Aquarius man and cancer woman in a relationship

Cancer and Aquarius - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

aquarius man and cancer woman in a relationship

According to statistics, marriage between Aquarius men and Cancer women is SLIGHTLY LESS likely to occur than is expected on average - but this is NOT. A match between Aquarius Man and a Cancer Woman is extreme and On the personal compatibility level, the relationship might not be really. The Aquarius man and the Cancer woman are two great people, but their personalities are very different, so a long-term relationship between.

aquarius man and cancer woman in a relationship

But if they are an optimist about their relationship, both will eventually realize that they can learn a lot from the other.

A Cancer woman is like a mother hen. She loves to create an emotionally secure atmosphere for her loved ones and also seeks such warmth and comfort for herself. The Aquarius man has better things to do in the world and does not bother about homely comforts at all. Both of them are very compassionate in their own fields. A Cancer woman gives more importance to her loved ones whereas an Aquarius man gives more importance to the underprivileged of the world.

His loved ones will have to wait patiently for him. This could often lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and unhappiness between the two. Aquarius sign Compatibility quotient between an Aquarius man and a Cancer woman On the personal compatibility level, the relationship might not be really happy.

Aquarius Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility In Bed And Love Life

Even if they adjust abundantly to each other, it is the nature of their signs which will cause unsatisfaction with their partner. A Cancer woman seeks the company of a man who is committed to her by his heart and soul, but an Aquarius man is not one of those who do commitments.

He is not someone who is to verbal about his feelings of love.

aquarius man and cancer woman in a relationship

He is emotionally distant and aloof, and this can make the Cancer woman very unhappy. She seeks verbal expressions of his love for her which he does not give openly. He gets upset with her mood swings and feels that there is no need to keep expressing his love for her. If the couple manages to get a grip on their communication issues, they may thrive on the compatibility level.

A Cancer woman takes some time to undermine her own feelings for someone.

aquarius man and cancer woman in a relationship

While they take some time to be sure about someone before dating, an Aquarius man has a more experimental approach to dating. An Aquarius man respects strong opinions and tastes. But one thing that both have in common is changeability. Both as a couple can adjust to each other with genuine respect, and love can blossom between the two. Cancer sign Emotional quotient An Aquarius man has a very unconventional nature which conflicts with the peace-loving Cancer woman's nature.

While the Aquarius man's life will be booming with too much information and speed, a Cancer woman would prefer a subtle and empathetic state of mind. If they have kids and choose to raise a family, then their contradictory attitudes will be wonderful for their children.

Why Cancer and Aquarius Attract Each Other

While a Cancer woman will give her children a warm and comfortable family life, their Aquarius father will provide them with life with no boundaries and a freedom of choice. Both need to be tolerant of each other's behavior though.

If they fall in love, they both will not want to end their relationship quickly. While the Aquarius man will take it as a challenge to understand their partner and stabilize their lives, a Cancer woman will feel free in life with an Aquarius man.

Once, they form a strong bond; they will stick to it forever. Cancer woman and Aquarius man Aquarius man and Cancer woman on the Love Radar A love match between the couple can be emotionally disturbing between the two. There is too much energy in Aquarius that needs to be grounded through their physical activity and this includes sex.

If Aquarius finds a way to slow down and not force anything on their partner, and if Cancer allows their rational mind to take over for some of the time they spend together, they might share an exciting sexual experience.

If they compromise on experimenting and emotional exchange, they could even start having fun. With Aquarius, they might feel stressed to share things and this could present a both way issue when it comes to trust. The mind of a Cancer is sensitive enough to pay attention to details and interpersonal relationships when Aquarius fails to do so. They could make grand ideas come true, especially those that need a lot of people involved on their way to become real. However, they might have trouble talking to one another in the same tone or understanding each other in the first place.

There is difficulty for Aquarius to express their inner state and this is something Cancer has trouble understanding. The best beginning of their relationship is guaranteed if Aquarius sees their Cancer partner as a weird human being that needs to be examined.

This will allow them both enough space to get to know each other well, and this could influence all other areas of their relationship. After all, not everyone can drink a morning coffee in total silence with their partner and enjoy this silence as much as these partners can. That homey, cozy feeling Cancer needs can be deeply disturbed by the rebellious Air sign of Aquarius. No matter what, the Aquarius man compatibility with Cancer woman will see a silver lining among the clouds.

Level Of Understanding Both Aquarius man and Cancer woman are unforseeable, uncertain and erratic in their characteristics.

aquarius man and cancer woman in a relationship

This also makes the relation adventurous as well as interesting as they do not know what lies ahead, making the Aquarius man and Cancer woman compatibility a victorious experience. There is an instant attraction towards one another, as they have similar traits. They find each other charismatic in one way or the other which makes them blend together really well.

She also finds him really attractive physically. She also may even try to change her attitude or destroy her dreams just to be with this person whom she so much loves. The Aquarius man also is able to control and handle her mood swings and has good chances to convert her negative mood to a positive one in no time using his charm, humour and cheerful nature.

Aquarius and Cancer also share a very deep sexual connection between them which makes them one. They atrract each other in a very unique manner which makes them explore the sensual and passionate side of one another.

They dwell deep within and experience the magic of love to know one another in a better way. Benefits And Challenges Both this love match form a great bond with one another and if they take care of the issues that may hamper their relation, the Aquarius man and Cancer woman love compatibility will be filled with benevolence.