Canada and us relationship with pakistan

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canada and us relationship with pakistan

Nov 19, Days after a Pentagon report accused Pakistan of harbouring militants who wage war against Afghanistan and India, its army chief is in the US. Sep 11, With the Canada-Mexico-United States relationship no lon- ger open-ended .. the first half of , more than a thousand Pakistanis crossed. Canada–Pakistan relations refer to relations between Canada and Pakistan. Canada is represented through its High Commission in Islamabad as well as.

The Canadians concluded that the partitioning of the subcontinent was not necessarily a bad thing, nor should it prevent India and Pakistan from entry into the Commonwealth. Indeed, membership in the Commonwealth, Ottawa mused, might even lessen any difficulties created by partition while improving good relations between the peoples of South Asia and those of the Commonwealth. But King remained worried that Canada might become directly involved with the partition matter.

canada and us relationship with pakistan

I said quite openly that there was not a single member of the Cabinet who was in a position to advise in regard to India, who understood the situation there or realize what implications there might be in tendering advice in matter of this kind. I pointed out that India was a dependency of Britain. She should deal with the matter herself. I thought we ought to help bear burdens that were legitimate, but should not go out of our way to load Canada with obligations that we could not see the beginning or the end of.

As the Cold War in Asia began to heat up Ottawa also instructed its diplomatic post to keep an eye out for what the Soviet Union was up to in the region. The High Commission was setting up shop just as the magnitude of partition and independence dawned on politicians, diplomats, and the millions of peoples who were affected by the border changes.

There was no blueprint to deal with the number of complex issues created by the partition decision such as which states might join India or Pakistan, the setting up of a Boundary Commission to deal with the partition of Punjab and Bengal, or the division of assets of British India, including the army.

As the birth of India and Pakistan took place on midnight August 14 celebrations erupted across New Delhi. Within hours of independence large swathes of the subcontinent were plunged into sectarian chaos as the dividing of the subcontinent along religious lines forced millions of Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs to move.

Over the next few months an estimated ten million people were uprooted as the largest human migration in history unfolded. I keep stressing "from their point of view".

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From our point of view, we've got our own interests and our own reasons. What's your take on that?

canada and us relationship with pakistan

I don't think that they had become weak. They did have few friends in the international community for 10 years, although we still had diplomatic relations with Pakistan, we had no assistance programmes. They had a good and competent air force, a good and competent navy, they've got a very strong land force [which] is fairly well equipped. They are not in the business of confronting the United States.

canada and us relationship with pakistan

Their enemies were much more traditional ones. So I find the statement rather funny.

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Had the Pakistani government had any information regarding the existence of an alleged support network for Osama bin Laden, the report indicates that Pakistan would have taken immediate action. Do you think that's the case? They always told us that they did take action, but I've been out of it since And I think there has been… a question about the more recent ISI activities, and whether that would be the case. But I felt, during our time, that President Musharraf would have done something - had he known.

After your time, do you think that Pakistan would have lived up to that statement? Well, after my time, there are several other things that happened. I personally believe that around mid, both the Taliban and ISI had a change of view. The Taliban was coming to the conclusion that they weren't as frightened of the United States… At the same time, [the] ISI was wondering: Do you think the allegations or the concerns that Pakistan was leaking information to jihadi organisations - do you think that it was a legitimate concern that the US had, about Pakistan leaking information prior to raids?

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I think it is [a legitimate concern] in every country, in every situation or in every raid or drone strike. Is it the case? I can't rule out that some people who might have been informed, did inform. Whether it a blanket policy? I have no idea. Do you have any direct knowledge that they were? The report indicates that the reason the US did not inform Pakistan about the raid prior, was that it was a power play - that the US administration did not want anyone to steal its thunder.

Do you think there's any truth to that? I think the United States went unilaterally as they did because they wanted to be sure that they could get the target they came after. I think that's the only reason. When you were in office, do you feel that you were ever very close to getting Osama bin Laden? After Tora Bora, no. And Tora Bora - it was after Tora Bora that we found out how close we had been. But after that, no, we were not.

The report clearly indicates that the raid to kill Bin Laden was 'an act of war' by the United States. I don't care what the report indicates. I didn't write it. It's not a US report.

They are welcome to write anything that they say.

canada and us relationship with pakistan

It's not an act of war. We went out and took out a terrorist. If they want to call it an act of war, that's fine.

Talk to me about the political impact that drone strikes have had on the Pakistan-US relationship? We've just today had reported a new drone strike in Pakistan, I think directed against the Haqqani network, which has caused a lot of angst on the part of the third-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. And he's claiming that the United States has to stop these drone attacks.

If Pakistan wants these drone attacks to stop, they can stop. But each time a government of Pakistan speaks up about them and does nothing about it, I think it incites public opinion in Pakistan, but it doesn't do anything to resolve the issue. Critics of the drone programme say that innocent people are being killed by these drone strikes.

canada and us relationship with pakistan

Well, this is war. And people do get killed who are innocent, and I am sorry about that. On the whole, I have my own questions about drone strikes. When you say 'this is war', are you referring to the 'War on Terror', [or] are we at war with Pakistan? No, the War on Terror, of course.

Canada - Pakistan Relations

I am quite distressed, personally, about our relationship with Pakistan. I have worked on it all through the s, when I was an official at the Department of Defence, I worked mightily on it for four years as deputy secretary of state.

It's one that I feel so distressed about the million people in Pakistan who, under martial law or under democratically elected government, have been ill-treated and ill-served by their governments and they deserve a lot better.

Looking further down the line, at the long-term impact of these drone strikes, politically between Pakistan and the US. What's the long-term effect if the US continues? It's difficult for me to say, and the reason is this: That's an obvious point. Likewise, if you offered almost any Pakistani the opportunity to come to the United States, they'd do it in a heartbeat.