Blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship problems

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blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship problems

Aug 21, Blood Brothers is a popular play by Willy Russell. The characters of Mrs Johnston and Mrs Lyons, the mothers, are total She doesn't care about Mrs Johnston's feelings, Mrs Lyons only wants the baby because if Mr Lyons returns and . When Mickey is in trouble with the police, the Policewoman is very. Blood Brothers: key quotations “did you never hear how the Johnstones died” the area is one of poverty and society is uncaring about their difficulties. off” / “ you say smashing things” – Edward and Mickey speak very differently when they . productions, Blood Brothers has not been altered by the adaptation process, as it was written as a We also witness the turbulent relationship of Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons, and here down-to-earth and does not see money as the answer to all of her problems. . EDWARD: I'm exactly the same age as you, Mickey.

Her superstitions and lack of education enable her employer to take advantage of her. Although Mrs Johnstone is very loving, she does not have control over her children and they cause a lot of trouble.

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When the family receives a letter from the council telling them that they are being rehoused in the countryside, she is very excited that they can have a new start. This is shown to be correct in many ways, as in her new home Mrs Johnstone is much happier - until Mickey and Sammy are sent to prison. Struggling How is Mrs Johnstone like this?

Mrs Johnstone has led a difficult life at quite a young age. Evidence By the time that I was twenty five, I looked like forty two, with seven hungry mouths to feed and one more nearly due. He acts as a sort of commentator on the action also as a conscience. He emphasises the terrible consequences of this decision.

His language is emotive and extreme, unlike the other characters: How does the writer create sympathy for Mrs. Johnstone in this extract? Lyons in this extract? Why is the narrator in this scene? What does he add to the atmosphere? This must be 5 months later.

She is greeted by the people she owes money to.

How does Willy Russell demonstrate class difference in Blood Brothers?

They take back the stuff she has bought on credit, despite her protests. She invents the lie that twins secretly separately will die the day that they learn they are twins. This is directed at Mrs J and emphasises that the secret cannot be kept forever. The mention of a rosary suggests that Mrs J is a Roman Catholic. How does the writer develop the idea of debts to be paid?

How has your opinion of Mrs. What is the role of the narrator in this scene? In this section we see: Find a quotation to prove this. Why do you think this decision was made? Why not use a child actor? How are they similar? What is the effect of this?

blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship problems

Why has the writer included this detail? Answer the following questions: How do his lines link to the theme of fate? Answer these questions in full: Why is it mentioned that Sammy burnt the school down?

Notes and Questions on Blood Brothers

This shows it means a lot to him. His connection to Mrs. J and Mickey is stronger than he will let on and even after 7 years he will risk his whole school career rather than give up his precious photo and locket. She is obviously going mad. He also ends up being suspended. Answer these questions in your book. Russell begins illustrating the desperate economic situation in which Mrs.

Johnstone has found herself. The Narrator, as we will see, is a physical character in the play, assuming different forms—but all of them ominous or bearing bad news. Active Themes The scene shifts, moving to the house of Mr.

blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship problems

Johnstone works as a cleaning lady. Lyons enters with a parcel and greets Mrs. Johnstone, complaining about how big and empty the house feels—her husband, Mr. Lyons, is away on a nine-month business trip. Johnstone jokes that while Mrs. As they speak, Mrs. Lyons puts the contents of her parcel—a pair of new shoes—on the table.

blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship problems

Johnstone immediately reacts with alarm. Deeply superstitious, she believes that shoes on the table mean bad luck. Lyons is amused, but agrees to put the shoes away. In an immediate contrast with the terrible conditions of Mrs.

Johnstone live in totally different worlds because of their economic status. A second, equally important theme also appears in this passage: Lyons herself has not yet become superstitious, here she witnesses the power that this fear has on Mrs. Lyons leaves, the Narrator enters.

He lists various superstitions, from shoes on the table to spilling salt to breaking a mirror, creating a sense of foreboding for the audience. Johnstone tries to reassure herself that she is not superstitious. He listens to Mrs. She is appalled, however, when the doctor tells her that she is actually having twins. Russell critiques the class system of the UK, but only through a tragic story of individuals, not with any political language.

Active Themes We return to Mrs. Johnstone devastated by the idea of having two more children, even worrying that they will be taken away from her by the state.

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Lyons begins to beg Mrs. Johnstone to give one of the twins to her. Lyons realizes that Mrs. Johnstone is due right before Mr. Lyons gets home, meaning that she could pass off the pregnancy as her own.

blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship problems

Lyons pads her stomach with a pillow, but Mrs. Lyons tries to convince Mrs.

blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship problems

Already in this moment, we witness the dynamic that will soon come to dominate their relationship: Johnstone is hesitant and wary, while Mrs. Lyons is all too excited to get her way, without any thought for the consequences. Johnstone asks if Mrs. Lyons is really that desperate for a child.

Blood Brothers key quotations

Johnstone imagines what it would be like for a child of hers to be raised in the lap of luxury. Lyons joins in, telling her cleaning lady about all the wonderful things the child would have. Together they picture his future as a wealthy, upstanding member of society. Lyons promises that Mrs. Johnstone could see the child whenever she wanted, and she swears to take care of him. Johnstone agrees, much to Mrs. Although the character of Mrs. Lyons is generally an unsympathetic one, here we and Mrs.

Johnstone witness a moment of vulnerability and pain from the wealthy woman. Her fantasy draws in Mrs. Johnstone as well, and the two begin to picture the future of Mrs. This idea—that because of their class difference, Mrs. Active Themes As she begins to plan the deception, Mrs.