Arya and gendry relationship counseling

arya and gendry relationship counseling

Gendry and Arya Stark Gendry Game Of Thrones, Game Of Thrones Cast, .. I really need a relationship between Arya and Gendry. nç game of thrones joe. Arya Stark is the third child and second daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and his wife, She takes after her father and has a quarrelsome relationship with her sister . Arya asks for Yoren's advice on living with the tragedies she has suffered. Gendry and Arya have a similarly teasing relationship throughout A it but I don't think it will happen without Jon or Tyrion counseling to do it.

Arya then looked closely at his penis to examine it. There were prominent veins on his penis and she used her finger to trace it with her other hand. She then took his balls in her hand and carefully cupped them; they were slightly warm and heavy. Arya held the base of his cock with one hand as she sped up her pace.

She heard his breathing increase before she drastically slowed down and took the head of Gendry's cock in her mouth. For a few seconds, Arya sucked the head of his cock before licking his shaft. Taking a penis in her mouth was a strange experience, but oddly enjoyable as well.

It made Arya feel powerful. Although Gendry hadn't been in her mouth that long, it felt like her was at her mercy. Only for a moment, she was hesitant about taking more of Gendry in her mouth, but she couldn't turn down the challenge.

She was going to prove that she could take all of him, well, most. There was no way she was going to fit all of Gendry in her mouth and she wasn't going to try either. Arya positioned herself between Gendry's legs and grabbed the sheet and wiped the excess lotion off of his penis.

After she finished, she slipped his cock back in her mouth, and then placed her hand right below her mouth. In unison, she moved both her hand and mouth as she tried to take as much of Gendry as she could. She heard Gendry's head hit the backboard as he groaned in pleasure. As instructed, Arya tightened her grip. Gendry placed his hand over hers, and then squeezed her hand to show her what he liked. Arya rotated between sucking the head of his cock and putting pressure on it with her hand.

Gently, he rested a hand on her head as he watched her head bob up and down. It was just so fucking hot for Gendry watching her blow him. Despite her inexperience, the blowjob was pretty enjoyable, which was in part due to her enthusiasm. The other parts were the experience itself and how hot it was for his cock to slide in and out of her mouth. A mischievous glint entered Arya's eyes as she licked Gendry's shaft.

Gendry penis slid out of her mouth as Arya raised herself up on her hands, crawled forward, and straddled Gendry. His cock stood erect between them. Tenderly, Arya deeply kissed Gendry. Gendry looked at her questioningly. Arya licked her lips. Seductively, she nibbled on his ear and Gendry groaned before he nodded. Say, 'Yes, I want to fuck you. Arya pulled up his shirt and Gendry helped her get it off. They then discarded her shirt as it joined the other pieces of clothes on the floor.

Expertly, Arya unclasped her bra and threw it to the side. Arya rose up on her knees and grabbed Gendry's shoulders and balanced herself. Gendry placed one hand on her hip and the other on his cock and steadied it as Arya impaled herself on it. A slight cry of pain escaped her lips. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and moaned. Gradually, she took more and more of Gendry as her body accommodated itself to his length and girth. She nodded yes, and then began to rock her hips back and forth.

It was an almost indescribable feeling when Arya's vagina sheathed his cock. She was so unbearably tight and warm. Gods, he was ready to lose it. Arya exhaled as she tried to focus on anything except the pain. It wasn't all pain or mostly, but it was enough to distract her.

She wondered how long it would take for that to pass and so she could fully enjoy herself. Gendry read the slight distress on her face, which concerned him. In retrospect, it turned out to be a better idea. Gendry was able to control the pace better and stretch her out properly. After about five minutes, Arya no longer felt any pain.

Eagerly, she wrapped her arms and legs around Gendry as he moved slowly within her. Gendry gave her his full length as he gently slammed into her. Wantonly, Arya spread her legs widely to encourage Gendry to go deeper.

Arya watched as Gendry disappeared into her and she couldn't believe she was taking him so well or at all really. This honestly wasn't what she was expecting when she asked him to kiss her or to give her a real kiss. Hell, even she decided to blow him, it wasn't in her plans for him to penetrate her. Carefully, Gendry positioned Arya on her side and entered her again.

She gasped at his re-entrance and how the pleasure seemed to change, in a good way, with the new position. Gently, his knee nudged her leg to she could lift it higher and she moaned into the sheets when she took all of him again.

Arya enjoyed the intensity of their encounter and her pleasure. As he penetrated Arya, Gendry rested a his hand on her hip and his forearm above her head, and then whispered into her ear: Arya moved her hips back against Gendry and met him thrust for thrust. As Gendry pulled her up on her knees, Arya propped herself on her elbows without a break in rhythm.

She never knew how hot the sound of slapping flesh was until now and, unintentionally, she pushed back harder against Gendry. His hands involuntarily gripped her waist tightly as he matched her pace.

Unexpectedly, Gendry leaned back on his legs and pulled Arya up with him. Gendry held Arya against his chest and he hooked his arms under hers. Unrelentingly, he drilled into her. Gendry slowly pulled out of her and lied on his back. Arya threw a leg over his body and straddled him. This time around, she slid down on his cock easily.

Lightly, she rested her hands on his chest as she sank down on Gendry and took him as deep as possible. Simultaneously, the two groaned at the same time.

Although taking him was easier than the first time, she had to get used to the position again. Once she did, Arya rocked her hips back and forth. Gods, she loved the feeling of Gendry inside her.

She felt comfortably full and it was so amazing. Arya let herself get lost to the rhythm as her hips moved on their own accord. Her legs started to ache, but she didn't care, she was going to ride Gendry until her legs gave out. Feather light kisses were placed on her neck as Gendry's hand ran up and down her back. Arya grabbed his chin and forced him to look at her.

After she intently stared at him briefly, Arya leaned her forehead against him as she felt her orgasm build. Gendry sensed both her fatigue and her nearing climax due to the uneven rhythm and her increased breathing. Firm hands grabbed her thighs as Gendry picked Arya up and held her against the wall. He pounded into her without abandon. High-pitched cries came from Arya's throat as her nails embedded in his back and scratched it. Gendry kissed her to mute her cries when she came.

When Gendry was through with her, Arya was a heap of bones on the bed.

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Tiredly, she stared at him as he stroked his cock to cum. Arya struggled to get up as she draped herself on the side on Gendry's body and leaned her head on his shoulder. She placed on Gendry's cock, above his own hand, and moved her hand up and down in rhythm with him. After a few moments, a couple grunts escaped his throat cum shot onto his stomach.

Wordlessly, the two friends stared at each other. Arya contently looked at her best friend. What just happened between them was unbelievable.

She knew sex could be great, but to actually experience and her first time? Most of the stories she heard it was either bad or okay when both parties were beginners, but for her, it was phenomenal. Arya couldn't wait to do it again. Of course, it wouldn't be tonight, she could barely move let alone muster the energy to fuck Gendry senseless again…or be fucked senseless again.

This change in their friendship was interesting. At this thought, Arya stomach tightened. Tonight was great, but what if that was only tonight? What if this change between them led to something worse and ruined them? Arya's heard that sex changed many relationships for the worse and she couldn't lose Gendry because of one night. He was her best friend.

He meant the world to her and she didn't know what she'd do if they weren't close anymore. This was a bad idea. A very bad idea. It's super late," he informed. Arya nodded in disagreement. Like you said, it's late. I'll wake you up an hour before the wake up call," she offered. Gendry smiled at her.

Arya thought was acting irrational and get over it by the morning. But, when Gendry crept out of her window 5: She hadn't gotten any sleep all night as she thought of everything that could go wrong.

As Arya took a shower, a hand went to touch her vagina. It slightly ached along with other parts of her body. Scenes from last night rushed through her mind along with her fears that manifested themselves in her after their encounter was over.

A knot formed in her throat as she tried to dismiss her anxiety, but it only became stronger. She couldn't lose Gendry. She wouldn't lose Gendry. They could pretend like last night never happened and everything would be fine.

Gina blew out a puff of air. Trying to force its hand only makes it worse. Rather than talking to Gendry and discussing the very big change in your friendship, you took it upon yourself and decided to pretend it never happened—never mind how he felt.

Have you even spoke to him about that night? You refused to acknowledge that night and let him speak about it. How do you think that makes him feel, Arya? All throughout that night you reassured him that you wanted to have sex with him and even initiated some of it, but then the next day and all of the subsequent days, you've pretended it didn't happen.

Have you ever wondered that he may blame himself? That perhaps you did feel pressured to have sex with him, but was afraid to say no?

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Or that it was so bad that you don't want to talk about it? All he has are his thoughts and the fact that you won't even talk about that night. So, rather than letting your fears of losing him conquer you, apologize to him and explain that you were afraid. I know that you'll get a better outcome because the path you chose to go down hasn't prevented anything—more like escalated it. Do you know how hard that is even with adult women? So, if you trust him with those two very big things, why couldn't you trust him to maturely deal with the consequences of that night?

Not only is it natural, it's healthy to explore your sexuality with someone you trust and enjoy being with—it doesn't have to be anything more than that. You don't have to date him. Not many girls your age have someone like that in their life and, consequently, end up having bad sexual experiences and overall troubling experiences with sex as they grow older.

Arya held the tree as she stretched her calf muscles. Deeply, Arya breathed as she leaned against the tree. Talking to Gendry was harder than she thought. Despite her realization of why their relationship was sour, talking to her best wasn't any easier; in fact, it was so much harder. Arya was ashamed admit that it was her fault why they weren't communicating and failing at activities they used to excel at.

She was the one being stupid.

arya and gendry relationship counseling

And if it were even possible, the truth made them perform worse at the challenges. Well, it made her worse, which didn't make any sense. Perhaps it was because Arya was too busy overthinking everything and not trusting her own judgment. But, then again, her faulty judgment was what got them here. Even now, she doubted herself. She seriously just needed to talk to Gendry and get it over with.

What was the worst that could happen considering that she already lived through it? Arya raised her head when she heard Gendry's voice. He laughed audibly at some joke or shared joke as the group walked towards his cabin. Gods, it's been so long since she's seen him smile and even longer since he's laughed. He looked genuinely happy unlike the times they spent together.

Arya hated herself for making him so miserable because of her own inability to properly address what had happened that night—for trying to pretend they hadn't been together. Although she couldn't see his eyes from a distance, she knew they were a bright, sparkling blue.

His eyes were always that way when he laughed and smiled. And she knew that there were crow's feet around his eyes. And that he laughed with his body. Every time Arya thought about her behavior, she couldn't believe how stupid she'd been. Gendry was her best friend and they always talked about their issues and settled whatever had troubled them. Quickly, Arya shoved away her thoughts and looked up again to stare at Gendry.

When she did, her and Gendry made eye contact. As soon as they did, she saw a piece of him sadden. It wasn't apparent to others who didn't know him as well as Arya, but Arya could tell. His eyes dimmed a bit and his smile faltered somewhat. Her stomach dropped at this. Behind the sadness was uncertainty and traces of anger. Gendry slowed down and said something to his friends, and then they said their good nights and parted ways.

He stood still for a moment before he looked at her, and then made his way to his place. There were still traces of sadness, anger, and insecurity, but there was also a hint of curiosity as well.

Gendry sat down beside Arya, but made sure there was space between them. Arya was unsure if that was for her benefit, his own, or a combination of both.

He sat his hands on his knees and looked ahead as he spoke. Then you started avoiding me altogether and now you're on my porch. It was her mom's cookies, his favorite. You didn't do anything wrong for me to behave that way and I'm sorry if I ever made you feel that anything was your fault.

Although Arya absolved him of any blame for her behavior, it was obvious that Gendry had a lot to get off of his chest. I was scared and it made me do stupid shit. That terrified the shit out of me and I stupidly thought that if I pretended we never did it—never fucked—that…that everything would be normal. But, you wanted to talk about it and it made it hard for me to forget.

You're my best friend and I didn't want to lose you because of one late night decision.

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You knew I was attracted to you and you kept pushing the issue that night. And—and I asked you if you were okay with what we were doing and you were said you were, and then the next day, it was like nothing ever happened. I couldn't even talk about it without you cutting me off or getting upset at me. And I thought I must've been really bad that you wanted to forget.

Like, I kept asking myself if you were really a virgin. Even when you were…going down on me and did all that stuff with your fingers, you seemed very experienced. I…I liked the feeling of you inside me.

Gendry reached into the box and took a handful of cookies. He happily munched on the treats as the sat in silence. His anger dissipated, but Arya knew traces of hurt lingered. You mean a lot to me, Arya, and I'd do almost anything to prevent from losing you.

I'd go crazy if we weren't best friends anymore—I missed you like hell when we weren't talking. Once inside, Gendry took the box of cookies from Arya, sat on the bed, and eat out of the box. In amazement, Arya watched, as Gendry scarfed down one-fourth of the box in what she presumed was a record time. She doubted that he breathed or chewed at all while he ate. She had to ask her mother to teach her the recipe. Arya rolled her eyes, and then walked around his room.

It looked the same as the last time she was in it. His clothes were neatly hung in his closet, shoes lined up in a perfect row under his bed, and all of his books and papers carefully separated and put aside.

Everything had a place and nothing was out of place. Once, Arya asked Gendry where his cleaning obsession came from. He explained that before he came to live with his current foster father, he'd been in and out of a lot of homes.

Some of them were complete slobs and he had to live in small bedrooms with other kids; others were neat freaks that'd punish you for the slightest things being out of place. For Gendry, being clean represented control. It was the only part of his life that he had absolute control over.

Also, in some of his previous homes, they used to steal from him, the little he had, and claimed that his stuff was either lost in the mess or thrown away on accident. So, cleaning also helped him tracked his belonging: Lastly, it was one of the many ways he blew off steam. She looked at an older picture of her, Gendry, and Hot Pie.

Her finger lingered over Gendry's face, and then her own as she thought back to when they were less complicated. He groaned as he settled on the bed. He would've eaten that whole box if there were a chance he wouldn't get sick and she knew it.

When he first tried her mother's cookies, he didn't expect them to be so delicious and addictive, but they were. After that, every time Mrs. Stark sent cookies, he always asked Arya for some. Eventually, she just started to share them with Gendry without him even asking. This time, Arya made a special request for them for when she apologized to Gendry. Gendry always got himself in this predicament over those cookies.

Gendry's inner lion purred. Contently, Gendry smiled as he felt Arya's hand through his shirt.

arya and gendry relationship counseling

After a while, Arya's hand lost its rhythm due to tiredness and she switched to her other hand. Tenderly, she rubbed his stomach as she matched her earlier rhythm as her tired hand rested on Gendry's thigh. Instantly, Gendry's groin stirred. The young man cracked an eye as he looked at his friend who appeared to be focused on making his stomach troubles disappear.

One part of Gendry wanted to tell Arya to move her hand and the other wanted it to inch up closer and grab his cock. He closed his eyes again and tried to ignore the rush of blood to his cock. Even if she took her hand off of his leg now, her touching him in general was problematic. Her hand wasn't that far north of his cock and a little travel south would solve his current issue. She'd rubbed him out before and do a pretty good job too.

She definitely spotted his predicament. Gendry looked at his betrayer, and then back at Arya. Although it was only semi erect and completely covered, nothing could hide its imposing nature. While Arya cock watched, unknowingly, her hand slipped under Gendry's shirt and she rubbed a little lower on his stomach.

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Eventually, her fingers lost its rhythm completely and flittered along his waistband as she visualized what his dick looked like. The hand that already rested on his thigh slid up and was less than an inch away from it. Fingertips from her other hand slightly dug beneath the waistband.

Gendry couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed Arya's hand and shoved it into his underwear. Involuntarily, she rubbed it with the back of her index finger "I want to, but…I shouldn't. Arya hitched her breath as he hand outside of his sweats tightened its grip on Gendry's leg. She had yet to look at Gendry's face since she became aware of his boner.

Reluctantly, she tried to pull away, but her eyes never strayed and her hand never moved. Gendry rolled his hips again. But, it's not going to stop at just touching," she warned. Gendry slid down his sweatpants and underwear together as Arya's resolved crumbled. She didn't want to rush into doing anything sexual again, but he forced her hand. She could control her urges while it was covered, but fully exposed to her? Arya grabbed his cock and eagerly shoved it into her mouth.

He expected Arya to give him a hand job, not stuff his cock in her mouth. Arya looked up for the first time since she first told him she'd spotted his growing erection. She saw that Gendry was propped up on elbow with his eyes half closed.

Firmly, she pushed Gendry on the chest to make him lie down as she tried to take more of Gendry in her mouth. From the sounds that came from Gendry, Arya knew that he was enjoying the blowjob. Inwardly, Arya smiled—her mouth was too full to give a real one. After a few minutes, Arya seemed to find a technique that drove Gendry wild as carefully thrust his hips up to meet her mouth. Feeling much more confidant, Arya took even more of him, and consequently, Gendry's hips bucked. Hurriedly, he pulled up his sweats, and then went to his closet and grabbed a bottle of water.

Gendry crouched in front of her as he rubbed her back while she gathered herself. Arya took a gulp of water. She reached for Gendry's waistband again. Gendry looked at her like she was crazy. That's what we call a learning moment, now come here. In no time, her head was bobbing back and forth as he jaws began to ache. She simultaneously felt frustrated and relieved. Frustrated because she wasn't ready to stop and relieved because her jaws would stop aching once she did. Arya really didn't want to stop, but her jaws would seriously be killing her later on if she didn't.

arya and gendry relationship counseling

She learned her lesson the first time she blew Gendry. Stop while you're ahead. Arya remembered when she first found out what a blowjob was. It disgusted her and she swore on all the things she cherished that she was never going to do it. Put a guy's penis in her mouth? The thing they peed out of? And what if they didn't wash down there? Or what about when they had sex with other people?

And here she was eagerly taking Gendry in her mouth. Everyone had to grow up sometime. As if he could sense her tiredness, Gendry grabbed Arya's head and slowly slid out of her mouth. His erection stood proudly in front of her. Carefully, Gendry pulled up his sweats. Gendry went to his door and locked it. Because they didn't expect to have sex, neither one thought it was important to lock the door when they first came in.

Arya was glad it occurred to Gendry because she wouldn't have even thought of it. She wasn't even supposed to be in his room in the first place.

She could only imagine if someone walked in on them. When she thought about it, they didn't even lock the door the first time they had sex. Before Gendry got back into bed with her, he took off his own clothes, and then got under the sheets with her. Wantonly, Arya opened her legs for Gendry as he positioned himself between her legs.

They kissed for a while as Gendry inserted Arya's vagina with his fingers. Tenderly, he rubbed in and out of her. Why didn't you ask this when you decided this was going to happen, right before you told me to take off my clothes, before—ah," she moaned. Hell, even before you stuck your fing—" Gendry kissed her. Her tongue made its way into Gendry's mouth as he removed his hand from between her legs and eased his cock into her. Arya slightly grunted in pain as she felt his blunt member spread her, but continued to kiss Gendry.

Gendry stopped moving and broke their kiss. Concernedly he said, "Arya…" "I'm okay," she reassured. It didn't take as long for the pain to subside their second time together. As sounds of slapping flesh and bedsprings creaking filled the room, Gendry rocked into Arya.

Sweat clung to their skin as they passionately fucked. Occasionally, Arya begged 'harder' and 'deeper' while her legs were wrapped around Gendry like a vice grip. As Gendry moved within her, Arya wondered if this was the natural progression of their friendship. Perhaps she was supposed to continue having sex with Gendry after the first time and tried to interfere with how things were meant to be. She didn't mean it in a romantic, sappy kind of way, but being with him felt so natural.

And she did trust him with her body, exploring her sexuality with her. Arya had no clue if sex with him included a relationship, but as of now, it was of no importance to her. She got to keep Gendry as her friend and she'd now have him as her lover. Arya gave him all her focus. Gendry chuckled as he took off his shirt and used it as a towel. Arya took a moment to admire him. Out of the top twenty—top thirty? Arya caught it and looked at Diego expectantly.

Their arms then smoothly lowered and turned into a hug.

arya and gendry relationship counseling

Arya held Gendry tightly as he gave Arya a bear hug while he lifted her into the air and spun around. Slowly, he lowered her as they smiled at their victory. Francine walked over and looked at the two. His co-workers caught the insinuation. We're complicating that; just because we see something, doesn't mean it's there. Arya may be the first girl Gendry ever really got to know and seemingly harbors affection for her beyond friends and ersatz siblings.

Second, as they grow up they are both likely to become much more attractive. You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her. It was not a thing that was ever said of Arya. Gendry as well has some handsomeness coming. At the end of A Feast for Crows, he is favorably compared to his uncle Renly Baratheon by Brienne of Tarth, and descriptions of Robert in his prime are good signs of things to come for the teen.

Gendry was at his forge, bare-chested beneath his leather apron. He was beating on a sword as if he wished it were a foe, his sweat-soaked hair falling across his brow. She watched him for a moment. Lord Renly was more lithe than brawny. Gendry Baratheon would be the perfect age to marry, and alliances are often sealed with marriages. And this is where the literary reasons for this match come into play.

As mentioned above, Arya is repeatedly shown as a younger version of Lyanna Stark: And many times Gendry is shown as King Robert come again- at least in appearance. His temperament is far tamer and more controlled than the old King. Gendry does not have those problems, and has discipline, loyalty, and cleverness in their place. In this parallel, it could be the intention of the author and showrunners that Arya and Gendry fulfill the broken marriage pact made years earlier.

As well, there is the line Robert says to Ned: We were meant to rule together. If Lyanna had lived, we should have been brothers, bound by blood as well as affection. Well, it is not too late. I have a son. You have a daughter. My Joff and your Sansa shall join our houses, as Lyanna and I might once have done. His reunion with Arya now far more grown up may be a plotline that is explored next season.

After all, before Lyanna ran away with Rhaegar, she most likely dressed up as a knight and beat squires with a wooden sword, and then fell for the Silver Prince and his songs on harp. As tough as Arya is, there could be a similar shift in character coming for her, and Gendry is standing there with seemingly no other reason for being written back in. For one, Gendry is not a person Arya thinks a huge amount about after their parting.

Suddenly she was somewhere else. Salty is a stupid child, she told herself. I am a wolf, and will not be afraid. She had no pack, though.

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She shoved through the doors, out into the night. She could stay with Hot Pie, or maybe Lord Beric would find her there. Anguy would teach her to use a bow, and she could ride with Gendry and be an outlaw, like Wenda the White Fawn in the songs. In the show, Arya mentions Gendry even less. Another huge problem is that Arya is not a normal person anymore. She is a killing machine, a fantasy terminator who bakes people into pies, poisons entire rooms of people, and has a collection of faces in her bag.

She kills with such glee and dispassion that she may be broken mentally beyond repair, and the happy future with Gendry will be an unfulfilled dream. Third, the White Walkers have broken through the Wall and are marching their army of the dead through the North.

There very probably will be a near or total genocide of the North, and depending on how far South they get, of many Southern houses and regions. Such an enormous body count would cause the political structures we know today in Westeros to collapse.

arya and gendry relationship counseling