Batman and robin mr freeze ending relationship

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batman and robin mr freeze ending relationship

Batman and Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Freeze Along with Poison Ivy, the icy Mr. Freeze is freezing anything which gets in his way from achieving his goal. The End Is the Beginning Is the End. After all I did to keep my wife whole, I end up like this. were in the beginnings of a romantic relationship when the pair visited the cemetery where However, the Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin was much more campy, as he used anything. Batman & Robin is a American superhero film based on the DC Comics characters One of the songs recorded for the film, "The End Is the Beginning Is the End" by The Batman and Robin begin to have crime fighting relationship problems because Batman, Robin and Batgirl decide to go after Mr. Freeze together.

As the Rogues are fighting the two, Black Mask alongside his False Face society arrives to capture the Rogues to receive the bounty. Freeze is among the villains that attend the underground meeting held by Riddler that talks about the Superman Theory. When Comedian crashes the meeting, Mr. Freeze's helmet is punctured by a bullet shot by an unseen combatant. Freeze plans his crimes about a specific theme ; in his case, ice, snow and cold.

His refrigeration suit grants him superhuman strength and durability, making him a powerful villain in Batman's rogues gallery. Freeze the ability to generate subzero temperatures, no longer needing his freeze-gun or refrigeration suit.

However, after his encounter with Green LanternDonna Troyand Purgatory in Central Park, he reverted to his original subzero biology. He then gained a new subzero armor and weaponry. Freeze appears in the comic book adaptation of Smallvillepartnered with the Prankster of Intergang. Freeze is betrayed by Prankster, however, and is defeated by Batman and Green Arrow. Freeze[ edit ] In BlackhawkMr. Freeze appears as a robot that is controlled by Doctor Thurman.

Freeze is part of a group of ice-themed villains called the " Cold Warriors " that tried to overthrow a small African nation. Freeze is part of a group of ice-themed villains called the "Ice Pack" that encased a city in ice and snow. Flashpoint[ edit ] In the alternate timeline of the FlashpointMr. Freeze attacks the S. Labs in Central City to find a cure for his wife Nora. However, Citizen Cold attacks and uses his cold gun to freeze Mr. Freeze tries to escape on robotic legs, but Citizen Cold freezes him to death and tells him that Nora is dead.

Freeze is a friend of Fallout's, and pursues revenge against Citizen Cold for murdering him. Freeze was searching for. Freeze was mentioned to be an inmate in Arkham, not making attempts to escape out of Batman's false claims of implanting him with explosives. Freeze was mutated into a humanoid mutant polar bear by Shredder. White Knight[ edit ] Victor Fries appears in the series Batman: In this series, Victor Fries has retired from his criminal lifestyle to focus on curing his wife's disease.

It is later revealed that, due to his unique, cryogenically-dependent physiology, Fries's aging had been slowed considerably, and that his father was a member of the Nazi SS during the Second World War, but acted as a double agent, allowing America to stay one step ahead of Germany on the Scientific front.

As a result of this, a massive freeze cannon was constructed beneath a lighthouse off the coast of Gotham City. The superweapon is discovered by Neo-Joker the second Harley Quinn who felt that by taking pills to retain his sanity, Jack Napier was destroying the most beautiful part of himselfand is used to freeze most, if not all, of Gotham.

Freeze is able to reverse the effects with the aid of Batgirl. It is also revealed that Fries had been contacted by Batman in an attempt to secure the villains aid to save the life of Alfred Pennyworthbut unfortunately their efforts were in vain.

In other media[ edit ] Live-action[ edit ] Eli Wallach as Mr. Freeze in the Batman television series Mr. Freeze appeared in the s Batman television series, portrayed by George Sanders in the first two-part appearance, Otto Preminger in the second two-part appearance, and Eli Wallach in the third two-part appearance. While the George Sanders version wore the classic refrigerated suit, the Otto Preminger and Eli Wallach versions wore a "Freeze Collar" around their neck that went with Mr.

Freeze was on the series, he was always called Mr. In this version, he continues to be campy like the comic books and is given an alias of "Dr. In his first appearance "Instant Freeze", it is revealed that it was Batman who spilled the cryogenic chemicals on Schivel during an attempted arrest. Freeze ends up stealing diamonds from the Gotham City Diamond Exchange.

When Batman and Robin try to stop him, he freezes them with his freeze gun. In the next episode "Rats Like Cheese", Mr. Batman and Robin save Diamante and apprehend Freeze. During this appearance, Mr. Freeze's hideout has "warm lights" so that his henchmen can interact with him. In the episode "Green Ice", Mr.

In the next episode "Deep Freeze", Mr. Freeze has led all of Gotham City to believe that Batman has given in to his bribes. Batman and Robin managed to find Freeze's hideout, rescue Miss Iceland, and defeat Freeze before he can freeze all of Gotham.

Batman arranges for Warden Crichton to have a special refrigerated cell made for Mr. In the episode "Ice Spy", Mr. In the episode "The Duo Defy", Mr. Freeze finally obtains the "Instant Ice" formula and ends up building a large freeze ray. He is thwarted by Batman and Robin again. As he is taken away by the police, Freeze tells the police officers not to touch the Freeze Collar's dials.

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Freeze appears in season 2 of Gothamportrayed by Nathan Darrow. As in the comics, he is a scientist who researches cryogenic technology to find a cure for his wife Nora's terminal illness. To this end, he freezes Gotham's citizens with a cryogenic gun and uses them as test subjects.

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Horrified at what Victor has become, Nora indirectly kills herself during one of the experiments replacing a perfected coolant with a failed, lethal formula. Devastated, Fries attempts suicide by turning the coolants from his gun on himself. He survives, however, and is rendered unable to survive outside of sub-zero temperatures. Hugo Strange has him declared dead and takes him to Arkham Asylum 's Indian Hill Laboratory, where he uses him as an "assistant" in experiments with cryogenically frozen bodies.

Transference", Strange orders Fries to kill Selina Kylebut Bridgit Pikeanother of Strange's genetically altered minions, interferes. She and Fries do battle, he with his freeze ray and she with her flamethrower; they accidentally incapacitate Strange when he gets in the crossfire. They persuade him to help Cobblepot in his revenge on fellow criminal Edward Nygma by returning his special suit to him that they took from Wayne Enterprises and promising to cure his condition.

In the episode "Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling," Fries assists mobster Fish Mooney with obtaining an antidote to a virus engineered by Jervis Tetchand fighting ninja sent by the League of Shadows.

After Mooney's death, Fries, Pike and Strange are arrested by the police, but Cobblepot arranges their release. Heavydirtysoul", Cobblepot has Fries use his freeze gun on Nygma in order to turn him into a frozen "centerpiece" for the Iceberg Lounge. In the episode, "A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head," after Nygma is freed from his icy prison, Cobblepot summons Freeze to put him back on ice, but when he realizes that he's no longer the Riddler or Ed Nygma anymore, Cobblepot decides to spare him.

In "A Dark Knight: Mandatory Brunch Meeting," he attends the Legion of Horrible's mandatory brunch meeting, where Jerome assigns him to find a big laboratory. In the season finale, "A Dark Knight: No Man's Land," after Jeremiah Valeska blows up all bridges that lead out of the city, Gotham is labeled as a "no man's land," with villains, including Fries, claiming territory across the city. Victor Fries was mentioned by Dr. The Freeze Gun later appeared in "Elseworlds" crossover used by his wife, Nora.

Animation[ edit ] Mr. The Filmation series has Mr. Freeze make extensive use of his self-made technology such as making certain parts of his hideout "warm corridors" to accommodate his underlings.

Freeze was originally supposed to be featured in the Challenge of the Super Friends season of Super Friends as a member of the Legion of Doom. Freeze was restricted to appear in the show. He was eventually replaced with Captain Cold.

batman and robin mr freeze ending relationship

Unlike his appearance in the theme song, Mr. Freeze is shown without the helmet that goes with his freeze suit. He and his henchman Professor Frost plot to steal the N a superfast submarine to pull off the "Crime of the Century". When Batman and Robin raid his hideout, Mr. Freeze manages to freeze both of them and takes Robin with him as he escapes. Freeze and Professor Frost at the North Pole, Batman and Robin fire a beam that reverses the polarity of Freeze's freeze gun so that it warms up.

They then apprehend Freeze and Professor Frost where they are both placed into prison. Freeze appears in several series for the DC animated universevoiced by Michael Ansara.

However, the company's CEO Ferris Boyle voiced by Mark Hamill broke into the lab with guards, demanding an end be put to the experiment. When Fries desperately grabbed a security guard's pistol to aim at Boyle, the corrupt CEO kicked him into a table of chemical beakers filled with cryogenic substance, leaving Victor to die.

batman and robin mr freeze ending relationship

He survived but was severely mutated by the substances. Unable to live outside subzero conditions, he wears a cryogenic suit to survive and also triples his strength. He steals the parts for a freezing machine he wishes to build and use in his vendetta against Boyle. This leads to Freeze's first confrontation with Batman. When he freezes Boyle up to the waist, Boyles now begging for his life, Freeze confronts Batman, fighting one-on-one until Freeze's transparent head dome is broken when Batman uses Alfred Pennyworth 's thermos of chicken soupinducing thermal shock and rendering Freeze unconscious.

batman and robin mr freeze ending relationship

The Dark Knight then presents evidence of Boyle's crime involving Nora to the press and leaving Boyles in this frozen condition for his horrible act. Freeze is imprisoned in a special Arkham Asylum cell kept at subzero temperatures. After being kidnapped by a giant robot and brought to the off-shore Oceana city, he meets billionaire amusement park designer Grant Walker voiced by Daniel O'Herlihya man that wants to become immortal like Freeze to create a frozen world for selected residents.

Freeze agrees to help when Walker promises to cure Nora. Batman and Robin arrive and try to reason with Freeze that if he were to help Walker, Nora would hate him. Freeze eventually turns on Walker, freezing his benefactor to a wall. Freeze overloads Oceana's power-core which starts the city's destruction as he instructs its inhabitants to evacuate. Freeze stays behind to die with his wife, and he along with Nora and Walker disappear in the explosion.

The episode's ending reveals that they all survive, trapped in icebergs. Freeze makes a deal with greedy former colleague Gregory Belson voiced by George Dzundza to help cure his wife in exchange for gold. Batman and Robin thwart this plan and Freeze is then presumed killed in the explosion of his lair on an abandoned oil rig. Wayne Enterprises then finances a surgery that saves Nora's life. Freeze is last seen at the North Polecrying tears of joy as he learns of Nora's recovery. When a cured Nora Fries married her own doctor and left Gotham permanently, the trauma destroys whatever is left of Fries' humanity.

Mister Freeze vows to inflict on others the loss he's suffered in the episode "Cold Comfort" by taking away the things they value most, much to the confusion of Robin and Batgirl. When Freeze is confronted at his hideout by Batman and Batgirl, he reveals his true condition to them as well as his goal of destroying Gotham City — all the Dark Knight holds dear — by dropping a 'reverse fusion bomb' that will freeze the city.

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Freeze boards a helicopter to drop the bomb. However, he is followed by Batman and they engage in a duel in which Batman uses a grappling gun to hook Freeze to the bomb and drop it into the river, where an explosion creates a huge iceberg. Although Freeze is presumed dead, his head is seen to be missing as the episode ends. Another one is seen in the Batcave's background during subsequent episodes. The tragic villain personally appears in the episode "Meltdown".

Victor Fries before his transformation into Mr. Victor Fries was a two time Olympic decathlete and a very well known scientist, who won the Nobel Prize in the field of molecular biology.

He tried to cure his wife, Nora, whom he was deeply devoted to from a terminal illness that was called MacGregor's Syndrome that would eventually kill her. Victor placed Nora in an experimental cryogenic tank of his own invention, and hoped to keep her in suspended animation until he could find a cure. He continued his research on the disease while his wife endured her frozen slumber, and even managed to cure the disease in its early stages, but still worked on the advanced case that Nora contracted.

During an experiment, Victor fell into a vat of his cryo-fluid that was fifty degrees below zero, somehow survived, and was dependent on a special cryosuit that used special diamond enhanced lasers to keep him at zero degrees.

He then took on the persona of Mr. Crime Spree "The Iceman cometh! Freeze while robbing the Gotham Museum. Freeze began to rob museums of large diamonds, and planned to use them to create a large scale Freeze Gun that he called his "freezing engine" to freeze Gotham, and hold it ransom for billions, which would allow him to complete his research for Nora's cure.

Freeze was pursued by Batman and Robinbut managed to steal a diamond after he froze Robin, and warned Batman that he had eleven minutes to thaw him out before he would freeze to death. Freeze spared Batman, but threatened to kill him the next time that he tried to stop him, and escaped with the diamond. At his hideout, Freeze watched his past before his accident.

Freeze was then interrupted by one of his thugs, Frostywho held a newspaper and told him that he wanted him to see, but Freeze froze him, and commented: Then, he told Nora that only one diamond was left, noticed the newspaper on Frosty, and read it. At a rainforest costume party that used a large diamond necklace to help raise money for charity, Freeze returned and stole it. Freeze caught by Batman. Batman and Robin followed Freeze, captured him, and imprisoned him at Arkham Asylum.

Stripped of his cryosuit, Freeze could no longer survive outside of his specially designed cell, and was rendered incapable of escape. While at Arkham, Freeze carved an ice statue of Nora in order to have some solace; he missed her deeply and wished that he was still with her. Alliance with Poison Ivy "If I must suffer, humanity will suffer with me! I shall repay them for sentencing me to a life without the warmth of human comfort! I will blanket this city in an endless winter!

Freeze swears revenge on Batman. Ivy had witnessed Freeze's attack at the party and was impressed at his skills.

They returned to Freeze's hideout where Ivy and Bane distracted the Dynamic Duo who learned of Freeze's escape while Freeze retrieved his energy diamonds and weapons, and told Ivy to bring his wife back to him.

However, Ivy betrayed Freeze by disconnecting the cable to the cryo tank that kept Nora alive. Later, at Ivy's hideout, the Turkish Bath HouseFreeze took refuge there and froze one of the rooms for his survival. As soon as he saw Ivy, Freeze asked her if she had retrieved his wife. Ivy told him Batman had deactivated Nora and that she was dead. Freeze angrily refused to believe Ivy until she showed him Nora's special snowflake necklace that he had given to her as a gift.

He was deeply grieved and shed a small tear that suddenly froze and blew away in the cold air.

Mr. Freeze (Arkhamverse)

Freeze's sorrow then turned to rage and he swore vengeance on Batman, and, at Ivy's urging, humanity itself. Freeze thus decided to continue his plan to freeze Gotham and kill its population. Ivy continued to cause chaos in the partnership between Batman and his sidekick by seducing Robin with the Batsignalmodified to project his red bird emblem in an attempt to get rid of the Dynamic Duo once and for all.