Cindy breakspeare and rita marley relationship

After 38 years, Marley-Breakspeare still sparks debate | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

cindy breakspeare and rita marley relationship

Oct 11, Cindy Breakspeare, Marley's lover and mother of his son Damian, “She ( Breakspeare) tries to have a civil relationship with Rita as far as I can. Breakspeare is the mother of reggae musician Damian Marley, through her relationship with Bob Marley, who remained married to Rita Marley until his death . Feb 23, Cindy Breakspeare (right) and Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley, son of by Marley's mother, who told her he was actually married to Rita Marley.

The I Three[ edit ] Following the birth of Bob and Rita's first child, DavidinBob returned to Delaware in to work on the night shift in a Chrysler factory.

  • Cindy finds out that Bob had Rita; Damian Marley is born
  • After 38 years, Marley-Breakspeare still sparks debate

Bunny had returned to the Wailers at the end of and Rita did not record with Bob untilwhen her husband formed the I Three often wrongly spelt I Threes harmony vocal group featuring Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt to replace Peter and Bunny, who had left the band in It was followed up by the smash hit album Rastaman Vibration.

On 3 December two days before " Smile Jamaica ", a large free concert organized by Bob Marley with the support of Jamaican Prime Minister Michael ManleyRita, Bob, and manager Don Taylor were wounded in an assault by gunmen affiliated to Marley's opponents inside the Marley home.

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Rita survived a shot to the head and Taylor sustained serious injuries from being shot in the leg. Bob Marley had a bullet skid his chest and wound his arm. Bob nevertheless played this major show in Kingston, then went into exile. They would soon have a son, Damian.

cindy breakspeare and rita marley relationship

In spite of this, Rita stayed to sing with her husband. Later life[ edit ] After Marley's death, she recorded a few albums under her name with some success in the UK.

cindy breakspeare and rita marley relationship

All sorts of claim were being made. She says she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt she will never have to hold her head in shame when Damian steps on the stage. Not perfect, but perfectly conscious of the awesome responsibility handed down not only to him but all his siblings.

This, she says, is evidenced by the fact that his legacy continues to grow. His music remains on the charts, unstoppable and untouchable.


To have to your credit, inalbum of the century for Exudos; song of the millennium for One Love from the BBC, speaks to not only his lyrical brilliance, but his commitment to mankind, to being a humanitarian, a champion of the poor and oppressed from one corner of the earth to the other. In no way do such posts represent the views, opinions or beliefs of "Met," or Jamaicanmateyangroupie.

During an interview with The Gleaner inthe former beauty queen said her relationship with Marley had been through some changes right before he fell ill and she had Damian.

So we were dealing with all of that, but I mean, by then Bob was now a superstar, he really was, and he didn't really have the time to devote to that side of his life very much.

For Bob and Rita Marley, extra-marital affair was mutually acceptable

So when he fell ill I just set that aside, Rita set her grievances aside, and we all rallied around him. It was all about him at that point, caring for somebody who was going through this terrible thing. None of us wanted to lose him, whether or not we were romantically involved with him.

cindy breakspeare and rita marley relationship

Two years ago while being interviewed on Bob Marley Day, Breakspeare said Marley's inspiration was now manifested through her son. Breakspeare started her own business, Ital Craft inwith friend Donna Coore, when her son Damian was about six months old.

cindy breakspeare and rita marley relationship

The business grew from strength to strength. We went to Hellshire beach and dug up cactus, we bought clay pots and wrapped them in sisal string that we dyed and it was just whatever we could imagine to do or make. So that was where we started.