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Forget how shocking the news of Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi dating a good two Since the confirmation of their relationship, their entertainment. If like us, you have seen the photo of Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu dancing for sport-loving couples to participate in relationship-bonding adventures. then Tirau may be that place where you can't help but display your most innocent affection. and Cecilia Liu Shi Shi, recently came clean about their relationship relationship as it didn't come easy, and I hope everyone will give us.

She speaks fluent English, having moved to United States with her mother at the age of Liu may not be formally trained in dance her mother, Liu Xiaoli was a professional dancer with a performance troupe in the Chinese city of Wuhanbut she has shown her flexibility and agility in martial arts films, such as The Forbidden Kingdomwhere she acted alongside Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Her father, An Shaokang, was a professor at Wuhan University, where he taught French language and culture.

He later joined the diplomatic corps, working at the Chinese embassy in Paris. Box-office poison Although the decision to cast Liu in the role of Mulan has been well received, it is not entirely without concern.

Cecilia Liu Shishi Rumored to be Three Months Pregnant

Romance film The Third Way of Love only earned 73 million yuan at the box office. Selfie fails Although Liu looks stunning on magazine covers and in film shoots, she is known for taking unflattering selfies, which she posts on social media without editing or adding filters — something almost unheard of in Chinese social media, especially among celebrities. Cat lover She loves cats, and often takes in strays. Liu and her mother work with a non-profit organisation to find them new homes.

At one point, she had more than 30 cats living with her in her Beijing flat. Want more articles like this? At their wedding, they donated all the money they received from guests to help victims of the Tohoku earthquake in Japan. The Taiwanese actress first rose to fame in the hit drama Meteor Garden in She starred as a poor girl who befriends four rich young heirs, played by members of the popular boyband, F4.

Hsu became a mother at the age of 37, giving birth on April 24,to daughter Wang Xiyue. Hsu took to Weibo, a Chinese social media site, to post a photo of her daughter smiling.

Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu Expecting Their First Child?

She captioned it, "Antidote! They met on set, when Chan was playing the role of a doctor at a cosmetic surgery clinic in the drama, Love SOS. They married on Feb 12, He starred in blockbuster Chinese period drama Prince Of Lan Ling inplaying the ambitious emperor, Yu Wen Yong, who harboured feelings of unrequited love for the female lead character, played by Ariel Lin.

Chan became a father for the first time at age 39 when his daughter Kathelyn was born on July 5, Vicky Wang was then 24 years old. A second daughter was born on Aug 15, He personally cut the umbilical cord of his wife, shortly after her second pregnancy. After his second daughter was born, the actor wrote a post on Weibo, sharing the happy news with his fans.

Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu: We’re expecting our first child

The wedding took fans by surprise and Lee initially did not reveal her husband's identity, referring to him only by his last name in interviews. Lee gave birth twins, a boy and a girl, on Feb 20,at the age of A radiant photo shows her with her babies in the May cover of JLook magazine, a South Korean lifestyle monthly. She was then serving as its guest editor-in-chief. The version of me who received such a glamorous spotlight was happy, but the life of being a mum of two kids is another happiness," she said in an interview.

The couple starred in the Mediacorp romantic comedy film The Wedding Game as famous celebrities who stage a love affair and get engaged for publicity.

Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu are dating

Released in Januarythe movie was quickly followed by a real wedding when the lovebirds registered their marriage on May 16, The couple's first son Zed was born on Aug 9,when Fann was His English name was chosen because it was short and sweet.

His Chinese name is Lee Xi Quan, a positive reference to the breaking of dawn. Lee said on the day his son was born: