Blu cantrell and jay z relationship with beyonce

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blu cantrell and jay z relationship with beyonce

Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed their first child over the weekend. linked to Grammy-nominated R&B songbird Blu Cantrell back in the early He was left in tears when she put the kibosh on their relationship in early Jay Z also dated R&B singer Blu Cantrell and is no stranger to being connected to many women in the entertainment industry. He's rumored to. Today is Jay Z's 46th birthday. There are some things you might have forgotten about Jay Z, so we'll remind you. Beyonce's husband, Blue's father, Gloria's son, the blueprint to your . He never dated singer Blu Cantrell.

With this season's must-have Louis Vuitton handbag, a flurry of assistants, mandatory designer shades and baseball cap tightly pulled down in that typical, I'm-famous-don't-recognise-me-oh-go-on-then-I'll-sign-an-autograph way, it's obvious that the woman is a "somebody".

You know, recently I was with Puff [as in Daddy, er Diddy] and some comment was made about nudity.

blu cantrell and jay z relationship with beyonce

He was like, 'Well, I've seen you nude. And you looked cute, babe.

blu cantrell and jay z relationship with beyonce

I'm more in shape now. But you know what," - she lowers the volume a little - "it's kept me in the press so it's really helped. A perfect antidote to the saccharine blandness of most No 1 pop stars, Blu Cantrell, owner of the Sean Paul-assisted smash single Breathe and host of this year's Mobo Awards, is vociferous both on and off the record.

Before the interview's official start, Blu indulges her gathered audience in a stream of scandalous gossip concerning her peers, herself and music industry types. Upon realising that the Guide journalist has been in attendance throughout the tittle-tattle session, Cantrell merely giggles a carefree "Oops! We were just friends," she says peering forcefully over the top of her sunglasses.

Somebody's lying: Blu Cantrell say she didn't Boink Jay-Z. | Lipstick Alley

After much prodding, persuasion and a bit more Bacardi, Blu slowly admits there maybe certain grounds for the gossip: She's younger and if she's doing what you're saying, then she's being a little immature. Maybe she's trying to do it to get press, but I want to make her understand, if she goes there with me it's the wrong move. She needs to understand what she's doing and what she's getting into. Maybe we should get onstage and battle it out live - each sing a song - in true beef style!

But she doesn't want to do that," she says, ordering another drink and pursing her glossed-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives lips. But if you have issues with your man - and I don't know what the situation is with them, I don't want to speak on that - but if you have issues, address it with the guy, don't take it out on the girl.

blu cantrell and jay z relationship with beyonce

It's never the way to go," is her final "go, Ricki, go" word. T-Boz hit hardship when doctors discovered a tumor in her brain, but has since gone through surgery and recovered and she is now doing well.

blu cantrell and jay z relationship with beyonce

T-Boz is all but forgotten now, but we wonder if Jay-Z keeps her in mind. After all of that fun, she settled down with Nas. Many proposed that Carmen was the catalyst for the beef between Nas and Jay-Z, to which she is actually quite proud. Yes, this one sure is a winner. Jay-Z picked a good one to date for a hot minute!

Blu Cantrell and Jay-Z relationship

It looks like Carmen likes to sleep around, and she was reportedly going to bed with Nas while he was dating Kelis. So now there is the three-way love drama between Carmen, Nas, and Kelis. At least Jay-Z is out of that.

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Mya allegedly received several death threats when it was suspected that she was sleeping around with Mr. When the two stars were photographed mid-hug while attending the Met Galaall hell broke loose. Surely she would be at the Met Gala too. Yet, it was much easier to find pics of Jay-Z with Rita, leading many to either call her out or spread rumors that she was involved in an affair.

Apparently, their connections go way back.

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She then talked about steamier details, such as the fact that they were very good friends. Charli finished that interview off by saying that Jay was self-centered when they were friends. She was slammed with rumors surrounding her relationship to the rapper, with many people saying that she accused Jay-Z of having gay sex what? She may be older now, but she is trying to rekindle her music career.