Beastboy and raven relationship in comics wolverines

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beastboy and raven relationship in comics wolverines

Wonder Girl, Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, Changeling, Raven, Kid Flash with lots of conflict, romance, and soul-searching (that occasionally slipped into Wangst). X-Men and Teen Titans crossover fanfiction archive with over 7 stories. X-men in Jump City by Comic Fan Nicolas Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2, - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 5 - Published: Apr 2, - Robin, Raven, James H./Wolverine/Logan, Jean-Grey S./Phoenix. Among those “trusted brands” was a comic called Teen Titans, which and editor Len Wein (creator of Wolverine) and gave them their pick of a book. Raven, the spooky daughter of a demon; and Cyborg, a young half man/half Cyborg was involved in an interracial relationship, something that was.

The difference was that Arisia was deeply in love with Hal. To his credit, Hal openly told her that he wasn't interested in dating a teenager. Then her Green Lantern ring responded to her subconscious desires and aged her body into that of a mature woman. Apparently that was all it took for Hal to immediately start reciprocating her feelings and the two started dating.

They moved in together on Earth, but the fire quickly went out of their relationship and their romance has never been brought up since. Despite the various excuses given in the comics, the whole situation is incredibly awkward and Hal comes off more as a predator than a hero.

You've given comic readers some of their most unironically beloved works. You've also made some of the most questionable and confusing story-telling decisions in all of fiction. Miller's world is known for being rougher around the edges than the regular DC continuity, but this wild and aggressive couple left a bad taste in readers mouths. Terry Long was a history professor, a grown man with a full beard, who dated and eventually married Donna Troy, the teenage Wonder Girl at the time.

He already had a daughter from a previous partner and ended up having a son with Donna before their relationship finally soured. In their time together, Terry was often seen lounging around Titans Tower, constantly reminding readers of this bizarre and uncomfortable couple.

He hung around so long that Starfire slowly developed a small crush on him, because apparently the situation wasn't awkward enough already. As if realizing their mistake, DC rushed through a divorce and restraining order between the two before killing Terry and all his kids off in a car crash.

Are there any other DC couples you think should've made the list? P storyline, Robin leaves and Wonder Girl leads the team. Red Devil loses his powers after Brother Blood absorbs them. Miss Martian returns with several teen heroes liberated from the Dark Side Club. A new team is formed: In the ensuing battle, Hawk is killed after her predecessor Hank Hall tears her heart out.

At the end of the Blackest Knight crossover, Hank Hall is resurrected and resumes his partnership with Dove. In the main series, Ravager and Jericho fight their father Deathstroke and the dead members of the Wilson family, resurrected as Black Lanterns.

During this time, several back-up stories begin to run in the series: Later storylines involve the corruption of Wonder Girl at the hands of various factors designed to address complaints about the character's abusive attitudes towards her teammates post-Infinite CrisisKid Devil is killed in battle, while Kid Eternity is revealed to have been beaten to death by the Calculator after being kidnapped by him.

Krul became the writer with issue 88 and penciller Nicola Scott became the book's artist. The Titans undergo this roster change in issue 87, the final issue before Krul's run. Following a mission to an alternate dimension to rescue Raven, the team splits.

beastboy and raven relationship in comics wolverines

Bombshell and Aquagirl are missing in actionMiss Martian is in a coma and she and a powerless Static leaves with Cyborg to go to Cadmus Labs in order to find a way to restore his powers. Damian Waynethe current Robin, is announced as a new team member, [53] officially joining in A series for Static was announced. She entered the main Teen Titans title following the crossover with the Red Robin series. Tim rejoins the team as Red Robin rather than Robin but Cassie would remain the leader.

Teen Titans: The Truth Behind Beast Boy And Raven's Complicated Relationship

Following this, Damian quits the team. A large group of former Titans arrived and the series ultimately ended with Prime trapped in the Source Wallseemingly for eternity.

The remainder of the issue consisted of pieces of artwork showcasing the various Teen Titans who appeared in that incarnation of the title, contributed by various DC artists. Art by Ethan Van Sciver.

The opening storyline follows the events of the Teen Titans East Special one-shot released in Novemberrevealing that Cyborg's team survived the attack, except Power Boydead after being impaled. During a training session, the team was massacred by an unseen force.

beastboy and raven relationship in comics wolverines

Though Cyborg survives, Titans' members past and present are attacked by demonic entities across the globe. Raven, sensing Trigon's presence once again, calls upon her former Titans allies to defeat her fiendish father. After rescuing several Titans and questioning Trigon himself, the Titans learn that Trigon's three children have prepared his second invasion for him.

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Raven's three grown half brothers — Jacob, Jared and Jesse are responsible. Working as a team, the Titans thwart the Sons of Trigon and stop Trigon's invasion plan. Following this adventure, Raven chooses her adopted family over her biological family, Red Arrow decided to join his former teammates although both he and Flash retain their JLA membership and the Titans were back together as a team.

Following this, the team settles at Titans Tower the New York baseto recover from the events. While Dick and Kory attempt to make a decision on where their relationship will lead, Raven and Beast Boy go out on a "not-a-date". During this, Raven reveals that since she faced her brothers, she has begun to feel as if she is losing control and slipping back under her father's influence. Although Beast Boy rejects the idea, he is unexpectedly blind-sided as Raven gives in to her darker side, under the influence of her half-brother's coaxing.

Using her teleporting powers, she and the sons of Trigon vanish, leaving a distraught Beast Boy to warn the others.

Scott was the son of the Highfather, ruler of the planet Genesis and sworn enemy of Apokolips' tyrannical leader, Darkseid. Barda was raised by Darkseid's sadistic servant Granny Goodness, who trained her to be one of the Female Furies.

beastboy and raven relationship in comics wolverines

And yet for all that, they have turned out to be one of the most loving and longest-lasting couples in the DC universe. Scott, a peerless escape artist, found a way off Apokolips and convinced Barda to run away with him. They settled on Earth, which they pledged to protect as a team. Poor Hawkeye, meanwhile, just wants to be a hero. But after being mistaken for a thief, his high ambitions turn sour. Once he catches a glimpse of the beautiful Black Widow, it's all over for him, and he turns to a life of crime.

Even after Hawkeye goes straight and joins the Avengers, he continues to harbor feelings for the ruthless Russian spy. The Black Widow does hang out with the Avengers for a while, but then she ditches them -- and Hawkeye -- for Daredevil. The other is one of the most powerful mutants in the world. Together, they are long-term Avengers and long-term lovers, having found in each other a safe harbor from a world that shuns them both for different reasons.

And indeed, more than one ignorant human has tried to tear them apart. Even Vision himself tried to forestall their relationship. He often professed to have no feelings whatsoever, meaning he couldn't possibly care for Wanda the way she cared for him.

But eventually, he can no longer deny the inevitable. He may be an artificial life form, but his love is very real.

They get married in Giant Size Avengers 4. He is now a formless energy cloud in a human-shaped suit. This has made their relationship all but impossible, since there can never be anything physical between them. But Wildfire's condition does have some perks.

beastboy and raven relationship in comics wolverines

It's almost impossible to kill him, for one thing.