Athrun cagalli and meyrin ending a relationship

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athrun cagalli and meyrin ending a relationship

And everything changed when the second war ended. Will Cagalli's departure allow Athrun to heal himself in return? Meyrin and Lunamaria gasped while Shinn had his eyes wide open when a . 'You're enlistment, the wedding there are holes that need serious mending in this relationship of yours. In the beginning, Athrun was in a relationship with Cagalli. He even gave her a So, it ended with Athrun and Meyrin pairing. Hope this helps!. Just because of Meyrin walking of with Athrun at the end of Final Plus, Personally, I would want AsuCaga to be a real relationship, but the.

I, I just…' 'You two have been through a lot. Now get in there and help set the table or Lacus will have a hard time. Sighing, she walked up to her soundlessly. Gasping at the voice, Meyrin jumped and glared at her sister. You scared the bejsus out of me! I, I didn't have time to think and when I realized what I did, it was already too late and I was too scared!

Do athrun love Meyrin?

I didn't want to be left alone at Orb! Laughing, Lunamaria gave her sister an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

I mean, she was supposed to marry Yuna Roma if it weren't for Freedom and frankly, I don't see a chemistry between them at all, that kind of chemistry, you know? I mean, come on, like she's done a good job at all. Besides, Athrun's better off without her, she's too much of an idealist, they'll never make it. At the sudden silence between the three, they realized that someone was talking in the bathroom. When it clicked open, Cagalli came out, with her cell phone to her ear.

Good, I'll be looking forward to the morning news tomorrow. Sighing, she looked down at Devon who was tugging at the sleeve of her hoodie. Frowning, Kira walked up to her. You seem…' 'I seem what? You've resigned from the government?

My resignation was approved a week ago along with the passing of a structural reformation act of the government. To leave your duties behind?

athrun cagalli and meyrin ending a relationship

To let your Father down? I've been struggling for three years and I know that I can't do it, it's not in me and I know that someone else, someone who loves this country as much as I do, will make a better leader.

athrun cagalli and meyrin ending a relationship

I know my limits Kira, and it's my time to step down. I don't want to hate my country, I really don't… you understand me don't you? We know that we can do so much more but we don't, we can't because of circumstances… I do know that feeling.

Reaching into her pocket, Cagalli took out a velvet box and held it up to Kira. Maybe… maybe I'm just not good enough for him, or maybe… maybe our chances have passed. Either way, I can't, I just can't…. I don't want Cagalli to leave! I never get to see you and Athrun! I got Cagalli to stay! Cagalli nodded, standing up with Devon's hand in hers. You took the cab right? Are you sure everything's okay? At the other end, Athrun caught up with Kisaka just as he started the engine of his military jeep.

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Athrun looked down at the man for a while. Sighing, Kisaka released the hand break. He stood there for a while before turning, heading towards his own convertible. Climbing in, he stared at the steering wheel, totally oblivious of the three other people until Meyrin called him.

Blinking, Athrun turned and gave Meyrin a smile, taking the keys from her, his hand brushing against hers. Totally oblivious of Meyrin's reaction, Athrun stuck his key into the jack and gunned the engine. Narrowing his eyes, he looked up at the brightly lit mansion briefly before releasing the breaks, reversing the car with one arm extended behind the passenger seat. At that, Shinn couldn't help but snicker at Lunamaria who in turn shot him a glare.

Pausing, Athrun shift the gear and gave Meyrin a smile. Athrun would shot a glance at the sea where the dock extended until they turned the corner and headed towards the city center.

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Athrun was silent for a while, looking at Shinn in the rear mirror before he pulled into the parking lot of the government guest accommodation located downtown. Killing the engine, Athrun took a deep breath. Lunamaria couldn't help but sigh while Meyrin looked down at her lap, still sitting in the passenger seat.

Sighing deeply, Athrun turned to him. At that, Meyrin looked up with wide eyes. Shinn stared at him. I used it in the wrong way, I trusted the wrong person and I paid the price, I made other people pay the price. Orb is where I belong now, is where I want to belong. He ACTS older than the two of them, that doesn't make him older in actual age. Please stop messing with this section unless you can provide a good, verifiable source for your info.

Look at the size of quotes, notable dialogue and trivia. I say a cut down is in order. Specifically, who is it who's deciding this is 'notable dialogue' for this and other entries? Hence why I removed the examples I cited. Over on the Miriallia entry, someone kept adding what was basically a generic bit of dialogue where Miriallia wishes Dearka good luck. Specifically for Athrun, I don't think every dramatic scene needs to be quoted.

Something like the scene where he admits he 'killed' Kira should, since that's important. It's where he spells out his motives and where Cagalli gives him the words that start changing his mind.

athrun cagalli and meyrin ending a relationship

Again, this is a general problem with the CE entries- voice actor trivia. The fact is, there are several big name anime VAs in Japan who will often work togethor. I've kept the current mentions since they seemed relevant but I think this is starting to venture into trivia better mentioned in the entries for the actual actors themselves, not the pages of characters they've voiced.

Do we need this much detail on some of the battles and do we need the trivia at all? Deleting most if not all of the trivia wouldn't bother me. Axed the bit on love interests pointing pistols at each other - there's too many examples of major cast members pointing pistols at each other for this to mean anything. Also axed references to voice actors appearing together in other shows. If it needs to be listed, it should be under the appropriate VA's, not here.

Axed the reference to the Libyan city, Al Athrun; there's no evidence that the city, if it exists, has anything to do with the character's name. The trivia related to the Infinite Justice mobile suit belongs on that page, not this. Most of the rest should probably be melded into the rest of the atricle or axed.

He's the only illustrator credited in the novel; there is no mention of Hirai Hisashi.

athrun cagalli and meyrin ending a relationship

Basically, the character art at the start of the book is from model sheets Hirai did. The actual full page art seen in the rest of the book is by Tomofumi -- HellCat86 So I guessed Hirai-san did not get credited then. I see no reason why people keep editing her out as that.

If you have solid evidence that she is not a possible love interest, please show it. Otherwise I think it should stay as it is. Still, other people even had more chance. As far as I know, it's only one-sided from Meyrin. Some people think it should be Athrun and Cagalli others think it should be Athrun and Meyrin.

We don't know who Athrun will end up with,maybe the recently annonced movie will tell us. Which relationship is more reasonable? Athrun and Cagalli or Athrun and Meyrin? Most likely you don't know what Athrun thinks. We aren't debating that. Again, this isn't about what you personally feel, but what is shown in the anime. That is Athrun and Cagalli parting ways, and Athrun and Meyrin walking away together at the end of the last canon piece of anime in the timeline.

That makes her a possible love interest. As for more reasonable at this point, that would be Athrun and Meyrin since it's the last thing shown to us. We don't need to rush.