Ankit gera and roopal tyagi relationship

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ankit gera and roopal tyagi relationship

Roopal Tyagi opens up about co-actor and ex-boyfriend Ankit Gera, who What about people blaming her for wrecking Ankit's relationship. Yes, it was said that Ankit started dating his Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke co-star Roopal Tyagi while he was already in a stable relationship. Ankit Gera opens up about his past relationships. reads Mumbai Updated: July 11, pm. news & gossip,Adaa Khan,Roopal Tyagi,Ankit Gera.

However, the former's eviction has left Roopal in pain as she is blaiming herself for Ankit's elimination from the show. Ankit's eviction came as a surprise to everyone but the most affected person seems to be Roopal Tyagi.

ankit gera and roopal tyagi relationship

Roopal cried her heart out after ex-boyfriend Ankit's eviction, she had nominated him and thus feels very guilty about the same. She blames herself for his eviction, she told Digangana that he was the only person in the house who knew her well and she could connect with him.

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Although their equation in the house wasn't all well, the ex-flames still had an unspoken connection which made them feel secured in the Bigg Boss house. With Ankit out of the picture, Roopal is left all alone. Roopal and Ankit finally break the ice Ex-flames Roopal Tyagi and Ankit Gera did not share pleasantries when they first entered inside the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 9: I have a normal relationship with ex Roopal Tyagi, Ankit Gera

Tied-up to their respective partners Digangana and Arvind, chose not to speak to each other after entering the house. However, it was seen that Ankit was not leaving any opportunity to tease Roopal whether for her work or fear for bugs but Roopal kept her cool and maintained a distance.

Nevertheless, the two finally broke the ice on the first day of Navratri, dancing and rejoicing to 'Dhol Baje' along with Arvind Vegda.

ankit gera and roopal tyagi relationship

They also went on to discuss their good old days and how they had good fun while shooting with each other. Roopal who has refrained from talking about her heartbreak so far was seen discussing about it.

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When Kishwar asked Roopal about her relationship with Ankit, Roopal was quite open about it and mentioned that how she suffered from an emotional turmoil after the break up. She also told Kishwar that she used to face difficulty while doing romantic scenes with Ankit but she eventually got over him and they both are now on talking terms.

ankit gera and roopal tyagi relationship

What happens when former lovers are forcibly made to stay together in one house for months? But the couple eventually broke up amid cheating rumors.

Ankit Gera clueless about co-existence with Roopal Tyagi in ‘Bigg Boss 9’

On the very first day, she declared to her co-inmates that his presence doesn't bother her anymore, and on the same day she nominated him giving the reason that Ankit is trying to get a reaction from her. It seemed all fine with the former couple keeping distance from each other on the first day of Bigg Boss Double Trouble. However, on Day 2, the cameras captured Ankit indirectly taunting Roopal while she was cleaning the bathroom. Colors Roopal and her partner Digangana were cleaning the washroom when Ankit came with his partner Arvind Vegda who had to use the washroom.

ankit gera and roopal tyagi relationship

While Roopal kept cleaning the racks quietly, Ankit repeatedly made attempts to get a reaction from her by taunting her indirectly. Roopal on her part kept her cool and didn't let Ankit's presence bother her.

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Day 2-latest developments from inside the Bigg Boss 9 house It remains to be seen for how long can Roopal control herself as it seems that it's not all that 'normal' as the two claimed on entering the show. We have worked together and share cordial relationship.

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  • Ankit Gera and Roopal Tyagi in Bigg Boss 9

But here Bigg Boss house we are staying together and we have never have done this, so let's see what happens," Ankit had told IANS over phone from Lonavla before entering the Bigg Boss house. Roopal too was heard telling Rimi Sen on day one that how can one keep grudges even after 2 years.