Aries and cancer relationship advice

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aries and cancer relationship advice

Cancer will be Aries go-to person for relationship advice as they recognize the crabs ability to accurately interpret the human psyche. Whilst Cancer utilizes. Are your signs compatible? Read your Aries and Cancer love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. relationship. What attracts and repulses the Aries and Cancer partnership. Cancer and Aries is a relationship that is going to cover a lot of ground. Both signs are early in .. Tips for This Relationship. Take time to listen.

Penetrating an Aries' Heart Aries natural tendency to pursue what they want with laser-focused fervor makes it easy for a typically cautious Cancers to get swept up in the thrill of romance. It might seem as if it's all about bold Aries when it comes to being lovers, but Cancers are intuitively intelligent, just as strong-willed as Aries, and can read people in no time. Cancers Give to Get A Cancer seems to know that when an Aries fall in love, they become softer, more loving, giving, protective, and can't seem to get enough of their lover, which is exactly what a Cancer wants.

They are attuned to the immediacy and physicality of their Aries lover and are also willing to compromise, even manipulate, to get their wants and needs met.

So, they match their lover's fervor and give them what they want and need. It's a Cancer's willingness to follow Aries' lead that penetrates an Aries' heart and makes their love affair work. Different Wants and Needs Cancer and Aries have different psychological wants and needs.

Aries is an extrovert and Cancer is an introvert. Neither is right or wrong, and both are equally strong-willed, but each lives their life differently.

A Cancer needs intimacy, deep caring, sensitive exchanges of feeling, emotional security, roots, home, family, and lots of nurturing behavior going both ways.

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They'll also do whatever it takes to get their wants and needs met. An Aries needs the independence to be, say, think, go, and do what they want to make their mark on the world. They complement each other in ways that can help bring out a side that each has, but couldn't do on their own.

aries and cancer relationship advice

A Cancer can challenge the impulsivity, audacity, and superficiality of an Aries, and help them learn to slow down, be more thoughtful, gentle, and loving. An Aries can challenge Cancer's moodiness, bring them out of their protective shell and lead them to be more lighthearted, optimistic, and daring. When both play to their strengths, they can also balance each other out, each contributing a different but complementary skill set.

Overcoming Difficulties Everyone wants their lover to fulfill their wants and needs, but sometimes the most fulfilling relationships are those where the individuals struggle through the challenges and learn to embrace the other's world.

An Aries and Cancer relationship is one of those. The only way for these two to overcome their difficulties is for each to recognize, understand and respect the differences; then meet each other halfway, negotiate, and make compromises for the other.

Sun Signs Offer a Sneak-Peek While Sun sign astrology can be fun, it offers nothing more than a sneak-peek of the whole. Cancer is going to need an extra amount of attention and affection. I don't think there is a limit to Cancer and how much it can receive. In return, Cancer will shower you with their love. If you are not open to this, you should steer away from Cancer. Aries' independence could make this relationship unattractive to them. Cancer -- and all water signs -- want to merge with their partner strongly.

Cancer is very direct about this, considering they are the first water sign, so they don't go as deep and brooding as Scorpio Cancer needs a high amount of romance, dedication, loyalty, and pride. Aries and Cancer may connect well by arguing, which gets them heated and passionate. Aries needs to remember Cancer is sensitive -- super sensitive and moody.

aries and cancer relationship advice

Think of what pregnant women go through and that's a Cancer. Need for pampering, need for attention, excitement by bright colors and food, mood swings, feeling overheated, powerful dreams, powerful moments with the body, intuition increases, hormones increase. It is an intense state of being. Aries needs to respect this and also not fear it. Cancer needs to respect Aries for its need for space and independence.

This relationship could help Aries to see more collaboration with others, and this could help Cancer better at releasing people and loving them without having to devour or over-cling.

aries and cancer relationship advice

Cancer has a hard time allowing others to have independence because Cancer focuses so much on the womb and connectivity, togetherness, and nurturing. Aries can be selfish when it comes to affection and really being tender. This can feel unnatural to Aries who wants to focus more on drive, making things happen in the world, setting fires, and making sparks happen.

Cancer will naturally go with any partner. They want to take care of them. Cancer can be selfish in how much it wants to give and how much it demands of others.


Cancer needs to consider whether or not they are getting a fair trade off in this partnership with Aries. Remember, this is not a relationship where you look at the other person and see yourself. Your partner has different needs than you, so you have to communicate it out in order to understand their perspective. You will have to both compromise, collaborate, and be patient with one another. This is going to be hard because earlier signs in the zodiac don't have as much patience.

They are very action driven -- which if you both have that mentality it could help, but you could also make each other mad for no reason at all.

This relationship could have some bigger battles based on gender. An Aries female with a Cancer male could feel like the male is constantly being emasculated and never given a chance. She could push him away or make him feel down in the dumps rather than uplifted. This could have a lot of tension, again Aries needs to be humble if it is attracted to a Cancer.

Don't push and pull the whole relationship in whatever direction and expectations you want.

aries and cancer relationship advice

You need to listen to what your partner has to say as well. Cancer needs to contribute evenly with you. Both of these signs really want passion, but it does come from different places. Aries wants deep, spontaneous, sparks flying passion -- Cancer wants to go down into the depths of its emotions, with all the sadness and clinging possible.

Cancer will help Aries by taking care of their needs. You'll be more of the manager of the household, cleaning the home, taking care of the things Aries brings up.

Aries can summon up a number of new things into life because they have this gift of manifestation.

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Cancer with a strong parental urgency will be there to mature, nurture, and strengthen these ideas. Tips for This Relationship Take time to listen and not just respond to your partner. You might not instantly understand each other and the problems you are going through. Both of you need to apply extra patience. Be open to forgiveness. Pick your battles intelligently.