Benjamin martin and gabriel relationship

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benjamin martin and gabriel relationship

When Colonel Tavington, played by Jason Isaacs, passes through the Martin Plantation, Gabriel foolishly gives away his relation to Benjamin, and is taken away. "When I have a family of my own, I won't hide behind them." ―Gabriel Martin to his father Benjamin Martin. Corporal Gabriel Edward Martin was a soldier, who. Having served in the French and Indian War, Benjamin Martin is no stranger to the horrors of battle, and Relationship Status widowed. But when his son Gabriel enlists in the army to defend their new nation, America, against the British .

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They look at him confused and almost repulsed, as I did when I first saw this movie. This time around however, I felt a sick sense of satisfaction. With Gabriel free and his family safe, Benjamin now focuses on how to gain revenge on the man who shot his son. The rest of the movie moves along as you would expect; some great battle scenes, more fatherly-son spats, and a movie that touches upon some of the key moments in our revolution. However, the father-son moments are what truly make the film.

There are two memorable scenes in the heart of the movie that are welcomed breaks from the action of the film These scenes reinforce the love between both father and son and it sheds light into the kind of relationship they have. After a costly battle, Gabriel approaches his father and asks him to tell him why.

Strangers know more about you than I do. They decide to get married. During a short reprieve from the fighting, he surprises his father and family with a wedding.

Gabriel Martin

No further dialogue was needed. He smiled and looked at his son with admiration. I look forward to the day I have that conversation with my boy.

This is when things take a turn for the worse for the Martin family. How worse could it get you say? Tavington, angry at the success of their ragtag team, decides to punish them by killing their families. Yes, this just got really META! Enraged just as his father had been Gabriel takes a few of his men and proceeds to hunt down the Col. A battle ensues when he finds him and his men at a creek. Gabriel lands what looks like a kill shot and as he moves in for the finish, Tavington gets up quickly and stabs Gabriel in the stomach.

Benjamin having chased after his son, gets there a bit too late of course. He finds his first-born son laying on the battlefield mortally wounded. The scene that ensued rocked me like never before. Colonel Harry Burwell Chris Coopera friend and ally of Benjamin's, regards Gabriel's similarities to his father and promises to watch out for him. The war wages on for two more years and Gabriel writes letters to his family throughout, expressing the horrors of war he's witnessed. At home, Thomas is found by Benjamin, trying on a red coat stored away in his father's war chest, and expresses his desire to join the army.

Though Benjamin refuses to let him join, he relents that Thomas may enlist when he's seventeen in two years. One night, gunfire erupts outside the Martin home and the family watches as a battle ensues just beyond their property.

A lone and wounded soldier enters the home. As Benjamin draws a pistol to the stranger, it is revealed to be Gabriel, en route to deliver dispatches. Benjamin gives him care, and to the rest of the wounded soldiers, both Continental and British, through the night into morning. Tavington is given the discovered dispatches and orders the identity of the carrier.

Gabriel turns himself in, hoping to spare his family any punishment, but Tavington orders that the wounded Continental troops be killed and the house burned for having harbored the enemy.

Benjamin begs lenience but is silenced as Gabriel is led away. Impatient, Thomas runs forward and tries to free Gabriel but is ruthlessly shot by Tavington. Thomas dies in his father's arms as Tavington insults him and rides off. His soldiers set the house on fire while Gabriel is led away on a separate convoy and the home servants, including housekeeper Abigail Beatrice Bush are forced into British service. Enraged, Benjamin goes back into the burning house and grabs his collection of rifles and ammo from his war chest along with a tomahawk.

He returns to his remaining children and instructs his daughters, Margaret Mika Boorem and Susan Skye McCole Bartusiakand his youngest son William Logan Lerman to hide in the fields before making their way to their aunt's come nightfall.

He then gives rifles to his older sons, Nathan Trevor Morgan and Samuel Bryan Chafinand tells them to come with him. They make their way through the forest, arriving on a ridge ahead of the British convoy with the intent to ambush them. He tells his sons to start by shooting the officers and work their way down through the British ranks and to remember what he taught them about marksmanship.

As the convoy passes, Benjamin and his sons alternate gunfire, creating confusion and chaos in the British ranks.

benjamin martin and gabriel relationship

The soldiers are quickly killed off and Benjamin shows ferocious brutality when he takes his tomahawk vengefully to one of the British privates.

Gabriel is freed and they reunite with the rest of the family at Charlotte Shelton's Joely Richardson plantation, the sister of Benjamin's late wife. Young Samuel goes to bed distraught over the events of the day but Nathan tells his father he was glad to kill the British soldiers. A solitary survivor of the convoy attack is brought to Tavington. The man gives his testimony and explains that it seemed that just one man was responsible for the attack, proclaiming him as a 'ghost' of some kind.

Tavington is skeptical but surprised that such a thing could happen. Gabriel decides to rejoin the Continentals, stating his decision as the duty of a soldier, and Benjamin decides, with hesitation, to accompany him.

They leave the children with Charlotte and later witness a battle in an open field behind the home of fleeing colonists. Benjamin explains to Gabriel that the form of set-piece warfare opponents directly facing each other and taking turns firing is barbaric and that this particular battle was over before it began.

benjamin martin and gabriel relationship

They meet up with Colonel Burwell who asks Benjamin to organize a militia to keep General Charles Cornwallis Tom Wilkinson at bay in the south before French navy reinforcements arrive. Benjamin and Gabriel split up. Gabriel travels to a quaint town and is reunited with a childhood flame, Anne Howard Lisa Brenner. He speaks to the townspeople within their church and, with Anne's patriotic encouragement, manages to enlist many, including local Dan Scott Donal Logue and Reverend Oliver Rene Auberjonois.

Vieirato write to her. Though her father is mostly deaf, she helps Gabriel get permission. Among the enlistees is John Billings Leon Rippyan old friend of Ben's whose young son shares his contempt for 'redcoats'. John jokes with Ben, saying that rumors have spread of a tomahawk-wielding ghost wreaking havoc on British soldiers. Over the next few months, Villeneuve assists with the training of the militia using guerrilla fighting tactics and they plunder and harass British convoys and supply lines.

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One such capture yields valuable information meant to be delivered to Cornwallis himself, including a personal diary and his prized Great Danes. Cornwallis is greatly frustrated with the failure to capture the 'ghost' and his militia and blames Tavington for his callous cruelty, having spawned the creation of the 'ghost' in the first place. As he attends a lavish party, a supply ship in the bay outside his plantation explodes in a brilliant display while Benjamin and his men row away disguised as redcoats, having stolen all the luxuries on board.

Benjamin and Gabriel visit Anne's hometown where Gabriel calls on her and spends the night, sewn by Anne's mother Mary Jo Deschanel into a traditional bundling bag, meant to allow courtship but deter intimacy. Upon leaving the next morning, Gabriel's teeth are stained black from ink poured into his tea; payback from Anne for a childhood prank, however her teeth are equally stained after she kisses Gabriel goodbye. Benjamin and his men set up a roadblock and prepare to ambush an approaching supply wagon train.

He calls out his militia hiding in the fields to intimidate the British soldiers from retaliating, but the wagon covers are pulled back and more soldiers emerge. When Benjamin notices Tavington's cavalry approaching, he fires at the convoy and orders his men to retreat. Some men are killed outright and Dan Scott is injured. A slave promised freedom for fighting with the colonists, Occam Jay Arlen Jonesstops to help Dan, despite the fact that Dan was against the promise of freedom to slaves who fought.

Benjamin and Gabriel barely escape into the forest as the rest of the surviving militia are either killed or captured upon surrender. The remaining militia fall back to an abandoned stone chapel in the swamp. Gabriel speaks to Benjamin as he melts pewter toy soldiers that once belonged to Thomas, molding them into bullets for his sidearm. Gabriel asks what truly happened at Fort William Henry, the assault of which Benjamin was involved in but never openly told to his children.

Benjamin tells of how, in retaliation for what the French-led Indians did to the British, he and other men engaged in guerrilla warfare against them, taking fierce revenge, slaughtering men, women and children. It was something that Benjamin regretted for years afterwards because of its brutality.

Gabriel assures Benjamin that, while he still wants revenge for what happened to Thomas, it would be best to stay the course and keep fighting on level ground. They are interrupted as Occum and Dan emerge from the swamps. Occum tells of how the captured militia are to be hanged for treason and Benjamin comes up with a plan. He requests parlay to meet with Cornwallis at the fort where the militia is being held and rides out with his Great Danes.