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austin and allys relationship quizzes

Are you most like Austin, Ally, Trish or Dez? Personality tests -» Are you this star / figure? quizzes -» TV characters -» Other TV characters. Austin and Ally are the best of friends, and they've got the coolest gang! Take the personality quiz to find out who you would be BFFs with – Austin, Ally or Dez?. Today, you will be taking a test about the disney channel show Austin and Ally. This is a scored test just 2 see how much you know about this.

It may be a spin-off but there are many differences. So, don't review saying that I'm stealing or to change the plot. This is my story. I am allowed to.

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Thank you and good night. Also, known as the first day of school. Let me explain myself. And don't ever call her, Jessie, she really hates that. Yesterday was Sunday, so I got a tour of the school. No one was there but my parents, sister, the principle, vice principle, and me.

I'm really into classic rock n roll. Journey, Aerosmith, Kiss Don't own any of those bands. You name it, I love it. I'm actually really nervous. I've always kind of been a social outcast. I've had friends and a few girlfriends here and there.

But no one that I really love, as a friend. I approach the school. It's much different than my old school in New York.

austin and allys relationship quizzes

The weather is also much, much warmer than New York. In New York, it would be around 50 degrees. That's not that cold but, not 90 degrees like it is right about now.

How well do you know Austin and Ally?

I really should take off my blue sweatshirt. I'm currently wearing a gray tee-shirt, black jeans, and blue sneakers. I can't forget about my lucky dog whistle. Yes, I said dog whistle. I got it when I was 5.

I stole it from my sister. She didn't find out about it until I was 8 and she was Being the adorable blonde boy I was, she just let it go. I've always had a special bound with my sister. Sure, we fought, but what siblings don't. When I went on my first date, Jessica taught me how to talk to girls. The date was successful, she was my girlfriend for five months. Until my girlfriend, Avery, moved to California.

It was a mutual breakup. It was best to see other people and not deal with a long distance relationship. I still remember her. Avery Isabelle Grayson, her birthday was February 17th. Once I enter the school I immediately get looks. Everyone knows I'm the new kid. I see some probably seniors, which I am, in varsity jackets, talking way to loud.

I see about six really pretty girls in cheerleader uniforms. Then, I notice a girl. She looks about 18 or 19, taking on the phone. I'm close enough that I can hear the conversation. I wonder who she was talking to. Maybe a younger sister or brother. They're letters reading, "D. I know that "Oct.

Today is October 14th. And the person that she was talking to over the phone she told him or her, "Happy birthday" I'll have to ask her about the tattoos later. Ally's POV I see a boy walk by. I can tell he's looking at my tattooed wrist. But not with disgust or shock or anything like that. More like he's interested.

I never get that look anymore. I look at his face, very closely. His face, I know that face anywhere. He looks so much like… It can't be… But they could be twins… Dawson! I attempt to put in my combination. Over and over I put in the same combination. I pound on my locker in frustration. This locker is a piece of crap. Suddenly, I hear a feminine voice whisper something into my ear. Put in your combo. Jiggle the lock again. Finally, set it to zero.

She sounds like the girl I heard talking to someone over the phone. I do exactly what the girl said to do. I grab my things for next class. I've always loved to write. The ironic thing is, I can't write songs. I try to find room: I see a red-head that looks like he's going to the same place, I'm attempting to go to. I'm going to the same place. Dez told me on the way that we can sit anywhere we want. Normally, I would sit in one of the corers, but I sit next to Dez. I walk up to Mr.

The class is working on a short story that's due tomorrow, so I'll exempt you from that. However you can start the next assignment. You have to come up with an idea for a movie and write the trailer for it. It can be about anything. Just make it school appropriate.

austin and allys relationship quizzes

I already have an idea. The movie will be about a boy and his older sister's relationship.

austin and allys relationship quizzes

How she helps him get the girl. So basically what Jessica did for me and Avery. After Creative Writing is over, Dez shows me the way to music class.

Which Austin and Ally character are you like?

We would have loved to continue the show forever. Our dream when we started the show was to hit a hundred episodes and we came pretty close. We still had a lot of stories we wanted to tell, but the average Disney show usually only goes three or four seasons. In fact, our show was as good as done after season three, but we worked really hard to get those last episodes.

It was interesting because we had to write the end of season three as if it was going to be the last. When we did the season four finale, we knew we were done. We will never say never. What will you miss most about the show? The cast and crew. It was a very special set.

austin and allys relationship quizzes

It was truly a family. We still talk to the cast all the time, and our greatest takeaway from the whole experience is the lifelong friendships we gained. What was the last day on set like? The whole season was very emotional because we knew the show was ending. The last few weeks, everybody was constantly crying and hugging.

By the time we finished shooting on the last day, nobody wanted to leave. We hung out for hours afterwards. There are so many.

We were just talking the other day about when we shot the pilot in front of a live audience. When we introduced the cast at the top of the show, there was polite applause, but by the end of the taping, the audience was going nuts. The live tapings were always fun. One favorite moment was when we had our own prom on the stage for the cast and crew after shooting the prom episode. Everyone got dressed up, and it was a great party. The cast was so young when the show began.

How have the actors changed since the show premiered? They never got big egos or attitudes. They were genuine, professional and humble when we met them, and they still are. We love them like they are our kids.

austin and allys relationship quizzes