respecting the position of an accomplice. Lelouch who promised to make her wish comes true despite the unfair conditions, became a special existence for C.

To answer his feelings, C. She simply believed in Lelouch. Perhaps that is why C. That the power of the king would isolate you.

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This is key because a lot of the counter posts I've read online says if there is a love affair it is one sided. The end of the first season has the linchpin of the entire argument that they are a couple and that is when C. Let me just emphasis how fucking important that is in anime. The last episode, SPOILERS, is an epilogue in which is shows the two main characters going to college and living together, and there is no doubt in the viewers mind that these two are a couple.

They are in it for the long haul, they touch each other affectionately, they are playful. Kissing is just not something that is frequently depicted in anime. I could go on for paragraphs on why this is culturally, but I won't.

7 Times Lelouch and CC Gave Us “Collywobbles”

I think anyone who has watched more than five anime understands this. So this isn't just some unrequited kiss. This is a declaration of love and that these two characters are both attracted to each other, and clearly care for each other. Season 2, which I won't go into to many more details of examples, if any at all, more just confirms this relationship not by singular moments, but by their overall attitudes to each other.

This is why I'm confused as to why this is even a confusing issue for anyone. Yes, I am confused about the confusion. Not of friends, but of two companions who love and care for each other, deeply.